[Money Doctor Premier], which provides “comprehensive financial services” from household finances to financial retirement, is now open!



[MONEYDOCTOR PREMIER], which provides comprehensive services related to money, which everyone touches in life, has joined the Dai Nagoya Building 3F. Please experience our first-class service that comprehensively and complexly considers financial issues such as life planning and inheritance, which are often thought to be difficult. It will help you with your life from a financial perspective.

Life plans, savings plans, inheritance, retirement funds...all money-related services in one place.

Money is an inseparable part of life. There are various things you may want to discuss depending on the situation. From familiar matters such as insurance, taxes, and pensions, to content that will not be immediate but will lead to the future, such as savings plans, inheritance, and retirement funds, [MONEYDOCTOR PREMIER] brings all of these together as a “comprehensive money service.” Feel free to use our financial planner for free anytime (FP) can be consulted. [MONEYDOCTOR PREMIER]. Just as each person's life is different, so are the worries and ideas related to money. That's why comprehensive support from a professional perspective is essential.

The store is bright with plenty of sunlight coming in through the large windows. The open atmosphere is impressive.

The concept of the store is "Money Library". Our hope is that this site will be used not only for consultations, but also as a place where people can obtain knowledge and information related to money.

In Nagoya2This is the first store to open in the Meieki area.MONEYDOCTOR PREMIER].

“Visualization” of future money with an eye on various turning points in life

MONEYDOCTOR PREMIER] will help you "visualize" your money in your future life. Money is indispensable at various turning points in life: finding a job, getting married, enrolling a child in school, buying a home, getting sick or injured. Regarding future money based on all of these things,1Only by consulting with a trusted financial planner can you come up with a comprehensive life plan. [MONEYDOCTOR PREMIER] has multiple money-related qualifications such as the national financial planning skills qualification, inheritance consultant, and mortgage advisor, as well as many financial planners who specialize in specialized fields. For consultations that require expert knowledge, we work with financial planners and can introduce you to tax accountants, judicial scriveners, etc. From the money in front of you to the money in the future, [MONEYDOCTOR PREMIER] is a necessary place in everyone's life.

Equipped with private rooms designed for privacy. Families who live far away and cannot come to our office can connect online and consult together.

You can consult with an experienced financial planner as many times as you like for free about your important financial matters.1The average number of consultations per person is3About once.1Before you get vaguely worried about someone else, feel free to ask for advice.

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
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  • [Money Doctor Premier], which provides “comprehensive financial services” from household finances to financial retirement, is now open!