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[Arts & Antiques Miaruka] is a specialty store that mainly deals in European antique jewelry, mainly in the UK.This is a must-see store for those who feel that antique jewelry is a little intimidating.If you are interested in jewelry, you should be attracted to the high design, history, and stories that are unique to antique jewelry.We will introduce “introductory” knowledge and representative items to know the charm of antique jewelry.

All1Point thing.Unique antique jewelry where craftsmanship lives

Antiques (antiques) have been manufactured100More than a year old. "Arts & Antiques Miarca" is this100An antique specialty store that sells antiques in good condition that have been in good condition for over a year.We have a wide variety of jewelry such as brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings (pierced earrings), bracelets, etc., all owned by the owner.30It has been purchased locally over a period of more than a year.The store manager, Nomura, says, "Jewelry with old craftsmanship is a small piece of art. I never get tired of it. The more I use it, the more I like it and it's fun."

A brooch with beautiful gold work (cantille) from the George dynasty in England (left / 550,000 yen) and a brooch made during the Victorian era, which was called the British Empire and was the most powerful era in England (right / 770,000 yen). ..Both beautiful pink topaz are used.

Looking at it with a loupe, I was surprised at the delicate work.There is a large mirror inside the store, so you can feel free to study "choose what suits you best".

A "seal" worn by men 200 years ago.Now women can enjoy it as a pendant

200 years ago, "Seal" is an accessory that a man hung from his waist when he was dressed up. It has the meaning of "seal", and when pressed on the wax seal, the person's own seal (emblem, initials, motto, etc.) emerges, and the sunken carving is applied."Arts & Antiques Miarca" proposes this as a pendant top with an antique chain.It is a special item that gives off a special presence on the chest.

A jewel sticker carved into amethyst.10Elaborate characters when viewed with a double loupe“DEO REGI VICINO(For God, King and Neighbors)"Is engraved in Latin.19Early Century England "Amethyst & Gold Seal"(533,500Yen).

A sticker made of agate.Originally, the "seal" that men hung from the waist has a beautiful balance when worn with a long chain so that it is below the epigastrium.A small sticker like the one in the picture is nice even if you use it for a short time. A rare sticker with a "BONSOIR" carving and a candle-erasing motif, which is a favorite item of the store manager Nomura.

Even familiar jewelry and pearls are different from what you often see.19The pearls of the century are natural pearls (nucleus-free), not cultured pearls cultivated by humans, but very valuable with nacre layers all the way through.The jewelery in the original BOX (late 19th century) is made with metal fittings that can be attached and detached, and pearls cut in half are clawed.Pearls as small as seeds are called "seed pearls".

"Pearl & Gold Brooch" Cat "" that adds playfulness to the outfit of early summer

This summer, we especially recommend a brooch with a charming cat playing with pearls that look like balls.The sculpture that reproduces even the finest fur is unique to antiques.Not only is it small in size and easy to wear, but it is also a lovely item that cat lovers can't stand.

19"Pearl & Gold Brooch" Cat "" made in England in the latter half of the century (660,000Circle).

In addition to jewelry, "Arts & Antiques Miarca" has a wide range of glasses and pottery that are attracting attention as the time spent at home has increased.There are many beautiful hand-painted cups and saucers, French old baccarat, and many other glasses you'll want to use.Many people may think that it is antique, but at this shop you can meet various "beautiful things" that you have never known before.You can find jewelry that suits you with the advice of the shop.It's an atmosphere where you can drop in casually, so be sure to find a reward for yourself or a gift for your family.

Glasses from France <Baccarat>, which boasts a history of 250 years.At the antique shop, you can choose from a variety of designs from different age groups, such as around 1900 and 1930, doubling the fun. "Arts & Antiques Miarca" also sells glasses with the same design as those used by the French President of the Elysee Palace.

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