Must-see for businessmen!Seasonal "Kamakura shirt" style selected by the vice president



[Maker's Shirts Kamakura] is a store specializing in high-quality Japanese shirts located on the B1F Dinard.It is well-known among highly sensitive business people that you can buy a shirt that feels more valuable than the price.This time, we would like to introduce a coordination featuring a “shirt” selected by Teppei Sadasue, Executive Vice President.

No ironing required even for dress shirts."Easy care shirt" to wear with a marine taste

The most popular item in <Maker's Shirt Kamakura> is the "Palper Premium" thread.TRAVEL"Easy care shirts from the series.Cotton on the core of recycled polyester100The original thread made by wrapping% thread is a dress shirt that is easy to care for, with the surface that comes into contact with the skin soft with cotton and the polyester that is the core keeps the shape stable.The general method of easy care is to apply chemical processing to the finished fabric, but with <Maker's Shirt Kamakura>,3Over the years, we have developed threads to create dress shirts that do not require ironing.According to Tetsuhei Sadasue, "Basic shirts tend to sell in Nagoya, but this white" Pulper "is especially popular. It's perfect for busy people because it's more than cleaning even when washing at home."

shirt 7,590Yen, tie 7,590 yen or more <Manufacturer's shirt Kamakura> * Jacket is a reference product, pants are personal belongings of the staff

The tie is purchased directly from a French manufacturer.Light color stripes give it a slightly marine taste.It is a combination that gives a slightly soft impression to the outfit with a crisp collar.

A shirt with a unique luster and luxury due to the establishment of easy care from yarn.Also, if you look at the inside of the side, you can see that it is made by "rolling down lockstitch", which is also a proof of luxury shirts, and is rolled up and sewn so that the edges of the fabric are not visible.

Recommended for telework! French ivy style expressed with "knit shirt"

Knit shirts made from fabrics procured from a manufacturer in Wakayama prefecture, which is a famous knit producing area,36With a finer mesh than the gauge, it boasts outstanding elasticity and stretchability.1Sheet.It is a material that is difficult to sew the fabric because it stretches well with a blend of cotton and polyester, but we have realized roll-down lock stitching with technology unique to Japan.Wearing stress is suppressed as much as possible by making the front body larger and the back body smaller than before, and giving a margin to the shoulder width and chest circumference.It is a nice point for busy business people to have a wide range of activities, such as teleworking because it is comfortable to wear but it feels neat, and wrinkles are not a concern even if you put it in your luggage.

shirt 8,690Yen, tie 7,590 yen or more <Manufacturer's shirt Kamakura> * Jacket is a reference product, pants are personal belongings of the staff

French ivy style with a French tie with a beautiful blue color.It is a material that stretches well, so it is recommended for scenes where you want to be free from the cramped feeling of a shirt. "Because it looks beautiful, you can wear it according to your business suit (Mr. Sadasue)."

"Button-down shirt" that can be worn casually with a shirt jacket

A button-down shirt developed by Americans for polo competition.In the history of making for many years, <Maker's Shirt Kamakura>, which was worried about its poor quality, released natural cotton to revive the good old button down in the United States.100Classic fit Royal Oxford "button-down shirt" with natural shell buttons that give off a beautiful shine in%.It has been a staple since its establishment.It's a versatile shirt that you can wear casually with no tie and wear it for occasions.1There is no doubt that you will be active in every place if you have one.Pair it with a denim jacket made at a shirt factory to create a royal American style with soft nuances. "It's a casual but elegant looking item that can be said to be the icon of a" sickle shirt "(Mr. Sadasue)."

Jackets 19,800Yen, shirt 6,490All yen and above <Maker's shirt Kamakura> * Pants are personal belongings of the staff

We are pursuing a sharp and elegant appearance by using a small first button and a thin sword rag, placket, and stitch width.

Beautiful indigo blue is made by traditional techniques of Kojima, Okayama prefecture.If you look at the back style, you can see the yoke.

365A brand that is particular about price, quality, and item selection to support Japanese business people

Since its founding, <Maker's Shirt Kamakura> has been making shirts with the motto "Supporting business people who are active in the world with shirts".Made in Japan shirts made from high-quality materials, craftsmanship and technical capabilities unique to Japan are now loved all over the world, including New York and Shanghai.

What Tetsuhei Sadasue wore on that day was3The button-down shirt introduced in the coordination of the claws and the royal road ivy style with a tie.

New seasonal items such as water-repellent shirts that don't bother you even in sudden rain are appearing one after another.

Was said to be impossible400The ultimate shirt made of delicate ultra-fine yarn.The elegant luster and silky smooth feel make it a special comfort. <Maker's Shirt Kamakura> Shirt 19,800Circle.

People who are new to the store tend to think, "Is it a store that only has shirts?"TWe have a large number of "shirt-related" items such as shirts, polo shirts, and underwear that cannot be seen through even dress shirts.In particular, the tie provides the quality that Mr. Sadasue is particular about at a reasonable price.We will introduce recommendations other than these shirts in future special features, so please look forward to them as well!

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