Start your eco-cycle life at the Dai-Nagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot in front of Nagoya Station



Did you know that the "Dainagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot", which is right in front of Nagoya Station, has introduced the latest mechanical indoor bicycle parking lot "Cycle Tree"?Whether you're commuting to work or school near Meieki, or you often come shopping, or want to park your bicycle in front of Nagoya Station and transfer to a train or bus, we've got you covered.This time, we will introduce the charm of "Dainagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot".

Right in front of Nagoya Station.Convenient “24-hour entry/exit” available

Have you ever been in trouble, such as when you want to park your bicycle around Nagoya Station, but there is nowhere to park it, or the surrounding bicycle parking lots are all crowded and full?? For such people, I would like you to remember the “Dainagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot”.There is a loading/unloading booth on the west side of the premises of the Dai Nagoya Building, and bicycles are stored underground where no one can see them.Even on bad weather days, you won't get wet in the rain, and the security measures are perfect,24You can enter and leave the parking lot at any time, so you can use it without worrying about the time, whether it's early in the morning or late on your way home.

Right in front of Nagoya Station.It is no exaggeration to say that this is the nearest bicycle parking lot from Nagoya Station.

When you turn the corner on the west side of the Dai Nagoya Building, you will see the entry/exit booth of the Dai Nagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot.

The latest mechanical bicycle parking lot "Cycle Tree" that protects the beautiful scenery of the city

"Dainagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot" has a maximum capacity of952Bicycles can be accommodated in the underground cylindrical cycle tree.Only the entry/exit booths are neatly arranged on the ground.It can prevent bicycles from lining up on the street, so it does not spoil the scenery of the city at all.Users can park their bicycles conveniently in front of Nagoya Station at any time, realizing a smart cycle life that benefits both users and the city.

The surroundings of the Dai Nagoya Building are beautifully landscaped.

The inside of the cylindrical cycle tree in the basement of the Dai Nagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot.

Is a mechanical bicycle parking lot a hassle? !No, no, it's easy, speedy and stress-free

When you hear about mechanical bicycle parking, don't you think that it will take time and effort?When entering the parking lot, simply set the bicycle in the bicycle parking machine and press the button, and the sensor will be attached to the bicycle.ICIt reads the tag and stores it in the basement in no time.Use the card reader when leavingICHold the card up to about23The bicycle is on the ground in seconds.Even when you are in a hurry, you can enter and exit without stress.

You can get in and out with one action, so you don't feel stressed.

▶The image video of entering the Dai-Nagoya Building bicycle parking lot is Click here for more information.

▶The image video of leaving the "Dainagoya Building bicycle parking lot" is Click here for more information.

Both regular and temporary use are possible.First, go to the vehicle size inspection that does not require a reservation

The "Dainagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot" is a "subscriber-only" bicycle parking lot, so advance registration is required for both regular and temporary use.In the vehicle size inspection, which is mandatory before the initial registration, we check whether the bicycle to be parked (scheduled to be contracted) is suitable for the mechanical bicycle parking lot.If you pass the vehicle size inspection, you can ride your bicycle on the spot.ICattach a tagICA card will be issued.In principle, vehicle size inspections are conducted on the first2Thursday, Friday and Saturday13~16Sometimes held in front of the Dai Nagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot.Come with your bike and ID.Advance reservations are not required.

First, on the vehicle size inspection day, please bring the bicycle you plan to use and your ID.Check the vehicle size, and if you pass the inspection, you can use the bicycleICAttach a tag.

Make sure you know how to use the parking lot.ICRegistration is complete when you receive your card.

Once registration is complete, your Nagoya Station “Eco Cycle Life” will start!

Pass vehicle size inspectionICOnce the card is issued, you can use the bicycle parking lot from that day.From Nagoya Station to the office, to school, and to shopping.Get the new "convenience" and "enjoyment" of easily accessing the city center by bicycle, and enjoy an eco-friendly cycle life.

<Facility information>

Dai Nagoya Building Bicycle Parking Lot



Bicycle parking lot management room 052-533-1575(Reception time8:00~19:00


[usage fee]

[Regular use] XNUMX month 2,000Circle,3months 5,500Yen

[Temporary use]24Time 100Yen


[Vehicle size inspection location]

In front of the Dai-Nagoya Building bicycle parking lot on the west side of the Dai-Nagoya Building (entry and exit booths)ABBetween)


[Vehicle size inspection date]

In principle, every month2Thursday, Friday, Saturday (13:00~16:00)

*Please check the "Visit by Bicycle" section of the access page for approximate vehicle size.The access page is Click here for more information.

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
Please note.

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