A perfect gift for men! Introducing the wallet of <Il Bisonte> all at once!



Founded in 1970, the bag and leather product brand <Il Bisonte> from Florence, Italy.Among the items loved by genuine fans, we have collected the most popular wallets from the perspective of gifts to men.Introducing the features of 5 wallets with different shapes.

A long wallet made of high-quality leather that increases in texture each time you use it.

A long wallet that is gaining popularity.The calm texture is a perfect gift for an adult man.The Bison logo engraved on the flap is a casual accent.With a coin pocket in the center and wallets and card slots on both sides, this item has excellent storage capacity.

<Il Bisonte> Long wallet (W18×H9.5×D2cm41,800Yen

When you open the snap button, there is a coin pocket with a zipper in the center, and there are wallets on both sides, and there are plenty of card slots.


A classic bi-fold wallet with a wide range of color variations that you can enjoy choosing

A bi-fold wallet made from high-quality cowhide.Including the dark brown in the photo, we have a wide variety of colors from calm to gorgeous.With an easy-to-use design with many built-in card holders, it fits in the palm of your hand or in your pants pocket.The front is engraved with the familiar logo for a casual accent.It is a wallet like <Il Bisonte> with a stamp on the snap button of the closure.

<Il Bisonte> Wallet (W11×H9×D3cm42,900Yen

When the snap button type closure is removed, both sides3There is a card slot for each card, and it is a coin case that expands greatly when you open the zipper.

Tri-fold leather wallet that is compact yet has excellent storage capacity

A tri-fold leather wallet designed as if a coin case that opens three-dimensionally was attached externally.Although it has a compact form, it has a high storage capacity with a wallet and a card pocket.Even if you insert plenty of coins, you can keep a slim look, so it is also recommended for men who do not want to increase their luggage.

<Il Bisonte> Wallet (W9×H8×D1cm28,600Yen

A wallet featuring a coin case that opens wide.With a size that fits in one hand, it is also equipped with a card pocket and wallet.It seems good to keep it in your pocket as a sub wallet when you want to make a smooth payment.

A functional and casual bi-fold wallet with a cute double face

A double-faced bi-fold wallet with a flap that opens and closes with a snap button and a purse.A wallet and a full range of card slots are placed inside the snap button, making it a highly functional item.The stylish appetizer design enhances casualness with the knob of the mouthpiece that dares to suppress the glossiness.

<Il Bisonte> Wallet (W11×H11×D2.7cm31,900Yen

When you open the flap2Overlapping wallets and full card slots.Coins can be stored in the coin pocket of the mouthpiece.The feature is that the coins are easy to see because the mouth opens wide.

Anyway, it's thin and light!Compact wallet that can be carried casually

A thin wallet that can store cards and a small amount of bills.LThe zipper arranged in a letter opens wide, making it easy to take out the contents, and the inside has a pocket-shaped partition that can also be used as a coin case, so it is fully functional.It is large enough to fit in the inner pocket of a jacket and can be easily carried.

<Il Bisonte> Wallet (W13×H9×D1cm13,200Yen

The feature is that it is so thin that you can't think of it as a wallet.The baptized, waste-free look gives a smart impression when taken out of your pocket or bag.

"Il Bisonte" has a variety of wallets, from long wallets with a strong presence to thin wallets that are casual.Italy's high-quality bucket leather with time-consuming "vegetable tannin tanning" has an elegant look and toughness, and the more you use it, the more you can enjoy aging.Warm items that reflect the individuality of the person who owns them are perfect gifts for loved ones.

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