Very popular with women!"AINZ & TULPE" is full of fun encounters with cosmetics



"AINZ & TULPE", which focuses on skin care and makeup items that are popular both in Japan and overseas, is now available for the first time in the Meieki area!Staff who know the latest cosmetic trends will propose recommended items for Meieki workers.

"Moisuhada" jointly developed with Rohto Pharmaceutical, which protects the skin from the dry air in the office

The "Moisuhada" series, which was jointly developed by Ein Group with Rohto Pharmaceutical, is recommended for those who spend their days in an office with heating in winter and air conditioning in summer and are feeling stress on their skin every day. “Moisture"Moisture" is a product of "(moisture)" and "bare skin", and "Moisuhada" is a heparinoid that increases the water content of the skin, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate that suppresses skin inflammation, and promotes blood circulation in the skin. Tocopherol acetate3A skin care item consisting of the moisturizing ingredients Vaseline and Squalene in addition to the two active ingredients.It is an item that can be expected to have the effect of increasing the water retention capacity inside the skin by adjusting the "lamellar structure" that prevents the evaporation of water from the stratum corneum.

Foreground "Moisuhada medicated lotion" (140ml 1,980Yen), back "Moisuhada medicated cream" (35g 1,980Circle).A fragrance-free, coloring-free, ethanol-free, skin-friendly formula.

Recommended for those who are prone to rough skin due to age and tiredness, and those who are prone to dry skin in the evening.The medicated cream can be used effectively by applying it quickly to the eyes and mouth when you are concerned.

Now that masks have become a necessity1The best-selling item is "Eyelash Serum"!

What has changed in the new normal life by preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection is that the mask face has become commonplace.Many people are worried about wearing such a mask because of the impression of their eyes.Eyelash serum is now "AINZ & TULPE"1An item with a lot of momentum, the popular "EMAKED(Emerkid) "(6,050Yen), etc.Social MediaIt is a hot topic, and it is sold out one after another.PHOEBE BEAUTY UP(Phoebe Beauty Up) "(5,390Circle).Beauty ingredients99%A powerful eyelash serum that is easy to use even on sensitive skin.It is easy to understand by catching these cosmetic trends as soon as possible.POPIt is unique to the cosmetic drug "AINZ & TULPE" that is close to women.

It's not cheap, butSocial MediaAn item that is also effective and is selling very wellPHOEBE BEAUTY UP. "

The eye-catching pink package is impressive.There is also a tester at the store, so you can actually see the shape and texture of the brush.

Hair care like a salon comes true at home <HAHONICOCollaboration series with

"Kera Plus", which is sold exclusively at "AINZ & TULPE", is a hair care brand exclusively for salons by "AINZ & TULPE".HAHONICO(Hahoniko)> Hair care item series in collaboration.Styling balm contains shea butter, which moisturizes hair and protects it from ultraviolet rays, keratin, which replenishes damaged hair with proteins and lipids, and sunflower seed oil, which is expected to have an antioxidant effect.It can be used not only for hair but also for the whole body as a moisturizing balm.We offer styling balms, hair water, shampoos, and treatments, all of which are attractive at a reasonable price that you can't think of as a salon monopoly brand.There are also professional treatment care combs, so it is a must-see item for those who are worried about hair damage and those who want to take care of UV rays that will increase in the coming season.

People tend to look at colorful makeup items, but there are many high-performance and reasonably priced in-house developed items.

"Styling balm" (40g 1,980Yen), "Hair Water" (100ml 1,650Yen), "Fiber shampoo" (300ml 3,080Yen), "Fiber Treatment" (240g 3,080Yen) etc.

"AINZ & TULPE" is a collection of high-quality items by collaborating with other companies that excel in specialized fields.It is a nice spot where you can meet high quality items while catching the latest cosmetic trends.

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