[2021 version] Also a reward for yourself.Unisex Christmas gifts



Introducing items that can be used in unisex regardless of the recipient.A little good item is a hard work for a year, and giving it as a gift to yourself is also the end of the year.

[Il Bisonte] long wallet

A long wallet made of bucket leather that increases in texture as you use it.With flap specifications, the inside has a coin pocket in the center, wallets on both sides, and a card pocket for excellent storage capacity.The front bison engraving is an accent.

Il Bisonte wallet

IL BISONTE> Long wallet (W18×H9×D2cm)41,800Yen

[Il Bisonte] scarf

The bi-colors on the front and back are accented with the color on the back, which you can casually look into.With a slit-through type design, the neck is neat and easy to put on and take off.It has a soft texture and is very comfortable to wear.all5Expanded in color.

Il Bisonte scarf

IL BISONTE>scarf(7,700Yen) * Limited quantity sale


<Kaneko glasses>And jewelry brandsCollaboration model.2You can use it as a necklace as it is by making it a spectacle holder by putting the ring on the top.Blue sapphire is also used, so you can enjoy an elegant and luxurious feeling.

Facial glass chain

NIKI× Kaneko Glasses> Glass Chain (TopNC5BSSV,underNC 5 BSVM)35,200Yen, below37,400Yen


The design of the nose pad is "Ichiyama".That part is18It is made of gold, and the rest is antique gold, so you can enjoy the different shades.It is a round type that uses the rare value "Sun Platinum" and is easy to hang and its unique texture gives it a special feeling.

Facial glasses

<Kaneko Glasses> Eyewear (KMG-03 ATG)99,000Yen

[Β LADIES & MEN] backpack

A backpack using neoprene, a synthetic rubber material developed by DuPont in the United States.The expressive melange color and high-class metal parts feature elegance that updates casual clothing.Gray and charcoal gray2Color development.

Beta backpack

<Β> Backpack (W30×H43×D18cm)31,900Yen

[Porter Classic] tote bag

Porter Classic(Porter Classic)>'s representative kendo wear series "KENDO". Rare sea island cotton is made by indigo dyeing from yarn by craftsmen with Japanese skill.A4Compatible with size, perfect for everyday use including work.

Porter Classic bag

Porter Classic>tote bag(W35×H35×D15cm)51,700Yen

[Annon tea house] Happy tea cup set

A cup of the finest black tea "Mlesna Tea"&A limited number of Christmas gifts with a saucer and a cube box of tea.Take a relaxing time drinking tea to rest your tired body.

Annon Tea House Tea Cup

Happy tea cup set (each3,900Yen) * Limited quantity sale

[Annon tea house] Christmas3Cube set

With the image of Christmas, "Oh my chai", "Princess strawberry", "Super caramel tea"3Limited set that combines various types of Mlesna tea.Please enjoy the special taste that will make you happy even if you give it as a gift.

Annon Tea House Cube

Christmas3Cube set (2,408Yen) * Limited quantity sale

[Annon tea house] Mlesna tea gourmet collection

I want to enjoy it with Christmas cake40A special box that includes various types of Mlesna tea bags.It is individually wrapped to keep it fresh, so you can enjoy choosing it on a daily basis.Recommended for gifts.

Mlesna Tea at Annon Tea House

Mlesna Tea Gourmet Collection40Sheets (5,184circle)※11Month10Sun (Wednesday) -Limited quantity sale

[Beauty Tune Shiseido] <LOUVREDO> Muffler

The reputation of being able to keep the warmth over the bedrock bath just by winding itFUKUGEN WARMER".It is a functional muffler that applies the energy power of the ore used in the popular "restoration dryer" as a dryer that does not shake.

Louvre Doe muffler

LOUVREDO>Scarf(11,000Yen) * Limited quantity sale

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