What is the high-quality, low-priced NEW SHOP "Wig Yuki" that covers your worries and creates a natural hairstyle?



Wig specialty store "Wig Yuki" opened in August 2021.Careful counseling by friendly staff has been well received by many people for achieving their ideal hairstyle.This time, we will introduce the charm of "Wig Yuki" to those who are new to wigs.

An abundant assortment of over 400 items including all wigs and point wigs is attractive

Dai Nagoya Building3Nationwide on the floor11"Wig Yuki" has opened its first shop.The interior is bright and clean, based on the soft and gentle salmon pink and white, and you can actually pick up the wig and try it on.

There is a point wig in the foreground and an all wig on the wall at the store.40The types are lined up.Items that are not in the store are available in the backyard.

A private fitting room that takes privacy into consideration.

The items handled by "Wig Yuki" are roughly divided into point wigs for parts that support areas of concern such as volume and hairline, and all wigs that are worn by covering the net.2kinds.400The reason why many people love it is that it has a rich lineup of more than a variety of wigs, that the price is good in terms of quality, and that there are many gorgeous and gorgeous wigs in general, and that they pursue naturalness. Is it?

From the right, a gorgeous perm-style natural short "44M"74,800Yen), straight long that can be expected to have a small face effect16M"121,000Yen), the short “Medical” used by actress Yoko Yamamoto, who is the image character of the shop.60TM"121,000Circle).

When you hear the word wig, you can imagine a custom-made product that is made by cutting a long wig to your liking.This process, which seems to be closer to the ideal, often results in something different from the image, and tends to be expensive. At "Wig Yuki", we have a large number of ready-made wigs so that we can propose the ones that you imagined at a reasonable price from the beginning.We will compare slightly different items such as length, hair color, hardness, volume, and perm condition, and propose the most suitable wig that suits your taste.

A natural finish that can only be achieved by hand-planting each one by a craftsman

While many wigs try to create volume based on the thickness of the net and the number of hairs, in "Wig Yuki", craftsmen use a light and thin net.1The volume is created by manually planting the hair one by one and creating a natural hair rise.By doing this, it is possible to create a natural hairline without the weight of the hair causing the hair to fall asleep.In addition, we have a large lineup of products that pursue a more natural texture by mixing artificial hair and human hair, or by intentionally mixing slightly bright hair.If you compare them nearby, their facial expressions will be completely different, so be sure to check them out.

It creates a natural hairline that you can't tell it's a wig.The photo is a point wig (9,800Yen ~).

Point wigs are available from a size that fits in the palm of your hand.Supports insufficient volume at the top and white hair that stands out at the division.

Staff are resident to support customers who come to the store with anxiety.

In addition to the privacy-friendly fitting room, "Wig Yuki" has friendly staff who are in charge of counseling, so you can feel free to consult with us about anything.A wig that not only covers your worries, but is also becoming more and more enjoyable as a fashion item by changing your hairstyle.Even if you are new to this, first pick it up at the store and experience the new pleasures.

“We will search for the ideal wig until you are satisfied, so please tell us anything you care about,” says staff member Yamazaki.

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