[Esthetic TBC] Nagoya Ekimae store relocated to Dai Nagoya Building and reopened



[Esthetic TBC] provides support to obtain beautiful and healthy skin and body forever.Introducing the beauty salon [Esthetic TBC] that has joined the ranks on the 3rd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building.

A hair removal plan unique to [Esthetic TBC] that fulfills your wishes with super hair removal and light hair removal

From the internet24You can make a time reservation, and it is easy to go to in a good location [Esthetic]TBC].Among the menus such as hair removal, facials, body shapes, and bridal beauty treatments, "hair removal" is of interest to many people.First,1Our1Book firmly processing "TBC"Super hair removal" and "to treat a wide area at once"TBCLight hair removal ", that2You can experience one hair loss "TBC"Super & Light Hair Removal Experience Course" is recommended.

State of reception.2021Years11Month26Sunday (Friday), Dai Nagoya Building3Open on the floor.

The private room where the treatment is performed is a relaxing space with a chic color scheme and interior.

【AestheticTBC] If you are new to hair removal, we recommend using the "First Press Limited Campaign"

3In person1The armpit that people are choosing, the knees that are worrisome in the skirt style, delicateVYou can choose the treatment site from the whole body such as the line "TBC"Super & Light Hair Removal",1,000"First-time limited campaign" that you can receive in yen.Careful counseling and skin care are also included in the set, and experienced staff will be happy to assist you if you have any concerns.It is also recommended for those who are new to hair removal.

* The campaign may end without notice.

A powder room with a bright atmosphere that takes in natural light.Since there is a large mirror, you can remake your makeup smartly.

【AestheticTBC] Of those who have experience in other salons95.7% * Is "From other companies [Esthetics]TBC] Super hair removal is more effective. "In addition to hair removal, there are also a variety of menus such as facials with "deep skin care" that maximizes the original power of the skin, and body shapes with the concept of "not just losing weight, but also attractively losing weight". ..All of them have special plans for the first time only, so if you are having trouble with skin or body care, why don't you consult with us?

TBCExperienced hair removal salons of other companies that have completed super hair removal117Name target (2019Years12Month18Sun ~2020Years1Month31Results of the daily questionnaire)

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