Lunch at Nagoya station.At the Dai Nagoya Building, you can spend a stylish and elegant time.



A lunchtime drink that allows you to enjoy your holiday like a holiday.If you start drinking while the sun is out, you will feel like you are indulging yourself in luxury.Even in the Dai Nagoya Building, there is a stand-by shop where you can drink lunch.Moreover, you can enjoy a stylish and elegant holiday lunch while staying at Nagoya Station, which is busy even on holidays.Beer is good, but so is wine.Sparkling wine is good in hot summer days.

The guilt of beer from noon is a luxurious feeling.Welcome to the World Beer Festival

3F | World Beer Museum

Speaking of drinking during the day, beer is definitely the way to go.Speaking of beer in the Dai Nagoya Building, the World Beer Museum.Of course, it is a store for lunch.In addition, the interior of the store facing the large windows is an open space with plenty of light, so you should be able to feel the real pleasure of drinking during lunch. Pour the “authentic German-style triple grilled sausage” with beer, and feel as if you are drinking in Germany, the country of beer. [World Beer Museum] is a big favorite for lunch.

"Authentic German style triple grill sausage" (2,728Yen), "Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato Caprese" (1,408circle).The beer is "Hofbräu Original Lager" (300ml 1,056Circle).

Have lunch with Italian wine that makes you feel cheerful and happy, and toast

3F | Rome XNUMX-chome

I dare to drink lunch among customers who enjoy lunch.Drinking lunch at the popular lunch restaurant [Roma XNUMX-chome] will give you a sense of superiority.Of course, the choice is Italian wine.If it's a hot summer, even if it's rosé or sparkling wine, it's fashionable.As the name of the menu suggests, a rustic country-style pâté is served as an appetizer for wine.Just put it on a baguette with grainy mustard and put it on a baguette... The pâté is packed with umami, and the wine will help you enjoy your lunch time.

"Homemade rustic pâté Wine ga Susumu" (880circle).glass of wine880yen ~, bottle wine4,400Yen ~.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza and bottled Italian beer.The terrace seats are already Italian scenery

1F |SOLO PIZZA Napoletana

Equipped with terrace seats that take advantage of the location unique to the 1st floor store [SOLO PIZZA Napoletana] is a representative store where you can casually have lunch.The casualness of cash-on and self-service is one of the reasons why you can drink without hesitation.While picking up pizza, Italian beer "Moretti" is as it is in the bottle.You know, I feel like I'm in Italy.The "appetizer platter", where you can enjoy a little bit of wood-fired onions and uncured ham, goes well with beer and wine.Pizza is a food that is easy to share, so it is perfect for lunch with multiple people.

"Margherita Extra" (1,265yen), "Assorted appetizers" (2人 前 2,200circle).glass of wine440yen ~, bottle wine2,420Yen ~, Moretti (bottled beer)770Circle.

Also pay attention to the design of the can! Have a stylish lunch with YURT's craft canned beer


Gaining popularity as a versatile cafe at Nagoya Station [DORM] Then, at the end of lunch time15From time to time, you can also order a snack menu.Among the alcohol menu [DORM] The popular canned craft beer will be an element to enjoy your lunch, including the package design.You can drink it straight from the can, but if you pour it into a glass, you can discover the difference in “color” that is typical of craft beer."Red Hot Chili Potatoes" with the "spice" unique to cafes can't go wrong with beer, right?

"Red Hot Chili Potatoes" (890Yen), craft canned beer to Mikkeller Visions Lager (930Circle).

In an atmosphere reminiscent of the West Coast of the United States, enjoy a casual lunch with a “chill” feel.

1F |Salt Water by David Myers

Speaking of restaurants where you can have a stylish lunch in the Dai-Nagoya Building, [Salt Water by David Myers].Cocktails made by exclusive bartenders are also a popular shop, and bartenders make cocktails ad-lib according to customer's image.I have a feeling that it will be a special lunch that is different from others.We also offer carefully selected wines, including those from California, and trendy craft beers.The alcohol menu alone is full of charm, so it might be a good idea to ask the staff to coordinate the snacks that go well with the drinks.

The dish in the photo is an image (part of the course menu).glass of wine720yen, cocktail800Yen ~.

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