Specializes in egg-cooked rice and pure rice sake. A new style where two specialty stores coexist [Sissei/YATA]



[Sissei YATA] is a collaboration shop between an egg-kake rice specialty store and a sake bar that opened on May 5st (Wednesday) in Dai Nagoya Marche. This is a new style restaurant that serves as a base for "Made in Japan" that connects Japanese food culture, with egg-topped rice made with ingredients from Aichi Prefecture and carefully selected sake (Namazake). Whether you're having egg-cooked rice at lunchtime, just a glass of sake after work, or of course when you want to fully enjoy sake...use this style flexibly.

The highest quality free-range eggs and branded rice "Ai Hitotsubu". Locally produced “egg rice” is completed

A new style with two faces was adopted starting at 17 p.m.[Sissei YATA]. First of all, we'll start off with a restaurant that specializes in egg-cooked rice, [Sissei], which is open until 17:2 pm. We use only free-range eggs from Okazaki Ouhan, the rice is from Aichi's branded rice, Ai Hitotsubu, and the soy sauce and bonito flakes are also from Aichi Prefecture, making them the "highest quality locally produced and locally consumed" imaginable. Egg-fried rice made with the following ingredients is simple, so the flavor of the ingredients stands out. The strong flavor of eggs, the chewy texture of rice, the gentle aroma of soy sauce and bonito flakes...isn't egg-cooked rice the ultimate in egg dishes? A presence that makes you think. The miso soup that comes with the set is a blend of two types of miso, and is slightly sweet in consideration of its compatibility with the egg-cooked rice. The ``Sissei Set Meal'' also includes boiled dishes and pickles. It's also a luxury to add ``rice companions'' depending on your mood that day. One of the appeals of this restaurant is its casual atmosphere, where you can casually enjoy the different flavors of egg-cooked rice.

"Sissei Set Meal" (11 yen) only available from 00:16 to 00:1,100 (LO). The set includes egg-cooked rice, miso soup, stews, and pickles. After 16:00 (LO), you can order the egg-cooked rice separately (600 yen).

We also have ``rice accompaniments'' such as salted kelp, mustard cod roe, and pickled plums so that you can enjoy tamago kake rice in your own way. You can add any item for 1 yen.

Just like with sake, we are particular about the selection of soy sauce that is born from "brewing". Shisei Teishoku uses white soy sauce, which is a specialty of Aichi Prefecture.

The ceramic tableware is made from Kutani ware. Vibrant paintings and patterns add visual appeal. Some items are also on sale, so if you see something you're interested in, you can purchase it.

“Namazake” is pure rice sake that can be said to be the origin of Japanese sake. [YATA] is an unlikely specialty store

Next up is the Japanese sake bar [YATA], which opens at 10pm. [YATA] in the Dai Nagoya Building is a rare specialty store that only sells Junmai sake and Namazake (raw sake). Namazake is alcoholic beverage that has not undergone any heat treatment and has a fresh aroma and taste. “Junmaishu Namazake” can be said to be the origin of Japanese sake, and at [YATA] it is thoroughly kept at -7℃ and served at around 2,200℃. In addition, as a specialty store where you can purely enjoy raw sake, we are not bound by the stereotype that Namazake is cold sake and Namazake is not aged, and instead propose Namakan (hot sake made from raw sake) and Namajuku (liquor that is aged raw). The main menu's ``Sake Tasting Course'' (45 yen) is a 1-minute, all-you-can-drink experience where you can drink as many types as you like, but only one glass (1ml) of each brand, allowing you to fully enjoy the taste of Namazake. This is the perfect store for you. Wouldn't it be a good idea to open the door to Japanese sake by starting with raw sake in a casual manner?

It has a casual atmosphere where you can just pop in, have a drink, and leave without looking too weird. I'm sure it will significantly shorten the distance between you and sake.

Recommended for bar time is the ``Sake Tasting Course'' (2,200 yen). You can drink as many drinks as you like for 45 minutes, just one cup of each brand. There is also the "A Course" (1 yen), which includes one glass of sake (1ml) and one snack item, and the "B Course" (1 yen), which includes two glasses of sake (80ml x 1).

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  • Specializes in egg-cooked rice and pure rice sake. A new style where two specialty stores coexist [Sissei/YATA]