Add elegance while being casual. Five styles that "DESCENTE BLANC" fascinates



"DESCENTE BLANC" has a lineup of highly functional running wear and basic lifestyle wear.Staff members Matsuda and Murakami will introduce recommended styles that create a casual and elegant impression regardless of whether they are on or off.

Adult casual style that decides stylishly with a versatile hoodie

Hoodie 59,400Circle, pants 38,500Yen, shoes 22,000All over the yen <Allterrain>

"DESCENTE BLANCThe shell jacket, which is also a standard item of2An excellent product whose breathability can be freely adjusted with various types of fasteners.On the waist of the relaxed fit pantsBOAA dial is used, and the tightness changes just by turning it.More active movement is possible without the hassle of tightening the belt.A sophisticated adult black outfit that does not go down casually is completed.

A shell jacket with excellent waterproof and windproof properties is a great way to adjust your body temperature during chilly nights and sports.Fine adjustment that does not require a belt is possibleBOASince it is a "dial", it also has the effect of making the waistline look neat and tidy.

It is safe to move violently or sweat.Flexible polo shirt

shirt 31,900Circle, pants 38,500Yen, shoes 41,800All over the yen <Allterrain>

The seamless and soft polo shirt has a mesh structure on the back and is highly breathable, making it a great piece for the sweaty season.In addition, because the "Fusion Knit Series" is designed from the viewpoint of ergonomics, it is also a point that it is difficult to feel the slippage of clothes even with active movements. <SUICOKE>, The shoes used are block-fit type adjusters.It can be removed with a light touch, and you can go up to the room with liner socks.

An item that achieves both mobility and comfort, such as realizing a seamless design by combining supersonic processing (ultrasonic desorption processing) and heat bonding processing.It's a convenient piece to put in a bag when you change clothes in the gym after work.

Relaxing setup for business trips and travel destinations

Jackets 35,200Circle,TShirt 7,480 yen, pants 22,000All yen and above <PAUSE> * Shoes are personal belongings of the staff

Introducing packable jackets and pants that can be carried together in a bag.On the innerTWear it casually with a shirt, or business-like with a cutter shirt.The light fabric is stretchy, so it's a convenient setup that makes it easy to move even on days when you move a lot.In addition to the season colors blue and yellow, classic black and navy, etc.4Expanded in color.

Compact palm size when carrying.It also comes with a dedicated pouch, so it is recommended for travel and business trips.

Non-stress wear that you want to wear on holidays and off-time

Tshirt 7,480Circle, pants 18,700All yen and above <PAUSE> * Shoes are personal belongings of the staff

Simple yet sticking to the silhouetteTThe shirt has a design that does not choose the coordination, and can be used for multiple purposes with functional materials.1Sheet.The thermal big T-shirt that I styled this time has a design with the shoulders dropped, so it fits people of any body shape.It doesn't pick up the flesh, so you can wear it with just one piece.It is a recommended coordination on off days when you want to spend a relaxing time.

bigTThe shirt is a material that feels good and has excellent sweat absorption.Whether indoors or outdoors, just having one as an adult relaxing wear will expand the range of coordination.

A summer knit shirt that can be worn lightly creates a neat feeling even on holidays

shirt 27,500Circle, pants 18,700All yen and above <PAUSE> * Shoes are personal belongings of the staff

The button-down summer knit shirt that allows air to pass through is casual for the office.OKAn item that I would like to recommend to people in the workplace.The loose cuffs don't get tired even if you wear them for a long time, and they don't interfere with your desk work.It is also a nice point that you can easily wash at home.By combining the mellow color of spring with simple pants, it gives a casual yet elegant impression.

Even in a room with strong air conditioning, summer knit is safe.The soft material that makes you want to wear it for a long time is likely to be a summer wardrobe.

In the coming season, it can be used for daily work clothes and active holidays.DESCENTE BLANCCoordination.We have a wide variety of items that are soft and highly functional, so be sure to check them out at the store.

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