Head spa experience at Nagoya Station.Maintain your tired scalp with [Beauty Tune Shiseido]



There are still some hot days, but my body and mind are fully prepared for autumn.Would you like to maintain your hair and scalp, which has been damaged more than it looks by being exposed to plenty of summer UV rays?Experience a head spa at the hair salon [Beauty Tune Shiseido] on the 3rd floor of Dai Nagoya Building.Go to a hair salon for maintenance, not to change your style.Experience that little "luxury" together.

Head spa using Shiseido Professional's "Fente Forte" series

In addition to UV rays and dryness, the stress you experience every day can also accumulate as damage to your hair and scalp.This time, we will introduce Shiseido Professional's hair and scalp care line "SUBLIMICExperience a head spa menu using the ``Fente Forte'' series from ``(Sublimic)''.First of all, the basic course (15Start from )!Start by choosing the scent of your massage oil, either refreshing or relaxing.The basic course is a course that specializes in cleaning the scalp environment by cleaning unnecessary dirt, sebum, and other deposits using a salon-specific cleansing agent.The health of your scalp is directly linked to the beauty of your hair.It directly approaches the scalp, which cannot be properly cared for at home.Another point is that it uses carbonated water, which has the ability to remove dirt better than regular hot water.It refreshes your scalp and gives you a refreshing feeling that you don't usually feel.

Which massage oil do you prefer?Choose between refreshing or relaxing.The relaxing effect of scent is an important item for head spas.

Start a scalp massage using a special cleansing agent (firming cream).

The shampoo of the "Fente Forte" series isDS(For dry scalp)・OS(For sticky scalp)・SS(for dandruff and itchy scalp)3This is a series that specializes in improving the scalp environment, with different types available.

“Healthy Scalp “Fente Forte” Basic” (15Minute 2,420circle).Shampoo/Blow (4,400yen) Separate.

Hair “type” comes from hair “quality”.Enjoy a luxurious relaxing time that keeps your scalp and hair healthy.

This time, we will take the advanced course (30(minutes) can also be experienced.In addition to the basic course, you can also enjoy relaxing time at the spa and aromatherapy, as well as receive manual treatments using the Fuente Forte series.A treatment containing skin care ingredients that keeps your scalp healthy while leaving your hair feeling light.Also, choose shampoo according to your scalp type.3We have a variety of types available, and our experienced staff will help you determine the condition and choose the right one for you.It's easy to lose interest in your hairstyle, but it's your hair type that brings out your favorite hairstyle.In order to achieve the hairstyle you want, scalp and hair maintenance through head spa is essential.Use the luxury of a head spa to reward your hair for surviving the summer UV rays, or to reward yourself for working hard every day.

The comfort of a manual massage is exceptional.It enhances your relaxing mood.

The treatment contains skin care ingredients suitable for all scalp types.

“Healthy Scalp “Fente Forte” Advance” (30Minute 5,170circle).Shampoo/Blow (4,400yen) Separate.

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