A big difference that you can see when you wear it. Meieki workers experience <WWS> for the first time!



"WWS", which has a store on the 2nd floor of Dai Nagoya Building for a limited time, boasts "good tokodori" wear that incorporates the functionality of work clothes into the original formal feeling of a suit that can be worn both in the office and on-site. ..Mr. Kono, who started working at Meieki station this spring, experienced <WWS>. * Closed on June 2021, 6 (Wednesday)

It looks like a formal suit! <WWS>of"WEmodel"

2An original material that has been created through years of trial and error and has a soft and smooth feel.Ultimex(Ultimex) ”is used to create a“ work model ”that is more sophisticated than conventional work clothes, and a“ click silhouette ”for businessmen.WEExpand "model" <WWS> Suitwear.It has water repellency, breathability, quick-drying, stretchability, durability, and shape-stabilizing functions, and it is easy to wash in your home washing machine even if it gets dirty.

A box silhouette "work model" that is supported by those who work in the field.A casual type with a wide body and a zipper on the chest pocket.No jacket lining17,600With circle and lining19,800Circle, pants 13,200All over yen <WWS>.It is an easy care specification that does not require an iron, just hang it on a hanger and dry it after washing it completely.

Mr. Kono, who has been working in a suit-wearing workplace since this spring, said the other, "WETry on the model. "Because I used to wear a lot of work clothes, <WWS> I was curious about the washable suit (Mr. Kono). "

"WEThe model's tailored jacket is beige in the photo, as well as black, dark navy, navy, olive, and charcoal gray.6Color development.

"It's insanely light! I think it's about twice as different as usual! (Mr. Kono)", a jacket1The weight of the clothes is about350g!!The pants are full-length, which is common in the business scene, and ankle-length, which can be worn neatly.2Prepare a type.

1Surprisingly light clothing that does not stiffen your shoulders even if you wear it in the sunUP!

Although it is highly functional, it is durable and soft to the touch, so you will want to wear it every day.WWS> Suit.Weared by Mr. Kono1What surprised me most was its light weight.In addition, it is water repellent enough to repel water even when exposed to a shower, so it is a nice point that the suit does not get wet even if it rains suddenly while going around.

This is the suit that Mr. Kono usually wears.

And this is the one I wore this timeWWS> Suit. "The weight is completely different when compared with clothes (Mr. Kono)."Jacket"WEtailored jacket"(19,800Yen), pants "WEFull-length pants "(13,200Yen) All above <WWS> ※ Ties, shirts and shoes are personal belongings

Imagine a wide range of wear scenes for businessmen and pursue convenience in even the smallest details

Formal "WEEven in the "model", we are paying close attention to details such as attaching fasteners to the pockets, assuming a work scene that moves around actively.In addition, the chest pocket has a chief that can be taken in and out, so you don't have to worry about sudden formal wear.Of course, it is also perfect for those who want to enjoy fashion with added gorgeousness.

"WE"Model" suit.The front has a chest pocket and a flap pocket.The pants have a zip fastener only in the right pocket.

The waist area has rubber on the back so you can wear it comfortably.Also, since there is a string inside, even those who are not good at tightening the belt can wear it neatly.

The three-dimensional design gives a sharp and sharp impression, creating a smart silhouette that is indispensable for businessmen.

For the first time this time <WWSMr. Kono who wore>. "I think it's very easy when I'm working for a long time. The fabric is smooth and I think I can wear it comfortably even in the coming season when I'm worried about humidity (Mr. Kono)."Light and functional <WWS> Suit.Please try it for yourself and experience it.

* 2F "WWS" will close on June 2021, 6 (Wednesday)

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