For tiredness, stickiness, and stress measures. Refresh at the head spa of "Beauty Tune Shiseido"



"Beauty Tune Shiseido" is the second store after Ikebukuro in Tokyo. It is a salon specializing in hair (head) with the concept of "playing beauty".During this time when the temperature and humidity are not stable, the scalp is also stressed.Refresh yourself at the Head Spa and aim for a healthy scalp.

A salon where you can receive treatments according to the condition of your scalp and the mood of the day

Counseling mainly checks the condition of the scalp.If you have any problems with your hair or scalp, please feel free to contact us.

The course that model Nozomi experienced this time is about that you can feel free to take it even after work.1Head Spa of Time (4,400Circle~).First, check the condition of the scalp, such as the color of the skin, the presence of scratches and swelling, and the amount of sebum. "I usually get dry and itchy," said staff Ikuta, "it's not so noticeable today, but let's use one for dry skin."I feel the friendliness of being able to talk about anything, and the tension is relieved.The head spa this time is a treatment that applies Shiseido's skin care technology and a comfortable head spa, and it seems that it will prepare a moist scalp environment.

At the Dai Nagoya Building store1A private room with only rooms is a special space (reservation required) that can be used free of charge if there is a vacancy.In addition to the head spa, everything from cutting to blowing1It is a private space that can be completed in the room.

After cleaning your hair and scalp with shampoo, it's finally time for head spa.It is used to prepare the scalp environment.FUENTE FORTE(Fenteforte) "series. It strengthens the natural barrier function of the skin and leads to a scalp that is resistant to various stimuli. During the treatment, a relaxing botanical scent and a refreshing citrus scent2You can choose your favorite aroma from different aromas, and choose citrus fruits because "I feel like today ... I want to refresh!"The rhythmic finger movements in shampoo, moderate force, and aroma scent will make you feel more comfortable.

A scalp moisturizer that moisturizes the scalp and balances the moisture.1Luxury with one treatment1I will use this amount.

Next to Scalp Moisture, I applied a scalp treatment.Combined with the technique of tightening the scalp, it leads to a firm and elastic scalp and creates a refreshing face line.

approx 20At the minute head spa, you can feel the scalp unraveling and get rid of your daily fatigue.Creates a clean and healthy scalp environment while preventing scalp problems.

After the head spa, gently loosen the area around the face while warming the neck.

After the head spa is over, a hot shower is applied over the hair covered with a towel to allow the beauty ingredients to penetrate.

Plenty of treatment to finish.Apply directly to the hairline to spread the beauty ingredients throughout the hair.

On the way home from work, while shopping.Let's survive the summer at the head spa

Carefully blow it, total1Head spa is over in about time.After the treatment, "I feel refreshed and feel good on my scalp! I feel like my eyes and neck have been relieved and my face line has risen." ..Of course, you can also receive it in combination with menus such as cuts and colors, so why not add it to your usual salon menu and realize your ideal scalp and hair.

Mr. Ikuta (left) and Mr. Nozomi, a model who experienced the head spa this time.

"Used this time"FUENTE FORTE(Fenteforte) ”shampoo. You can choose from dry scalp, oily scalp, and dandruff itchy scalp.

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