The latest fall / winter 2021!I want to incorporate it into my wardrobe this winter!Recommended outerwear



The Dai Nagoya Building is full of fashionable coats, down jackets and jackets for both men and women!We are paying attention to the outerwear, which is full of attention to design and functionality.

[DENHAM] down jacket

<NANGA> “NGDH AURORA SC DOWN” using original land and high quality down fill.By adopting the waterproof and breathable material "AURORA-TEX®", the down is prevented from getting wet and the heat retention is maintained.This is the first item that can be worn in both the mountains and the city.

Denham down jacket

DENHAM×BIT>Down jacket(72,600Circle)

[Β LADIES & MEN] blouson

Different materials of vintage-like denim and soft boreMIXBlouson.With an oversized silhouette of the drop shoulder, we are particular about invisible parts such as fasteners and lining that match the bore color, and piping that matches the denim color.

Beta blouson

<Β> Blouson (49,500Circle)

[Porter Classic] jacket

A prestigious British king called the King of Corduroy <Brisbane Moss> Uses the finest fabrics manufactured by the company.1858It is a discerning Chinese jacket that has been dyed and sewn by Japanese craftsmen and processed as if it had passed for many years.

Porter Classic jacket

Porter Classic>Jacket(115,500Circle)

[DESCENTE BLANC] down jacket

High-spec model "Mountainia" of "Mizusawa Down".Non-quilt processing by thermocompression bonding and seam tape processing boast high water resistance.The finest born from the hands of craftsmen at the Descente apparel factory, eliminating the weaknesses of conventional down jackets.1It is clothes.

Mizusawa down in Descente

DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN>Down jacket(110,000Circle)

An article summarizing the appeal of "Mizusawa Down" Click here for more information.

[GINZA Global Style COMFORT] order coat

Custom coat with abundant color variations.In addition to the popular men's every year, ladies' will also start this year.The outstanding size and comfort unique to the order are attractive, and the details such as the lining and buttons can be customized.

Global style order coat

Order coat (53,900Yen ~)

[Nest Robe / CONFECT] coat

A loose-fitting wool cashmere fleece coat with a tent silhouette.The round collar and double breath with a spicy angle create a classical atmosphere.It is also recommended to wear it casually.

Nest robe coat

nest Robe>coat(73,700Circle)

[Nest Robe / CONFECT] coat

Wool linen twill shawl color coat that features the look of the fabric using marbled threads.It has a full lining made of thick cotton and has both heat retention and cold protection.The styling to put on like a long cardigan is decided coolly.

Confect coat

CONFECT extension>coat(68,200Circle)

[Envelope] coat

Italian textile maker <Subalpino> Cocoon silhouette coat "Ines" using the company's expressive fabric.It features no front button and is oversized so that it can be worn softly.Since it is color-free, you can wrap it in a muffler and enjoy the fashionable neck.

Envelope coat


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  • The latest fall / winter 2021!I want to incorporate it into my wardrobe this winter!Recommended outerwear