For ideal body making, leave it to the exercise x beauty treatment of "Pressurized Beauty Terrace"!



"Pressurized Beauty Terrace," which proposes a personal beauty menu that combines world-famous exercises and beauty treatments, is a training studio that incorporates various menus that support the ever-evolving health and beauty services.Here are three menus that even beginners can easily experience.

We have all kinds of plans, from stoic training to da Vinci bodyboarding that you can enjoy while having fun.

Opened in July 2021, "Pressurized Beauty Terrace" is a training studio exclusively for women, where a qualified trainer teaches one-on-one the optimal plan according to the purpose and the part you want to care for, by reservation only.The purpose presented by the store is roughly divided into four: "improvement of constitution / metabolism", "promotion of fat burning / excretion", "line making of body", and "continuation / maintenance".There are multiple menus suitable for each, and by combining them, you can achieve your ideal body making.

"Da Vinci Body Board" (Da Vinci Body Board), which is rarely introduced in Japan30Minute9,720Circle).Applying yoga and Pilates methods,3Train on a board with different types of exercise bands.It is an exercise that allows you to move your body while having fun, and is expected to have a high fat burning effect and basal metabolism UP in a short time.

30In minutes2Kaatsu training aiming for lean constitution and aging care that can obtain the training effect for hours

"Kaatsu training" (pressurized training), which can be said to be the main menu of "pressurized beauty terrace", is effective not only for diets that women care about, but also for promoting blood circulation, improving resilience, and improving muscle strength.30Minute 9,720Circle,45Minute14,580Circle).By attaching a special belt to stop blood flow to the base of the arm when training the upper body and to the base of the thigh when training the lower body,30About in minutes2It's equivalent to the amount of exercise for an hour.Also, even if you are new to the gym or you are not confident in your physical strength, you can rest assured that it is a one-on-one instruction.When you are in a difficult position, you will be well supported, so you can gradually strengthen your body.

First from upper body training.After applying pressure to your arms, the trainer will assist you and move your hands and legs for preparatory exercise.

Training item to strengthen the core and balance "BOSU(Boss) "push-ups.unstable"BOSUBy trying to balance on "", it mainly has the effect of tightening the abdominal muscles.

An example of lower body training. "BOSUOn10After squatting up and down, keep your posture while bending for a few seconds.The number of times will be adjusted according to the physical strength of each individual.

A leg raise that trains your abs by lying on your back and raising and lowering your legs.It takes a lot of strength to keep your legs in the air, so the trainer will support you.

After training, remove the pressure belt and shake or stretch your legs to circulate the accumulated blood.You can feel that your body becomes lighter as the blood flows all at once.

Strengthen your core muscles with aerial Pilates that combines a hammock and silk suspension!

A hammock called a sling and your feet and hands can be hung2"Silk suspension" that evokes deep core muscles and motor nerves that are not normally used by training in an unstable state where it is suspended in the air using a book suspension (30Minute6,480Circle).It is a training that balances the body and creates a flexible body, so it is recommended for those who are worried about posture improvement and body distortion, those who do not continue muscle training, and those who suffer from stiff shoulders and back pain.

Training that gives you abdominal muscles and strength by stretching your hands and legs on the suspension and repeating chin-ups while straightening your body.

A pose that stretches the front thigh by hooking one leg on the sling.Also effective for shaping the lower body.

Sit on the sling, then backflip, and hook your legs to fix it, giving you a handstand-like posture.Training that allows you to experience a feeling of openness that stretches around the spine and shoulders by pressing the mat with both hands.

Finally go inside the sling1~2Adjust your breathing for a minute and finish.At that time, the trainer creates a relaxing time by shaking the sling and massaging the legs.

"Pressurized Beauty Terrace" that cares for women's body by combining exercises and training methods from all over the world.The "Da Vinci Board", "Kaatsu Training", and "Silk Suspension" introduced this time are limited to the first time.30Minute3,500Yen, with beauty treatment salon (radio wave or cavitation)60In a minute course7,500You can get it at a special price of yen, so if you have a menu that interests you, first try it.

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