What is the "Extremely Simmered Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon" from Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Tori Shimizu?



As the restaurant name suggests, the specialty of [Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Tori Shimizu] is, of course, the "Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon". Moreover, the menu name is prefixed with "Extremely Boiled". Have you tried it? What is the Oyakodon that the famous restaurant "Mizutaki Shimizu" in Nakameguro, Tokyo, has put all its effort into? We will take a closer look at the Oyakodon at [Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Tori Shimizu], which uses a generous amount of Nagoya Cochin chicken and can even be called "Nagoya cuisine".

The full flavor of Nagoya Cochin chicken is infused into the oyakodon.

Actually,[Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Tori Shimizu]The dish was created by Mizutaki Shimizu, a highly popular restaurant in Nakameguro, Tokyo. The oyakodon, which was popular among regular customers as the final dish after mizutaki, was polished up on the occasion of the Nagoya branch, and opened in the Dai Nagoya Building as a specialty oyakodon restaurant. In short, this oyakodon was invented by a restaurant that knows all about "mizutaki = chicken". The ingredients are Nagoya Cochin thigh meat, Nagoya Cochin tsukudani, and onion. The broth is, of course, Nagoya Cochin. Just from this, you can see that it is packed with the deliciousness of Nagoya Cochin. The ingredients are soaked in broth,2While boiling for about minutes, prepare the Nagoya Cochin eggs.2Just divide the pieces,1The pieces are broken and melted and prepared separately. Next is the process of binding them with eggs. First,2Pour only the whites from the bowl into the pot. Then, break up the remaining yolks with a ladle and add them to the pot. Finally, add the melted yolks.1Pour each into the pot and it's done. Have you noticed? The whites, yolks, and whole eggs are poured in order.3This is the secret to the fluffy texture and rich egg flavor of the finished product.

The idea of ​​putting Nagoya Cochin tsukudani in oyakodon is impressive. The flavor of the tsukudani dissolves in the broth, resulting in an oyakodon with a stronger umami flavor.

The key to the flavor is the broth. It is simmered in a "golden" broth that is clearly infused with the flavor of the chicken.

Just cracked eggs21 egg, beaten1Place each piece in separate bowls and set aside.

First, the white part (2Pour only one serving (1 piece) into the pot.

Next, eggs2Put one egg yolk into the pot. Take the extra step of separating the egg whites and yolks.

White meat (2pcs) → yolk (2pcs) → Whole egg (1pcs), in total3It is bound using 1 egg.

This is truly worthy of being called Nagoya's Oyakodon. Finish it off with "Haccho miso sauce"!

[Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Tori Shimizu]The rice used in this oyakodon is barley rice cooked in Nagoya Cochin stock. To top it off, a generous amount of special Hatcho miso sauce is poured over the bowl, giving it a Nagoya feel. The charm of Nagoya Cochin is captured in the oyakodon, and Hatcho miso is used as an accent at key points to bring out the umami of Nagoya Cochin. It is safe to call this a new kind of "Nagoya cuisine." This oyakodon, which is called "super-cooked," is...[Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Tori Shimizu]This is a must-try dish for everyone, born from our rich imagination and passion for deliciousness.

When the special Hatcho miso sauce is poured over the oyakodon, it somehow looks more Nagoya-esque. I'm impressed with the idea of ​​pouring sauce over the dish, which is something that seems obvious but is actually quite hard to think of.

"Gokuboiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon" (1,580yen). Nagoya Cochin thigh meat added (+600"Extremely stewed Nagoya Cochin chicken and egg bowl with chicken nanban set" (1,950Yen) is also available.

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