The one and only brilliance connects the two. <LAZARE DIAMOND> ring full of special feeling



From New York, which is said to be one of the world's three major cutter brands, <LAZARE DIAMOND>.I want to stick to it because it's something I'll wear for the rest of my life!Introducing the recommended engagement ring for the two.

LAZARE DIAMONDBy knowing the charm of >, you can meet the ring of fate of two people

Excellent cutting technology, which is called one of the world's three major cutters brands <LAZARE DIAMOND>.The shape, which is carefully calculated from the rough stones, is called "ideal make-up" and is from the inside.7Perfect proportions that give off colored light.It has been represented in the diamond world so far3CIn addition to (carat = size, color = color, clarity = transparency), he explained the importance of "cut" as a technology to create new "brilliance" and contributed to the establishment of 100C, which is the current standard. did. With over XNUMX years of history and the refined aesthetics of New York, its brilliance has been chosen by those who know the real thing.There is no doubt that you will be drawn into the deep world of diamonds.

Choose a ring once in a lifetime.First of all, at "Lazar Diamond Boutique" <LAZARE DIAMONDBy listening to the features of>, it becomes clear that you are particular about the ring you envision.

20Compare the shapes of more than one type of ring and choose your favorite design.Ring designs range from popular to new.It's strange because when you compare them, you get a slightly different impression.

From the left, "Leverance" is loved for its simple royal road style396,000"Drillton" with a casual claim with a circle and a small diamond on the side348,000Circle, "Will" that colors your fingertips with a gorgeous impression overall485,000Circle. * Prices vary depending on the type of diamond you choose.

Once you have a deeper understanding of diamonds, the first step is to decide on a ring design.From the abundant patterns, select the one you like and listen to the features of each while trying on.It is this that is gaining popularity now3point. “Even if you say a ring, they all have different charms, so I would like you to look at them from various angles,” says the staff.It is also recommended to choose according to your lifestyle and everyday clothes.

Immovable popularity "St. Patrick"28"520,300The circle is designed with fine details and a beautiful side view.Not only does it make your fingers look beautiful, it also makes you feel luxurious elegance.

After confirming the brilliance of the diamond, finally order the ring of fate

Check the diamond that is separate from the ring from all angles.The beauty of the cut is created by looking at the back side, and the cut is created by looking at the front side.7You can check the brilliance of the color.

Check the impression when wearing by combining the diamond and ring that you actually selected.

LAZARE DIAMOND> Carefully compare the diamonds that bring together the cutting techniques that we are proud of1"Lazar Diamond Boutique" where you can find points.Not only can you rotate it around to see the reflection of light, but you can also check the part on the back side that gets stuck in the frame, so you can make a ring that you can be convinced and attached to.After checking the quality, select carat, color, clarity and cut and finish!You will be asked about your budget and design commitment, so it suits your taste and your partner's taste.1You should be able to score points.At "Lazar Diamond Boutique", you can enjoy a ring full of thoughts that only comes true because it is a select order.

About from order to completion1Months.It seems that there are many couples who witness the finished ring because it is a moving moment.You can make a reservation for visiting the store from the official website, so check it out as well.

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