The appeal of <β>, which is supported by adult men and women, is casual yet high-quality fashion.



Since the brand was born in 2008, the style that is relaxing but not too casual has gained popularity <β (beta)>.This time, we will thoroughly investigate the appeal of <β>, which becomes addictive once worn!Attention is paid to items that can be relaxed without having to stretch your shoulders, but look neat.

The basis of <β> is a style with the theme of sports and relaxation.

A brand that mixes the tradition of Italian tailors with Japanese technology for adult women who want elegant and high-quality clothes.BASIL28(Buzzy Leventot)> has roots in <β>. <BASIL28> Will be what happens if it becomes casual ..., it was launched as the second line of this brand, in Greek2"Beta", which means number, has become the brand name. <Β> is good at formal style because it looks elegant while having the theme of sports and relaxation.BASIL28> Is the basis, and it adds its own fashionability.There are many items that even adult women can wear with peace of mind, so it is also popular with "casual refugee" Mrs.

<Β> Trench coat (each56,100Yen) is a recommended item this fall.

Relaxation and fashion are made with stretch, oversize, and a mix of different materials.

The relaxed feeling of <β> is pursued with stretchable fabrics and oversized items that even men can wear, even though they have a seemingly clickable pattern and texture.In addition, you can enjoy your own fashion because the design is a combination of different materials and the motifs that are particular to the designer are studded.Therefore, it's really sports!The style that can be worn even on the day of on is completed.

The trench coat mentioned above is also an oversized pattern.It is a popular standard item released every spring and autumn, and this year it will be released as a brushed-up version of a mix of different materials with the trend of denim added this fall.

The back of the belt and the yoke are made of stretch denim woven in Bishu, and the body is made of thin yet durable and light "ripstop fabric" used for tents.Denim is not indigo dyed, so you don't have to worry about discoloration due to getting wet, and you can wear it on rainy days.OK.

There are also many items with cat motifs that designers love.Pullover on the left of the photo (33,000The circle) is even more playful, with a "home cat" facing the computer.

Besides cats, there are also motifs such as stars and hearts.Playfulness shines in a simple design.

Pants representing <β>, which has been popular since the brand was established (20,900The circle) is surprisingly stretchable.Made from domestic fabric finished in Ishikawa prefecture, which is famous for producing synthetic fibers, using "Merrill nylon microfiber" from Spain <Nyrstar>.

Stretchy items are suitable for active scenes, and the uniqueness created by mixing different materials is suitable for town use. <β> items that are perfect for each scene.Another feature that other brands do not have is the speed of the cycle of changing the theme every month and releasing a new work at the beginning of the month.10In the month of the month, we plan to release outerwear with boa and pullovers for even more relaxation.If you want to relax at any time but want to show it properly, you will surely find the item you are looking for.

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