2021 Christmas gifts you want to give to your loved ones



Fashion accessories unique to winter and items that can be used every day are perfect as Christmas gifts to give to your important partner.We have collected popular items that you can use for a long time with attachment.

[Maker's Shirt Kamakura] tie

A special item made by Kyoto craftsmen into ties from the finest fabrics produced by one of the world's longest-established fabric manufacturers.The casual animal motif that can be used in the business scene is cute, unique and recommended as a gift.

Maker's shirt Kamakura tie

<Maker's Shirt Kamakura> Tie (5,500 yen each)

[Maker's Shirt Kamakura] Socks

Japanese luxury socks brand <Halison(Harrison)> long socks.The point is the superb comfort of knitting New Zealand fine merino wool with Japanese technology.Once you wear it, you can't let go.

Maker's shirt Kamakura socks

Halison> Socks (each1,430Circle)

[Heart Up Vision Square] Glasses Frame

Swedish-born Scandinavian brand <moz(Moz)> glasses frame.Comes with a colorful special case featuring the brand character elk.It features a playful and cute design.

Heart-up glasses frame

moz> Glasses frame (13,200Yen) * Limited quantity sale

[Heart-up Vision Square] Anti-fog lens cloth

Glasses cloth with anti-fog wax attached.Simply wipe the spectacle lens lightly to easily suppress cloudiness.1About once used10Anti-fog effect of time.1In sheets60~80It can be used once.A gift with glasses is recommended.

Heart-up lens cloth

Anti-fog lens cloth (each440Circle)

[GINZA Global Style COMFORT] Gift Certificate

A gift voucher that allows you to shop in any combination within the amount of money.16,500Circle,33,000Circle,55,000Circle,77,000Circle,110,000yen's5Prepare types.It can be combined with men's and ladies', and can also be used for ties and shoes.

Global style gift certificate

Gift Vouchers(16,500Yen ~110,000Circle)

[DENHAM] cardigan

A mohair cardigan using high-quality kid mohair with a silk core.The fluffy and long hair has a natural luster and smoothness that is soft to the touch, and is firm and durable.The button uses a concho button that becomes an accent.

Denham cardigan

DENHAM> Cardigan (each50,600Circle)

[Nest Robe / CONFECT] muffler

A type of lambswool muffler that passes the end of the muffler through the loop.With a simple and mannish design and a compact size, it is not bulky when matched with a coat, and it creates a neat collar.

Nest robe muffler

nest Dress>Scarf(6,380Circle)

[Envelope] ear cuff

Introducing a new design for ear cuffs that are popular with both earrings and earrings. We use rough quartz with the idea of ​​"jewelry that will be an indispensable treasure for the wearer."

Envelope ear cuff

<JewelryLCF> Ear cuff (19,800circle)※12Scheduled to arrive in early May * Limited quantity sale

[Envelope] necklace

<JewelryLCFThe necklace of the rough crystal series by> is an accessory that creates a gentle and soft atmosphere unique to rough stones before polishing.1point1The shape of the stones is different, and the beauty of natural stones shines around the neck.

Envelope necklace

<JewelryLCF>necklace(23,100circle)※12Scheduled to arrive in early May * Limited quantity sale

[Arts & Antiques Miarca] Brooch

19A lovely brooch made in England in the latter half of the century that expresses the feeling of love for nature.The flowers are made of natural pearls, and the ladybugs are made with rubies and garnets.

Miarca brooch

brooch(418,000Yen) * Limited to 1 item

[AINZ & TULPE] eyeshadow

Easy to use, adding more glitz to special occasions6Color eye palette "2021 HOLIDAY COLLECTION JOY".Both have vibrant colors and brilliance, and you can use them in a single color or layer them to create a beautiful finish.Two eyeshadow brushes are set for each.

Ains & Torpe eyeshadow

DAZZSHOP> Holiday eyeshadow palette (2 limited colors)4,180Yen * Limited quantity sale

[Tabio] pair room socks

Rubber mouth, toes, heels3Brushed back room socks with switched faces.Not only worn as a pair, but also recommended as a gift.The fluffy inside is soft and warm, and it has a moderate amount of non-slip, so you can rest assured even on flooring.

Tabio room socks

tabio> Pair room socks (each1,760Circle)

[Tabio] Animal Series Socks

tabio(Tabio)> is an animal series released every year.This year includes tigers, which are the zodiac signs of next year3There is a message under each animal.As it is made of wool, it has good heat retention and can be worn warmly.

Tabio socks

tabio> Socks (each1,430Circle)

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