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My watch stopped or broke, so I stopped wearing it.Do you have any memorable moments?If you don't know how much it will cost to repair, or if you don't even know if it will be repaired in the first place, before you give up, feel free to consult the repair corner at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya His Watch Maison].This time, I actually brought in two watches and asked for a repair consultation.

Everyone has the experience of stopping wearing a watch because of a breakdown.

This time, I brought it in for a repair consultation, and it stopped working <OMEGA(Omega)> and <Rado(Rado)>2Book. 〈OMEGA>, the belt is also broken.First of all, from the reception.Our staff will check the dial and hands for dirtiness and watch information written on the back cover to find out the cause of the failure.result,<OMEGA> for battery replacement and belt repair estimates, <Rado> is highly suspected to be a malfunction of the contents, so it will be overhauled (*1)I'm going to ask you to give me an estimate.

(*1) Overhaul refers to the work of disassembling a watch down to its individual parts, cleaning and reassembling it, and returning it to its state of performance when it was new.

〈 on the leftRado>, right is <OMEGA>.The owner was a wristwatch that she loved and used, but gave up on the failure.2It is a book.

In addition to inspecting each part of the exterior, it is possible to decipher how much the inside (machine) has deteriorated by looking at the condition of the dial and hands.This is one of the essential confirmations for diagnosing failures.

this time,<OMEGA>, I requested a battery replacement.About1Repairs and battery replacements that can be handled on-site in time are completed.

After replacing the battery and performing a simple cleaning, a suspected malfunction was discovered.

Even if it's just battery replacement, qualified and experienced staff, including first-class watch repair technicians, will handle it.First, does the watch itself have magnetism?, and if there is magnetism, "demagnetize" it.If you use it for a long time, it will become magnetic due to the influence of various devices and household items that emit magnetism, and it may cause malfunction.After removing the magnetism, open the back cover and replace the battery, but how much power does the watch consume at that time?be sure to checkIf the standard value is greatly exceeded, battery replacement is not suitable and repair may be required.Of this time<OMEGA> was able to replace the battery without any problems, so I had the battery replaced and a simple cleaning done.However, after replacing the battery, it was discovered that the date display was not functioning properly when setting the time on the watch, which started working without incident. 〈OMEGA> also needed an overhaul.

Check if the watch is magnetic by holding it over a compass.Magnetism is the natural enemy of watches.In the case of magnetic tinge, it seems that demagnetization is necessary.

Careful work to handle a delicate mechanical watch, even just changing the battery.We carefully proceed with the work while removing fine dirt and checking the operation.

After replacing the battery, set the time and clean the surface.This time, it was discovered that the date display was not working.

We take our customers' watches seriously.Communicate a rough estimate of the repair to the customer and complete

From purchase to aftercare and repair consultation, [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison] is a place where you can fully support your precious watch for a long time.This time, I brought it in for a repair consultation.2For books,OMEGA> has replaced the battery, but needs overhaul, so estimate again, <Rado> was also a result of asking each to present an overhaul estimate.How much will the repair actually cost?Just knowing that will increase your love for your watch. [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison] not only repairs, but also replaces belts at all times.300In addition to having more than one type, we also have a "winding machine" that automatically rotates the watch and assists in winding the mainspring just by setting it in the automatic watch. will suggest.

Depending on the brand, the cost of battery replacement and overhaul varies.We will ask the customer to consider the repair with a polite estimate and explanation.

Dai Nagoya Building2F[JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison] repair corner.the north escalator2FAs soon as you go up, it will be on your right.

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