5 Holiday Denim x T-shirt Outfits to Upgrade Men



"DENHAM" was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2008.We have denim that can only be made by "DENHAM", which is particular about casual details such as materials and patterns.Staff members Mr. Yonechu (left) and Mr. Saka (right) will introduce 5 must-see coordinations for men who want to look good on holidays.

Over loose denimTStreet style with a shirt

DENHAM> Logo and graphic with Japanese traditional bonsai motif are eye-catchingTCoordination with the theme of "Japan", which combines a shirt with made-in-Japan denim that allows you to see the cross part behind when you move.The denim made by draping is made according to the shape of the legs, and it is also excellent in ease of movement.What looks loose and elegant is <DENHAM> Because it is the highest peak denim.

Tshirt 15,400Circle, pants 75,900All over yen <DENHAM> ※ Others are personal belongings of the staff

Unique print with bonsai motifTThe shirt is made of soft cotton and is comfortable to wear.

Carrot denim featuring back-style cross details.It is a denim that feels craftsmanship built according to the shape of the legs.

"Raw denim" x whiteTThe shirt is <DENHAM> Teppan coordination

DENHAM> The highest peak, made in Japan collection, non-washed denim as the leading role, simple whiteTI put on my shirt <DENHAMHere is the coordination that seems to be>.The unwashed, unwashed, non-washed denim has a simple look and bold graphics.TI'm balancing with a shirt.TIn the back style that the graphic of the shirt shines, the embroidery of the scissors "scissor logo" on the back pocket of the denim is also one point.

Tshirt 12,100Circle, pants 50,600All over yen <DENHAM> ※ Others are personal belongings of the staff

The front left chest has a one-point logo, and the back has a bold square print with a strong presence.

Embroidered brand symbol "scissor logo" on the large back pocket.

A classic slim fit that also has a leg length effect for a comfortable look

The slim-fit denim, which features careful cutting and a smart silhouette, represents the brand.5A classic pocket denim item.The silhouette that gently tapers toward the hem is a perfect balance that is neither too thin nor too thick, and combined with the depth of the rise, it also has a leg length effect that makes the hips appear to rise.Playful with a large camouflage logoTThe shirt looks childish when viewed alone, so in addition to the smart silhouette denim, a beret and loafers are combined to make it look mature.

Tshirt 11,000Circle, pants 50,600All over yen <DENHAM> ※ Others are personal belongings of the staff

A large print that combines the brand symbol scissors "scissors" with the brand logo.TThe shirt is made of cotton that feels silky and comfortable to the touch.100%Material.

Denim with a natural discoloration using high-grade Italian fabric.Creates a clean silhouette with a feeling of wearing between straight and skinny.

If you match the border with the vintage wash, the adult surf style is completed!

Navy x white border on classic slim-fit denim made from high-grade Italian fabricTA surfing styling with a shirt.The wash process of denim creates a vintage mood, and the light beige is matched to the head and feet to enhance the surfing feeling.It is a refreshing coordination that the damage processing in some parts of denim has a summery feel.Denim has stretchability that makes it easy to move, so it seems to be useful in the leisure scene.

Tshirt 12,100Circle, pants 55,000All over yen <DENHAM> ※ Others are personal belongings of the staff

Stretchy denim that looks stiff and actually stretches well.The damage processing applied here and there is also a point.

Similar colorsTBy wearing a shirt, the beautiful shades of indigo shine.1Arrived

Skinny fit type with the tightest silhouette in men's denim "BOLTA little sporty with sneakers. Italian long-established denim fabric maker <CANDIANI> The stretch fabric made by the company is used to create a realistic color fading that clearly expresses the shades of indigo blue, and the outstanding stretchability is attractive.1It's a book.By matching a T-shirt with a simple one-point logo, the presence of denim is further emphasized.

Tshirt 12,100Circle, pants 44,000All over yen <DENHAM> ※ Others are personal belongings of the staff

One point that expresses the brand symbol "scissor" by embroidery.It is a simple yet elegant impression because it has a crafty feel.

The clear shades of color under the knees and the natural wrinkles look like vintage denim.

We have developed a realistic washing technique that creates vintage fabrics from virgin fabrics.DENHAM> With denim, you can enjoy fashion with a lot of mellowness.First of all, check out the classics such as the crossback with high design and the slim fit with a smart silhouette.

In addition, the staff's Instagram also introduces other coordination and items.Check this out as well.

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