For maintenance to enjoy your precious shoes for a long time, consult [Rish].



An indispensable item for businessmen, "good shoes" that you want to have a pair.If you have a good item, you want to pay attention to the maintenance so that you can use it longer and more beautifully.This time, we will introduce the "toe reinforcement" of leather shoes recommended by [Rish], which solves the problems of shoes in general.

15[Rish] leather care with easy maintenance for minutes to a thorough cleaning menu

A shoe repair shop [Rish] where professional staff who are familiar with the features of materials propose suitable maintenance according to the environment in which customers wear shoes."Normal care" that removes dirt and old cream, nourishes with new cream, and then brushes to give it a glossy finish (normal care)1,100Yen ~)15Even if it is completed in minutes.For thorough cleaning1"Cleaning" (cleaning) that removes stains and cleanses the inside of shoes by leaving it for a week3,300Yen ~) is recommended.

Dai Nagoya Building2[Form Eye & Rich] on the floor.[Form Eye] for repairing clothes and [Rish] for shoe repair are lined up.Maintenance prices and time required will vary depending on the material and condition of the shoes.

At the earliest2Completed in time!"Toe reinforcement" with same-day support and a wide variety of toe steel

"Toe reinforcement" applied to the leather sole, which is easy to scrape, is essential maintenance for wearing high-class leather shoes for a long time and beautifully. In [Rish], including the original design6Various types of toe steel are available.Iron steel has high strength, and brass has the feature of being resistant to rust, so there are not many repair shops that offer this many types.Also, depending on the situation1Half an hour ~2The speed of "same day finishing" that can be completed in about time is also a nice point for busy businessmen.

A wide variety of toe steel.Right2One is [Rish] original design.

It is possible to bring in shoes with sharpened toes, but if it is a good idea, you want to attach it before putting it down.If the type is embedded by scraping the toes, the effect on comfort will be small.

A state of attaching an embedded type toe steel.First, apply the toe steel to your toes to mark the position where you want to scrape the sole.

Put your toes on a custom-made machine / minimaster that rotates the file at high speed, and the thickness of the toe steel is about.1.5~2I will scrape the mm.

Use a kitchen knife to carefully carve out the creases by hand.

Temporarily fix it with adhesive and fit the toe steel to the scraped part.

Fix the toe steel with screws. At [Rish], we have made a special order for screws with a small head so that the burden on the shoes is small.

The left is a custom-made screw, and the right is a screw that is generally distributed.You can see the difference in the size of the head.

Finally, hold down your toes and check that they are properly fixed for the final finish.

The part where the toe steel is attached is shaved with a file with different roughness to blend in, and then dyed with leather-specific ink to finish.

The last is waxing.First, use a cloth brush to trim the leather, and then use a hair brush to make it shiny.

The right foot is a shoe with toe steel attached, and the left foot is a shoe with nothing applied.It is a finish that you can not feel the difference even if you compare it.Install the toe steel this time with both feet4,180Circle.

Professional staff with knowledge and skills will respond politely.Even if you are refused by another store, please consult once

At [Rish], our policy is to respond to any concerns as much as possible.Please consult once for any troubles refused at other stores.In addition to leather shoes, we also reinforce the thin soles of ladies by attaching half rubber with excellent grip and durability, and repair sneakers "sole swap" that can no longer use the original sole due to aging and wear. increase. <New Blance(New Balance)> and <NIKE(Nike)>,<Louis Vuitton(Louis Vuitton)>, etc., if you want to wear important sneakers for a long time, check it out.

French luxury shoe care brand <SAPHIR(Safir)> "Shoe Care Shoe Cream" (1,100Home care products such as yen) are also on sale.

We also have a lineup of "Shoe Tree" that fits shoes, smoothes out wrinkles, and has the effect of returning the warp of the sole.

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