Skin-friendly <LISETTE> innerwear that adult women want to stick to



"Envelope" selects simple items that make everyday life comfortable.This time, we will focus on innerwear that you can spend comfortably by reviewing it at the turn of the season.Among them, as a clothing brand, we have collected items of <LISETTE> that focus on innerwear.

Be more attentive to items that come into direct contact with your skin because you have more time at home

<LISETTE> tailors classical and playful clothes made from the highest quality European linen and natural fabrics.A number of items that are closely related to daily life, such as innerwear, bed linen, and essential oils, were born from sticking to comfortable materials based on natural materials.The material used for innerwear is not only natural, but also a seamless and gentle touch by continuously knitting from rib knitting to milling knitting using a round body molding machine, which is only a few left in Japan. To.We have a lineup of items that we would like to recommend to those who have problems such as tingling seams in innerwear and stress on the skin when worn for a long time.In addition to innerwear, socks, nightwear, and other items to help you spend your time at home are also a must-see.

The store manager, Mr. Torii, is holding <LISETTE> inner pants. "At the turn of the season when there is a difference in temperature, by wearing inner pants under the skirt, it works as a cold weather even if you sweat or get cold (Mr. Torii)."

Comfortable socks made of cotton that are comfortable to the touch and have a moderate feeling of pressure. "It is recommended for those who want to keep their feet firm even when clothes are lighter (Mr. Torii)." <LISETTE> Socks "Showset Ron" (each2,530Circle).From the left, Bordeaux, Kannel, Franboise, Blue Orison, Charbonu.

Nightwear made from soft, fine-count Belgian linen is linen100The high design that doubles as relaxing wear is attractive. <LISETTE> Nightwear "Matilda" (26,400Circle).

Natural materials and seamless, gentle touch for a comfortable fit

<LISETTE> innerwear with ribbed waist to fit around the abdomen that you don't want to cool.The materials are cotton linen knitted fabric that has both the softness of cotton and the silky texture of linen, soft Belgian linen woven with fine count yarn, and silk that can be easily washed at home but has less fluff. I'm using.The length of the tank top is made longer so that it will not come out even if you put it in your skirt or pants and move a lot.All of them can be worn in any scene, so try to find the one you like.

Cotton using the highest rank super long cotton "Supima cotton"100Made by%.It has a smooth, bare-skin-friendly texture like cashmere.Tank Top "Lenael" (8,140Yen), inner pants "Ludibine" (9,900Yen) All above <LISETTE>

Silk that can be washed at home100% Innerwear.Elegant rib knitting1It keeps good humidity throughout the year and protects the skin from dryness.Tank top "Anne" (13,200Yen), inner pants "Ponette" (16,500Yen) All above <LISETTE>

The tank top "Simone" (Simone) has a design that does not make you feel uncomfortable even when viewed from the tops.9,570Yen) and natural pettipants "Violene" (14,850Yen) All of the above <LISETTE>.While petticoats and pettipants made of synthetic fibers are the mainstream, this item was born from the desire to match natural innerwear with natural clothing.

<LISETTE> has a lineup of innerwear that you can easily care for because you wear it every day while sticking to natural materials.From now on, why don't you enjoy changing your innerwear as well as your clothes?

In addition, 4Month27From Sunday (Tuesday)5Month10The day (Monday) is <SUNNY LOCATION> "Linen and cotton apron exhibition" will be held, so check it out as well.

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