A memorable gift to commemorate an adult, celebrating the first step towards an adult



Go to Dai Nagoya Building to choose gifts for your happy adult juniors and friends, daughters and sons who have reached the adult ceremony, and important girlfriends and boyfriends.Introducing special gifts that can be used for a lifetime, special gifts, and items that are perfect for celebrating a milestone year.

Indispensable for the grooming of adult men. [Maker's Shirt Kamakura]'s highest peak business shirt "400Shirt "

1993Since its founding in XNUMX, with the motto "Supporting business people who are active in the world with shirts", we have been making unique shirts [Maker's Shirt Kamakura].Among them, the best for festive items is the highest peak of the brand, and the delicate extra-fine thread that was said to be impossible.400"Count" makes "400It's a number shirt.

Left / Business shirt "Slim Fit Micro Twill" (19,800Yen), right / silk100% "Tie" (5,500Circle).

This shirt is a genuine Japanese product that spins, weaves, processes, and sews all at factories in Japan.world90Among the cotton produced in other countries, the rare premium cotton called "phantom"SUVIN GOLDIt is woven with yarn using "(Soobin Gold)" and features a high-quality luster and a smooth feel.The button is also a natural shell button, so you can be assured that you will feel luxurious every time you fasten it.If you are an adult man1The piece is a shirt that can be worn at ceremonial occasions that you want to have.Also, if you want to give a shirt with a tie, how about a simple design that can be used in any scene?

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Diamond jewelry from [Lazar Diamond Boutique] that gives off eternal brilliance

"Lazar Diamond" is loved as one of the world's three major cutter brands.Bridal rings are our main product, but diamonds that are highly rare and carefully selected are also available in earrings and necklaces.From items that can be used in the formal scene to fashion jewelry.

0.3 carat diamond earrings (diamonds /PT950237,600Circle.The feature is that the fastener is designed like a flower.1Grain diamonds go well with the formal scene.

0.1 carat diamond earrings (diamonds /PT950165,000Circle.Because the claws that hold the diamonds are extremely thin,0.1You can feel the presence of diamonds strongly while carat.

Left / approx.5cmEarrings with diamonds shining at the end of a long chain (diamonds /PT950203,500Circle, right / pierced earrings that look great not only in everyday use but also in formal occasions (diamonds /K18YG132,000Circle.

The chain used for the necklace uses a new material "Fairy Platinum" that is thin but strong.The delicate and delicate chain enhances the brilliance of diamonds.Introducing this time2The point necklace is not only a gorgeous design, but also an easy-to-gift price.

left/1Grain diamond necklace (diamond /PT95053,900Circle, right / large and small diamonds3Necklace with a series of designs (diamond /PT95060,500Circle.

Genuine jewelry that adult women want to wear. At [Lazar Diamond Boutique], you will find jewelry with sophisticated and elegant designs, so you can use it for the rest of your life regardless of age or fashion.

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Recommended for wine beginners! Fruity and easy-to-drink slightly effervescent white wine selected by [Wine Shop Enoteca]

"Sake" is a standard item for celebrating adults.[Wine Shop Enoteca] recommends Piedmont, Italy as an easy-to-drink liquor for beginners.SARACCO(Sarakko)> makes "MOSCATO D'ASTI(Moscato d'Asti) ".

<Saracco> "Moscato d'Asti" (750 ml2,420Circle.

The wine has a delicate foam, elegant sweetness and a fruity aroma of Muscat, and is highly evaluated by well-known critics and specialized magazines.There is a wide variety of dishes that go well with ethnic dishes and fruit tarts, and you can easily drink them.Start with wine that is easy to drink and enjoy drinking together.

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Enjoy shopping in any combination [GINZA Global Style COMFORT] Gift certificate

Gift certificates are recommended when you don't know the taste of the recipient or when you want to give something that suits the recipient better. [GINZA Global Style COMFORT(Ginza Global Style Comfort)], according to your budget5Various types of gift certificates are available.

A gift certificate that can be used not only for popular order suits, order jackets, and order shirts, but also for small items.

Equivalent to small items such as custom shirts and ties16,500Entry order suits including yen gift certificates1If you wear it33,000Circle,1The most popular "2For "custom suit fair of wearing combination" and custom shoes55,000For custom suits made from luxury brand fabrics such as Yen, <Zegna> and <Loro Piana>77,000Yen, if you want to cover all of the above110,000We recommend the highest-class gift certificate in yen.

There are many special fabrics and small items such as pumps lined up at the store, so you can choose your favorite business wear regardless of gender.

The gifted person can order with his / her favorite items and designs, so he / she can have business wear that is perfect for working life.About at the store5,000We have a wide variety of fabrics and suit models, so it might be a good idea to choose with your family and friends.

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[Arts & Antiques Miarca] antique jewelry that can be used for a long time with a universal design

Focusing on European jewelry, we handle antique products such as glass, silverware, pottery and watches [Arts & Antiques Miarca].If you want to give it as a memorial to an adult, we recommend antique jewelry that has a universal design that you will never get tired of and can be used any number of times.

United Kingdom1900Around "Aquamarine & Half Pearl Gold Necklace" (Aquamarine / Pearl /15gold)299,200Circle.

100The necklace, which is a combination of precious natural pearls from more than a year ago and aquamarine, has a unique yet small design that is not overly assertive, and can be worn no matter how many times it is.Gold, transparent aquamarine and pearls with a natural shine give an elegant impression, so you can wear it even in formal occasions.


United Kingdom19Late Century "Half Pearl & Gold Brooch" (Pearl /15gold)129,800Circle.

Another recommendation is "Half Pearl & Gold Brooch".A lily of the valley brooch made from precious natural pearls, it can be used in a variety of ways, such as by fastening a stole or attaching it to a jacket or coat collar for an accent. Why don't you give an adult celebration with the idea that "jewelry that has been cherished for many years will be cherished in the future".

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