Nagoya station, my lunch spot.We who work at the Dai Nagoya Building secretly teach



The Dai Nagoya Building is best known to those who work there.Then I decided to ask first, so this time I researched a personal "secret spot" lunch spot in the Dai Nagoya Building.I was also told the recommended menu that I usually eat.The lunch recommended by workers who go to the restaurant in the Dai-Nagoya Building every day makes me curious, doesn't it?

"If you feel like you're running out of vegetables, go to [Yamatora]. A 'just right' obanzai lunch for women."

3F | Yamatora

"You can get either miso oden or kushikatsu as a set with the obanzai, which uses plenty of vegetables. It's also a good value for women. It's just the right amount of volume for women. If I feel like I'm running out of vegetables, I always go straight there." (Mitsubishi Estate) Property Management Co., Ltd./Ms. A・Y/Female)

The oden pot that you can see over the counter will whet your appetite.Miso Oden and Miso Kushikatsu are two of the most famous "Nagoya Izakaya".Yamatora's original blend of red miso is thickened with beef tendon stock, and the miso oden is soaked in the broth."Miso Oden set meal" where you can eat rice without miso oden (1,000Yen) is also available.Nagoya's oden goes perfectly with white rice.

"Obanzai set meal" (1,300circle).The contents of the obanzai change daily.Kushikatsu2Our+Quail skewers1A book or your favorite oden2You can choose either one to make a set.Refills and large servings of rice at lunchtime are free.

“Every morning, I grind the buckwheat and then beat it. I love fragrant soba.”

B1F|Stone ground soba Ishizuki

“Each morning, the nihachi soba is made by grinding buckwheat with a stone mortar in the store, and then the nihachi soba is made by a craftsman. (Dai Nagoya Building PR Secretariat/Ms./Woman)

We purchase buckwheat noodles in the best condition at that time from contracted farmers in Japan and grind them every morning with a stone mill in the store.1the day begins.The nihachi soba is made by a craftsman who pays close attention to the taste, aroma, color, and texture of the buckwheat noodles that day.You can casually enjoy the traditional nihachi soba, which was loved by the common people of Edo.

"Shrimp and early summer vegetables grated tempura" (1,980circle).Summer vegetables such as pumpkins, eggplants, and okra are the main ingredients this season.The contents of the tempura change according to the season.

"This price is cheap to taste so many kinds of 'specialties' at once!"

3F | Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku

"You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as charcoal-grilled chicken thighs, chicken nanban, and cold soup, and even dessert is included for a low price!" (HIS/KT/Male)

[Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku] is an izakaya where you can casually enjoy the local cuisine of Miyazaki Prefecture, a treasure trove of ingredients.The restaurant has many specialty dishes, such as charcoal-grilled chicken thighs and Miyazaki's soul food, chicken nanban.For you, there is "Miyazaki Hinata Gozen"!I want to eat that, and I want to eat this too. You can enjoy the feeling of traveling to Miyazaki through “food”.

"Miyazaki Hinata Gozen" (Weekdays 1,500yen, weekends and holidays 1,680circle). There are a lot of specialty dishes of "Japanese Hinata Miyazaki Prefecture".If you get lost, this is it!It will satisfy your desire to eat various things little by little.

"Actually, this is my hangover meal. I always order it as a miso soup set."

3F | Naniwa Robata Octagon

“I always have a light seafood yukhoe bowl for lunch on a hangover day.The lunch menu has a lot of deep-fried set meals, so [Naniwa Robata Hakkaku], which also has a seafood menu, comes in handy.”

At robatayaki izakaya, you can enjoy a wide variety of seasonal seafood and vegetables grilled on the robata for lunch.If you go to [Naniwa Robata Hakkaku], you can get a set meal of grilled fish such as mackerel and atka mackerel, a set meal of pork cutlet and mixed fried food, meat udon noodles, chicken tempura egg udon noodles, and even katsudon and seafood bowls.A restaurant that can be used as a last-minute stop when you and your companion are divided on what you want to eat.In addition, there are limited-time lunches (now Genghis Khan set meal), so don't forget to check frequently.

"Seafood yukhoe bowl" (980circle).Large servings of rice are free, and spicy pickles are all-you-can-eat.+50Yen de miso soup (with a small bowl),+150You can set mini udon with yen.Other seafood rice bowls are "Tuna Yamakake Don" (980Yen), “Kaisen-don” (1,200There is a yen).

“If you want to eat fried chicken, go to [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku].

3F | Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku

"For me, it's a standard restaurant for fried chicken set meals. Anyway, it's full of volume, so I'm secretly fighting myself to see if I can finish it during (my) lunchtime." Ms./female)

For [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku], which has many chicken dishes such as charcoal-grilled chicken thighs and chicken nanban, fried chicken is a standard lunch menu that can be said to be the best.Tender chicken thighs are boldly cut into large pieces, and finished with juicy fried chicken that overflows with juiciness the more you chew.The size and volume of the food is satisfying, and the service spirit unique to the lunch menu is also fully demonstrated. The “satisfaction” that everyone agrees with the menu name “boast”.

"Mansaku's prided fried chicken meal" (1,100Circle).1The size of each piece is large, and the number of pieces is large, so it's satisfying to eat.As the name suggests, [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku] is our proud fried chicken set meal.

“A private room in a place like this?!

3F | Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei

"You can make a reservation for lunch time, and there are private rooms, so it's very convenient. The private rooms are designed like a hideout, so I was surprised to find a private room in a place like this." (NN/female)

Kushiage specialty store full of ideas from standard to original.At lunch5Book·6Book·7There are different set meals with different numbers of skewers and skewers, so you can choose according to your budget and how hungry you are.The contents of the deep-fried skewers are well-balanced, so if it's your first time at [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei], how about starting with lunch?Try the healthy and light skewers that are popular among women.

"Deep-fried skewers set (7Book)"(1,760circle).salmon roe, asparagus, shrimp, pork tenderloin, etc.7A set meal featuring a variety of deep-fried skewers.Free refills of white rice and miso soup.

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