Tokai's first ladies' floor is born! Wear your own 1st place at "GINZA Global Style COMFORT"



Every adult woman once longs for a bespoke suit. With the new ladies' floor in "GINZA Global Style COMFORT", you can make your own one.Introducing how to make custom suits with special hospitality and great services.

I envision an ideal with detailed hearings and abundant samples

When you come to the store, start with careful counseling.While looking at the reference photos in the catalog, decide what kind of suit you want to make.

Free drinks are available in the waiting space that can be used when it is crowded.Wi-FiAnd power supply can also be used.There are also many fabric samples, so you can easily find your favorite fabric.

When you enter the store, first of all, counseling.Not only the color and shape requirements, but also when to wear it, what kind of work you usually do, and your preference for comfort, so it is ideal for a vague order suit. It gradually gets closer to the real thing. "For example, if you have a lot of desk work, you can give some space to your waist, and if you have a lot of walking scenes, you can stretch the material.1I will propose clothes, "says staff Ito.

The fabric selected to put on the jacket is applied to the shoulders, giving the impression of wearing it.

Wear a sample suit and measure the size.We will proceed while checking the comfort.

Speaking of size measurement, it is an image of measuring the whole body with a major.However, many people actually measure only the shoulder width and total length (from neck to ankle). Wear a sample suit called "gauge clothing" and decide on your favorite style and comfort based on that.Ladies' size is generally7,9,11... and odd numbers2Although it is in size increments, gauge clothes include even numbers.1~25We have all the issues. "9The issue is small, but11The advantage of custom suits is that they can fulfill detailed requests such as "the issue is a little big ..." and "I want to change the size with a jacket and skirt."

Pumps and shirt blouses can also be made to order.By tailoring your whole body to your liking, you will be closer to your ideal suit. <GINZA Global Style COMFORT> Pumps tax included15,400Circle~(2In the case of bulk buying1Price per foot)

You can order not only suits but also pumps and shirt blouses as you like.GINZA Global Style COMFORTFeatures.For pumps, you can freely choose the shape of the toes, the thickness of the sole (insole), the height of the heel, the fabric, etc., and for the shirt blouse, you can freely choose the shape and material of the collar, the size of the neck, etc. from the sample.It seems that there are many people who are particular about making items for daily use.

A wide variety of fabrics, buttons, and linings!If you want to make an order, you want to choose without compromising on the details.

While looking at the sample, decide on the fabric, buttons, and lining.As it uses unisex fabric, it is recommended for those who want to dress like men's and those who want to give a unisex impression.If you can't decide easilySocial MediaIt is also possible to save the cute designs and patterns that you see on the internet and convey the image to the staff.Also, if you like the shape of the pockets, collar, sleeves, etc., please let us know.If you come this far, your own first place will be there soon!

approx 1Completed in a month!Your own design and excellent comfort1To wear

GINZA Global Style COMFORT> Suit tax included52,800Yen ~ (2In the case of bulk buying1Price per piece)

About from order1After a month, it's finally complete!now2If you order more than clothes1We are conducting a campaign to save on the price per piece.1In person2You can make clothes, order as a pair of men and women, or order with friends and family, and you can combine them freely.It suits me1Try customizing your clothes. * The campaign may end without notice.Please contact the store for details.

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