I want to give it to my father who enjoys fashion.Father's Day Gift [Fashion Edition]



I want you to be a wonderful father forever.If you can put that in mind, fashion items are recommended for Father's Day gifts.Choose a tie that is indispensable for the business scene, a shirt that you want to wear on off days, etc. according to your lifestyle.

"The ultimate polo shirt made by a shirt shop" with an elegantly raised collar

<Maker's shirt Kamakura> Polo shirt 7,590 eachYen

Pursuing an "elegantly rising collar" and commercializing it3A discerning polo shirt that took years.We use high-quality cotton and use kanoko fabric that is softer than usual.Although it looks like a normal design, you can enjoy a beautiful and elegant dress that other companies do not have, so it is recommended for fathers who want to spend their holidays smartly.It is both comfortable to wear and casually smart style appeal without any insistence.

Perfect for spring and summer! "Fresco tie" or unlined "Sfoderato" tie

Back / Tie "Fresco Tie"6,490Yen, front / tie "Sphoderate specification"8,690All yen and above <Maker's Shirt Kamakura>

"Fresco Thai", which means "new and cool" in Italy, has an uneven weave that creates lightness and is perfect for the spring and summer business scene.The fabric is in italy100We made a special order for a textile factory that has been in operation for over a year, and sewed it by hand at a factory in Kyoto.On the other hand, the unlined sfoderato tie is representative of <Maker's Shirt Kamakura>.FRENCH COLLECTION”, A discerning handmade tie made with traditional Italian techniques. Both are items that I would like to give to my father who works hard every day with ale.

Unbearable for dog lovers!Fashionable dog motif socks

tabio> Socks990Yen

Recommended dog motif socks for dog lovers.If you look closely, several types of dogs, such as Dalmatians, Beagles, and Scottish Terriers, have different poses.The stylish pattern is cute and fashionable when you glance at it from the hem of the pants.Calm colors such as gray and navy6With a variety of colors, the thickness is thin, so it can be matched with leather shoes such as loafers.A cute design that your father wouldn't buy on his own is the item you want to choose as a gift.

A wide variety of high-quality and fashionable Italian ties

Italian tie 1Our6,930Yen ~ (2This set price)

As a royal road tie as a gift for Father's Day, a higher quality and fashionable imported tie made in Italy is popular.From a wide variety of colors and designs, choose the one that suits your father's favorite color or your usual suit style.Gift certificates are also available, so it would be good to visit the store together and choose one.

Custom-made shirts for authentic American casual wear

Back / shirt "Oxford"24,200Yen, front / shirt "vintage denim"28,600All over yen <INDIVIDUALIZED SHIRTS>

A factory specializing in custom-made shirts from New Jersey, which boasts a high market share in the United States <INDIVIDUALIZED SHIRTS(Individualized shirt)>.Among the various patterns, we recommend the camp color (open color) that can be worn like a shirt jacket as a gift.There are very few craftsmen who can sew this collar, and it has a special design, so it is a piece that I would like fathers who prefer a neat look even in casual situations to wear.

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