For lunch at the Korean restaurant [Dai Dai] near Nagoya Station, the ``Bibimbap and half set of your choice'' is a favorite!



We serve Korean foods such as sundubu, bibimbap, and pancakes, and when it gets hot, we also serve cold noodles. Korean cuisine is full of menus that are truly appealing the more you learn about them. For lunch at [Korean Food and Sake House Daidai] on the 3rd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building, you'll want to try everything you want! We have a wide range of set menus that will make your wishes come true. Among them, "Bibimbap & half set of your choice" is your favorite? ! Introducing the lunch "set" menu of [Korean Food and Sake House Dai Dai].

If you want to go with bibimbap, choose half-sized pork sundubu (miso), cold noodles, or spicy cold noodles.

The lunch menu at [Korean Food and Sake House Dai Dai] offers great deals on ``sets'' that are not available at dinner time. Among them,1The ``Bibimbap & Selectable Half Set,'' which includes a serving-sized ``Ishiyaki Bibimbap,'' a half-sized ``Pork Sundubu (Miso),'' ``Cold noodles,'' or ``Spicy cold noodles,'' is gaining popularity. Masu. After all, if you come to [Korean Food and Sake House Daidai], you should try the famous "Sundubu". So, is the set of ``stone-grilled bibimbap'' and half-sized ``pork sundubu (miso)'' the favorite? ! "Sundubu" is spicy.1Spicy~4until spicy4In addition to choosing from stages, you can also choose kimchi (for an additional fee).+165 Yen) and ramen (+198yen), cheese (+210You can also add toppings such as yen). But when the weather gets hot, ``cold noodles'' are a good companion to bibimbap. The good thing about all of them is that they are "half size" which is just right for your stomach.

“Bibimbap & Half Set of Choice” (1,650circle). The half-sized "Sundubu" is only "Pork Sundubu" with miso soup. Adjust spiciness (1Spicy~4Only spicy) is possible.

When it comes to bibimbap, it's stone grilled! The fragrant “koge” is also attractive. This menu allows you to experience the casualness and deliciousness of Korean cuisine once again.

Choose from a set of pancakes or karaage for the main menu to create a Korean “set meal” that suits your mood.

Other items that may interest you are the "smart" set menu, where you can add "chijimi" or "Korean karaage" as a side menu to "sundubu", "stone-grilled bibimbap", and "cold noodles" to make it a set meal. Karaage is Korean fried chicken.2pieces and yangnyeom chicken2total of pieces4There are enough pieces and volume. You can choose between white rice and black rice, and you get a large portion and free refills. Furthermore, the lunch set includes2The fact that it comes with different types of namul is a nice touch. In addition to the recommended sets, there are also standard set menus such as ``Korean Karaage Set Meal'', ``Pork Kimchi Set Meal'', and ``Cheese Duck Galbi Set Meal'', so [Korean Food and Sake House Dai Dai] has a wide variety of lunch menus. Versatile. Even if you come with multiple people, you're sure to be able to find something on the menu that everyone wants to eat. Use wisely depending on your mood, preference, and stomach condition.

The ``Chijimi Set'' includes ``Sundubu'', ``Ishiyaki Bibimbap'', ``Reimen (Spicy Cold Noodles)'', and ``Chijimi'' for one person. The photo is "Sundubu"+Chijimi set” (1,815Yen ~).

``Sundubu'' consists of pork, chicken, clams, mushrooms, and yukkejang.5Prepare types. You can choose the soup from miso or salt, and you can also adjust the spiciness (1Spicy~4Spicy) is also possible. The photo shows pork sundubu with miso soup.2Spicy.

The Karaage Set includes one serving of Sundubu, Ishiyaki Bibimbap, Cold Noodles (Spicy Cold Noodles), and Karaage. The photo is "Cold noodles"+ fried chickenset"(1,705Circle).

As the temperature gets hotter, the number of orders for cold noodles increases. Instead of the authentic Korean acorn noodles, we use noodles that are familiar to Japanese people, creating a taste that is widely liked.

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  • For lunch at the Korean restaurant [Dai Dai] near Nagoya Station, the ``Bibimbap and half set of your choice'' is a favorite!