"A little good thing" that I want you to use all the time.Father's Day Gift [Item Edition]



With gratitude, why not give an item that you can use every day on Father's Day?Introducing gifts with a special feeling, such as items that you can always wear and items that you are particular about to enrich your relaxing time.

Collaboration between Japanese bag brands <RAMIDUS> and <DENHAM>


A bag brand from Harajuku with the theme of "new standard" for the next generation <RAMIDUS(Lamidas)> A messenger bag in collaboration.A quick-release shoulder design with a laptop pocket on both shoulders.The discreet yet bold monotone graphics are eye-catching.

A classic bi-fold wallet that's OK even when you don't carry a bag

<Il Bisonte> Wallet (W10×H9×D2.5cm25,300Yen

A two-fold wallet that enables smart yet large-capacity storage, such as three card slots, a snap-opening coin pocket with a gusset, and a wallet with a partition.With a compact size that fits in your pants pocket, it is recommended for daily use.The more you use it, the more you can enjoy the texture of leather due to aging.

That's why I chose the standard.Simple sunglasses that can be used habitually for a long time

<Kaneko Glasses> Sunglasses (KCS-28 BK) 37,400Yen

Beautiful chic luster unique to celluloid1Book.With its timeless royal road design and high quality, it can be used for a long time.The frame is not too thick, so it has a gentle atmosphere, and the unique texture and texture of celluloid, the deep color that changes over time, and the luster are the most attractive sunglasses.

Have an elegant time with "Old Bacara" fascinated by the sublime beauty

Baccarat>glass 33,000Yen ~44,000Yen

Born in Lorraine, France in 1764, it has been loved by successive kings, emperors and presidents.Baccarat(Baccarat)>. "Arts & Antiques Miarca" handles various models such as wine glasses and tumblers with delicate patterns.Items that make your home time special are perfect gifts.

Get an option for glasses to reduce the fatigue of working fathers

Bifocal lens option, tired eye support lens option each5,500Yen (optional fee for those who purchase eyeglass frames)

Bifocal thin lenses and tired eye support lenses are optional menus that reduce eye strain caused by desk work.Now that remote work has increased, why not give glasses with these options?If you feel something is wrong with your appearance6Within a month1You can change the lens for free only once, so you can rest assured.

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