Experience the "classic barber" style of Nagoya's first landing. To [HIRO GINZA BARBER SHOP]



Only really fashionable people go to barbershops.A barber shop that can be said to be a classic among highly sensitive men in Tokyo.Meanwhile, [HIRO GINZA BARBER SHOP], which develops classic American barber styles in the Kanto region of the Dai Nagoya Building, has newly opened.With a nostalgic and new space, style proposals and attentive service unique to Barber, it stimulates the fashionable spirit in the depths of men's hearts.Welcome to a place where you can meet a new you that you don't know yet.

You can come across a style that stimulates your senses.A high-quality barber experience where space and technology are linked

domestically and internationally35Set up a store and develop a traditional barber style [HIRO GINZA BARBER SHOP] has finally landed in Nagoya. The interior of the store, which is based on the theme of "classic", is a space that combines ruggedness and elegance, centered on bricks and wood.Casual details such as the sign pole with a rare design and the unique shaving cup displayed in front of the set table create a classic mood.It makes you feel like you can become a cool "adult man" just by entering here.Also worthy of note is reliable technology and service.The biggest attraction is the outstanding proposal ability that can only be made by staff who are familiar with men's hairstyles, including fades and two-blocks.

The theme of the space is "classic".Sign poles with rare designs that are hard to find nowadays play a role in creating a retro and modern atmosphere.

You will be fascinated by the speedy and accurate technique of the experienced staff.Those who feel that their hairstyles are in a rut should be able to bring out their charm in a different way with the “Omakase” style.

In addition to trendy fade cuts, we propose hairstyles that suit your lifestyle

Speaking of menus unique to barbers, "shaving" using a razor.In addition to fading cuts, they offer a wide variety of menus that boast high technical skills, including face shaving, and propose a plan that suits your lifestyle.Regardless of the trendy barber style, we offer a variety of styles such as basic business styles and playful casual styles to fulfill your desires.In addition, care menus such as head spa and ultrasonic peeling are also available.For those who are new to barber, it is a place where they can find a new self and give them a chance to transform.

Standing shampoo, which is now rare, also develops a classic barber style.HIRO GINZA BARBER SHOP] Only.It is the moment when you can realize that you are at Barber.

Private rooms are also available for your privacy.In the future, we plan to develop a menu for women.

Inside the store, there is a set table where you can experience the atmosphere of an authentic American bar.2In addition to seats, all5The private room in the room is also on standby.Not only can you receive services in a more private atmosphere, but in the future, we plan to use private rooms and develop a menu for women with services by female staff.In addition to face shaving, massage, nail care, and esthetics menus have joined the ranks.Even if you usually go to a beauty salon, why not change your mood and perspective once in a while and experience the stylish atmosphere and high-quality service that only a barber can offer?

While the barber has a strong image of men, shaving and esthetic menus for women will be available as soon as they are ready.For details, check the official website.

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