[2021 version] Great as a Christmas gift or a reward for yourself.A stylish watch recommended for adult girls



"JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison" has a lot of special watches. For those who are not familiar with the brand and do not know which one to choose, but want a special watch, we would like to introduce a watch recommended for women with an adult dignity.

Attractive elegance <Longines> "Longines Master Collection" & "Longines Dolce Vita"

1F | Longines

1832Founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in XNUMX <LONGINES(Longines)> is a brand where you can feel the commitment to tradition, elegance and performance in the expertise of watchmaking.Perfectly embodying the corporate philosophy of Longines, which has continued to make such wonderful watches.2005The "Longines Master Collection" was announced in the year.A collection of self-winding movements on all models, it combines classic elegance with superior quality.

Left / <Longines> "Longines Dolce Vita"L5. pressure waterproof/ SS /Diamonds, mothers of pearls/Case32 × 20.8㎜)278,300Yen

Right / <Longines> "Longines Master Collection"L2.409.4.87.4(Self-winding/3Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Diamonds, mothers of pearls/Alligator strap/Case34㎜)364,100Yen

Already1The book's recommendation is "Longines Dolce Vita", which praises the sweet life, inspired by the spirit of "Longines" to live a "Dolce Vita (rich life)" that embodies modern elegance.The design that the diamond shines casually is a classic model with a soft line and a classical look.

Simple and sincere design is popular <Baume & Mercier> Riviera & Hampton

1F | Baume & Mercier

BALM&MERCIER(Baume & Mercier)>191A long-established watch maison with a long history.The watch is designed and developed at the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and manufactured and assembled in Les Brenets, the center of the Jura region of Switzerland, and has been the strength of the Maison since its inception.

Left / <Baume & Mercier> Hampton 10630(Quartz/5Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Canvas strap/Case34.9 × 22.2㎜) ¥192,500

Right / <Baume & Mercier> Riviera 10611(Quartz/5Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /rubber strap/Case36㎜)203,500Yen

Recommended2The book is "Riviera" with a Swiss-made quartz movement with a green rubber strap that creates a bright look on the light green dial, and "Hampton" that combines a sunray satin-finished green dial and a black canvas strap. ..It is a wristwatch with a beautiful green color that has become popular in recent years.

Innovative and iconic Hamilton Ventura & Bolton

2F |Hamilton

Known for its high precision in American Spirit and Switzerland <HAMILTON(Hamilton)>.A brand with self-winding, hand-wound and quartz watches with high functionality and a Swiss-made movement.The representative collection is the world's first battery-powered wristwatch "Ventura" with an iconic triangular case and a futuristic design.The photo is a new work that appeared this year, with a black dial with a three-dimensional avant-garde pattern, and a design that fits the active scene with a rubber strap of the same color.

Left / <Hamilton> Bolton H13321811(Quartz/5Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Calf strap/Case27.4 × 23.5㎜)70,400Yen

Right / <Hamilton> Ventura SH24251330(Quartz/5Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /rubber strap/Case38 × 34.5㎜)80,800Yen

Already1The book is "Bolton," a fusion of Art Deco and American classic style."Bolton" with a uniquely shaped case is1940It has been loved since its appearance in the year, and it is a model that represents the "American Classic Collection" of <Hamilton>, which has been arranged in a modern style and never fades.Featuring an authentic appearance, this watch is also recommended for those who prefer a men's-like design.

Frederique Constant's high-life women's and classic Art Deco, the birth of the world's first open dial watch

2F |Frederique Constant

By providing a small window on the dial, the heart of the mechanical movement (Heart) The heartbeat of the balance (Beat), An epoch-making design that you can enjoy even when you wear it on your wrist.Heart Beat)”1994Announced for the first time in the world in the year <Frederique Constant(Frédérique Constant)>.It quickly became a very popular collection and became synonymous with the brand.

Left / <Frederique Constant> High Life Ladies Automatic Heartbeat FC-310VD2NH2B(Self-winding/5Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /diamond/Case34/With attached strap)258,500Yen

Right / <Frederique Constant> Classic Art Deco FC-200MPW2V2B(Quartz/3Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Mother of pearl/Case30 × 25㎜)181,500Yen

Recommended2The book is "High Life Ladies", a collection that combines the elegance of "heartbeat" and diamonds with the dignified appearance and suppleness.1940"Classic Art Deco" is inspired by the turbulent trends of the XNUMXs. The "Classic Art Deco" features a mother-of-pearl around a continuous wavy decoration, with large Roman numbers and Breguet hands to accentuate the classic elegance.

The elegance collection of <Grand Seiko> that embodies the aesthetic sense of Japan

1F | Grand Seiko

1960In the year, the first generation was born with the determination to create the world's finest wristwatches.Grand Seiko(Grand Seiko)>.Since the brand was founded, we have been in charge of all processes from development, design, design to inspection and shipping in-house, and produce products that are particular about high quality and practicality.

Recommended for women, the "Elegance Collection" is a collection that creates gorgeousness with a comfortable and tense form and a soft shine.Color your arms with a dramatic look.

Left / <Grand Seiko> Elegance Collection STGF287(Quartzfinal match.Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Diamonds, mothers of pearls/Crocodyl strap/Case26㎜)330,000Yen

Right / <Grand Seiko> Elegance Collection STGF289(Quartzfinal match.Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Diamonds, mothers of pearls/Crocodyl strap/Case26㎜)330,000Yen

Both are easy to match with any outfit26 mmSmall size ladies' quartz model.8The dial with diamonds laid out in places has a clear cross line, which gives it excellent visibility and at the same time adds an elegant shine.STGF289Adopts a calm color crocodyl strap that harmonizes with the black dial.Produces a chic and calm adult outfit.It is a gem that you can use habitually regardless of whether it is on or off.

Of <Cross Sea> to give to all women born from <Citizen>25Anniversary limited model

2F |Citizen

Creating an ever-evolving watch for all women who live in irreplaceable times <XC(Cross Sea)>.With the concept of giving the joy of quality every day,1996This year since its launch in the year7Domestic sales of ladies' watches for the year in a rowNo.1* Has been acquired. <Citizen> With our unique surface hardening technology,PCIt is also a nice point to protect the beauty of the wristwatch from scratches when heading to or doing household chores.

3~10In the XNUMX yen women's watch brand2020Based on the sales volume at retail stores in Japan in the year.2021Years5~6Monthly survey

Left / <Cross Sea>hikariコ レ ク シ ョ ン ES9445-65W(Eco-drive radio wave/5Barometric pressure waterproof/Titanium/Labgrown diamonds, mother of pearls/Case27㎜)110,000Yen <World limited1,200Book>

Center / <Cross Sea>What's upコ レ ク シ ョ ン ES9465-68W(Eco-drive radio wave/5Barometric pressure waterproof/Titanium/Labgrown diamonds, mother of pearls/Case29㎜)110,000Yen <World limited1,700Book>

Right / <Cross Sea>daichiコ レ ク シ ョ ン EE1006-51W(Eco-drive radio wave/5Barometric pressure waterproof/Titanium/Labgrown diamonds, mother of pearls/Case29㎜)132,000Yen <World limited2,100Book>

Empower watch brand <Cross Sea> brand that supports women looking forward25Limited sale to commemorate the anniversary3Two collections. "hikari""What's up""daichiIt is designed in a time zone that matches the image of the collection from each of.25Because it is the anniversary25One point of cherry blossoms is attached to the position of the minute.


Watches packed with brand commitment are one of the statuses for working women.Many of them have the same design as men's, so it is recommended to have them as a pair with your partner.There are many wonderful watches other than the one recommended this time, so please check them out at the store.

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