Enrich your life with a special dish. MEN'S COLLECTION [Item & Food Edition]



Pursue ease of use, and enjoy different fashions and food.Introducing a discerning dish that enriches your life by incorporating it into your life.Want to find your favorite item that you can love for a long time?

The special croutons can be used as snacks as well as snacks when you are hungry.

"Herbs & garlic"1Individual627Yen

"Herbs & Garlic" newly released from "Kazoku's croutons", a sweet made from special bread.5Rich flavored garlic is added to various herbs, and black pepper is added to the accent.The rich and sophisticated flavor spreads throughout your mouth, making it a recommended dish as a snack or snack.The taste is solid, so it seems good to taste it with a crisply chilled beer.

Convenient 3WAY glasses that can be turned into sunglasses with one touch

i-FIT> Glasses 8,800Yen

Convenient clip-on sunglasses that allow you to wear sunglasses parts over your glasses with a single touch.Cover parts that prevent pollen and yellow sand from entering can be attached to the inside, so1In a book3Convenient and affordable glasses that play a role.The basic frame is made of super-elastic resin that is both strong and light.The temples are very soft, and despite the firm comfort, these are non-stress glasses that do not feel tight.

A wallet that feels the warmth of handmade by Italian craftsmen

<Il Bisonte> Wallet (W13×H9×D0.5cm13,200Yen

Open wideLCharacter zip type wallet.Even though it looks simple, it is finished in a design that feels craftsmanship by Italian craftsmen.Although it is thin and smart, it is easy to take out the contents firmly, and there is a pocket-shaped partition inside that can also be used as a coin purse, and it is also fully functional.

Salmont type sunglasses that do not give too strong impression around the face

<Kaneko Glasses> Sunglasses (KVS-20 RDDE44,000Yen

Salmont-type sunglasses with a thicker upper part of the frame are a rare design for <Kaneko Glasses>.The size is just right, and while it has a casual atmosphere, it is both smart and mellow to tighten the impression.The delicate carving on the bridge is also elegant, and adults want to have it.1It is a book.

"Tennis racket" brooch loved in England, the birthplace of sports

"Pearl & Gold Brooch" Tennis Racket ""105,600Yen

United Kingdom 1900To18Brooch made of gold.The tennis racket has a pearl that looks like a ball, giving a stylish and elegant impression.It's a small size that can be used as a point for jackets and shirts, so you can enjoy casual fashion.

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