Achieve the ultimate cuteness and beautiful skin! Korean cosmetics that [AINZ & TULPE] is paying attention to



Korean cosmetics that have been booming for many years, such as cosmetics in cute packages with small plastics, lotions and serums with Korean ingredients, and high-performance skin care.We will introduce the latest Korean cosmetics recommended by [AINZ & TULPE], which has a lot of such popular items.

An ant with a good reputation for its good coloring! <rom & nd> "Better Than Palette" & "Juicy Lasting Tint"

Glitter and matte eyeshadow10Color set <rom & nd(Rom and)> "Better Than Palette".Because it is a multicolor palette, you can try colors that you have never tried before, and it is gaining popularity such as "no waste colors" and "I like cute color combinations".

left/<rom & nd> "Better Than Palette"02Mahogany garden (3,190Yen), right / <rom & nd> "Better Than Palette"00Light & Glitter Garden (3,410Circle).

"Better Than Palette"00Light & Glitter Garden has only glitter10An eyeshadow palette that collects colors.Glitters of different sizes color the eyes gorgeously, there is no glitter spilling, and it fits snugly on the eyelids, so the glittering eyes last for a long time.

Clockwise from the left back, Dew Drop, Twinkle Pink, Fairy Glitter, Shining Rose, Purple Fantasy, Sparkling Red, Rainbow Bubble, Goldish Tier, Glory Ivory, Champagne Flow.

Clockwise from the left back, Dazzle Honey, Glare Ring Sun, Glazed Gold, Bunny Brown, Arcee Gram, Deep Mahogany, Maroon Brown, Mildy Wood, Soft Dream, Cotton Beige.

"Juicy Lasting Tint" has good tint color, gloss volume, and rouge vivid color.3A tint that combines two strengths.It features a pale color inspired by the flesh of fruits, and the pale red-tone cherry color "Peeling Endu" and the cool-tone pink beige color "Bear Grape" are popular.

From the left "#24"Peeling Endo", "#25Bare grape ","#06Figfig ","#13Eat acorns "(each1,320Circle).

"Juicy Lasting Tint" that gives a smooth and fresh lips and creates a mature mouth with natural coloring.There is also an evaluation that it is difficult for color transfer even if it is attached under the mask, and it is easy to use.

Make a small face with natural shadows <too cool for school> "Art Class by Rodin Shading Master"

Three-dimensional finish shading "Art Class by Rodin Shading Master".With a special brush that easily fits on the skin, it is popular for its ability to express natural shadows, clear contours, and a three-dimensional effect, resulting in a small face.

too cool for school(To Cool for School)> "Art Class by Rodin Shading Master" (2,090Circle).

You can use different colors for each part such as face line, nose, hairline, etc.3You can mix the colors to create your favorite color.It's very thin when you put it on your skin with a brush, so it's recommended for beginners because there are few mistakes such as being too dark.

48Sustain time coverage <CLIO> "Kill Cover Fan Wear Cushion XP"

Covering powder particles of various sizes cover uneven skin and pores evenly even when applied repeatedly.CLIO(Clio)> "Kill Cover Fan Wear Cushion XP".It suppresses the separation of pigments due to sweat and sebum, prevents twists, bears, and shine, and keeps freshly applied skin for a long time.

SPF50 + PA +++ <CLIO> "Kill Cover Fan Wear Cushion XP" (2,970Circle).

Just by lightly putting it on, it exerts an adhesive force as if it were integrated with the skin, resulting in smooth and smooth skin.Smooth enough to eliminate the need for powderSPF50 + PA +++It is a cushion foundation that has a UV protection effect and is highly functional.

Eliminate worries such as makeup transfer to the mask <Missha> "Skin coat gel"

Fresh gel keeps glossy finish for a long time <Missha(Misha)> "Skin Coat Gel".For acerola cherry fermented liquid6A moisturizing ingredient containing various types of lactic acid bacteria fermented liquid is effective as a moisturizing agent for dry winter skin.

SPF17 PA + <Missha> "Skin Coat Gel"(1,760Yen).

To use it, just put it lightly after makeup.The gel acts as a top coat on the skin, fixing the make-up with a glossy finish.Prevents the adhesion of ultraviolet rays, pollen, dust, etc., and also covers the rubbing of the mask, making it possible to keep makeup for a long time.Recommended for those who want to float with powder and those who want to protect their skin from dryness and external damage.

A Korean woman with a high sense of beauty is made into a trico <torrids> "Dive in Serum"

In Korea70Beauty Award Essence of South Korea's major word-of-mouth site "Fahe" with sales of XNUMX (*)/ampoule/In the serum department3Year in a row1Has won the rank <torrids(Triden)> "Dive in Serum".The secret of popularity is5"" Consisting of two high, medium and low molecule hyaluronic acids5DHigh moisturizing power of "composite hyaluronic acid".A beauty essence that replenishes moisture from the inside to the outside of the skin and conditions the skin.

2019Years1Mon ~2020Years12Total monthly sales

left/<torrids> "Dive-in mask" (1Pie 363Yen) Right / <torrids> "Dive in Serum" (50ml 2,420Circle).

Recently, "Dive in Serum" has been attracting attention in Japan.Face masks that are soaked with the beauty ingredients are available at stores.AINZ&TULPE] Only sold, so check it out.Because the thick texture blends smoothly into the skin, "#3There is no doubt that you will not be able to part with the item that is a hot topic as "second serum" once you try it!

Apply to acne scars and dullness to care for <VT Cosmetics> "Prosica Clear Spot Patch"

VT Cosmetics(Vity Cosmetics)> "Prosica Clear Spot Patch" is a sheet-like beauty essence that protects acne scars and dullness from external stimuli with beauty ingredients derived from Centella asiatica and covers them inconspicuously.It's natural and inconspicuous like your own skin, and it's waterproof, so you can wash your face and make up from the top of the patch.OK!!It is an excellent one.

VT Cosmetics> "Prosica Clear Spot Patch" (48Pie 650Circle).

A patch for spots that can be applied quickly without touching your hands10㎜ ×18Sheet·1Sheet,12㎜ ×15Sheet·2With a sheet.It protects from water and sweat with its strong adhesion, so you can take care of it without being disturbed by the external environment.

Makes your skin shiny in a short time <MEDIHEAL> "XNUMX Minute Mask: CarmideWithTea tree "

1Times3With the speedy care of the minute, it prepares the skin that is worried about rough skin and shiny skin, and leads to smooth skin <MEDIHEAL (Mediheal)> "XNUMX Minute Mask Sheet Mask Carmide".Double deer (Centella asiatica extract, Centella asiatica leaf extract) and tea tree (tea tree extract, tea tree leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil) protect the skin from external stimuli due to changes in temperature and smooth the texture.

MEDIHEAL> "XNUMX Minute Mask: CarmideWithTea tree "(7Pie 770Circle).

Since the thick sheet contains plenty of beauty ingredients, this item can moisturize the skin even in a short time.Reasonable prices that can be easily used every day are also popular points.

A big bottle that can be used generously every day! <NATURE REPUBLIC> "Green Derma CICABig Toner "

Moisturizing and moisturizing leads to fresh skin <NATURE REPUBLIC(Nature Republic)> Toner "Green Derma" CICABig toner ".Since it has a large capacity that can be used generously, it is also recommended for whole body care such as décolletage, upper arms, and back.

NATURE REPUBLIC> "Green Derma CICABig Toner "(500ml 2,200Circle).

New standard of Korean cosmeticsPOOPThis lotion containing (deer).CICAIs an ingredient that can be expected to regenerate the skin, and it is recommended not only in the dry season of winter but also in the spring and summer when there is a lot of ultraviolet rays because it can be expected to have the effect of soothing rough skin.Please try it once for the pleasant sensation that the cloudy and thick texture permeates the stratum corneum.

Leading to healthy skin <CNP> Mist-like lotion "Propolis Ampoule Mist"

CNP(CNP Laboratory)> "Propolis Ampoule Mist" is a mist-like lotion containing propolis extract that prepares moisturized and glossy skin for a long time.It is a fine mist that can be used over makeup without worrying about the makeup coming off.

CNP> "Propolis Ampoule Mist" (100ml 1,650Circle).

Width4.5cm,height18.5cmIt's a relatively slim can, so it's also a point that it's not bulky even if you put it in a bag.Not only can it be used easily after washing your face, but it is also sure to be useful for daytime care of skin that tends to get rough in mask life.

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