Attach a special gift to your favorite chocolate.Recommended Valentine gifts



Coming February 2th Valentine's Day.I would like to add a good item to my favorite favorite and an important partner who always supports me.Introducing men's gifts that you can buy at Dai Nagoya Building.

DENHAM] "Long sleeveT"Shirt" is a basic item that can be used for many years

Founded by British denim craftsman Jason Denham [DENHAM(Denham)].We have a large lineup of tops, such as humorous prints and casual one-point items that match the denim that adult men wear smartly.

DENHAM> Long sleeveTshirt"7 POCKET LS TEE(Seven Pocket LST) Each16,500Circle.The size isS-M-L-XL Of4Types and colors are white, black and navy3kinds.

This time, I chose cotton as a Valentine's gift.100The classic item "Long Sleeve", which features a supple and soft material with less fluffing and a smooth feel.Tshirt".There is a feeling of thickness and luxury, <DENHAM> Used for denim back pocket design7"Point pocket" is an accent.

On the left chest7Square pocket "7"Point pocket" and scissor logo embroidery are one point.The triangular tag on the back hem also has a scissor logo.

This season's new color is navy with a calm atmosphere.Because it is a basic item, I want to give it a little higher quality.It is a special item that fits perfectly with such feelings and can be used habitually for a long time.

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No matter who you call [Porter Classic] Classic, small round type sunglasses

Sticking to "Made in Japan", we will continue to "make things that will be loved for a long time, not fashion" <Porter Classic(Porter Classic)> items are perfect gifts for loved ones.Introducing this time is sunglasses that brand founder Katsuyuki Yoshida has been using as a standard item for many years.

Porter Classic>sunglasses"ROUND SUNGLASSES CLEAR FRAME -BLUE LENS-"(35,000Circle).

The Ichiyamagata bridge, which has a slightly classical atmosphere, has an exquisite fit that fits snugly on the nose.The clear frame that fits well on the skin and the small round type frame go well with a wide range of coordination regardless of who wears it.With an item that upgrades the light clothing of spring and summer, try to improve his sense.

A classic petit gift! [tabio] Then, a lineup of motif socks unique to Valentine's Day

Developing high-quality legwear of "Made in Japan" [tabio(Tabio)].From the socks released this season, we have incorporated a motif that is perfect for Valentine's Day into the design.2I will introduce the points.

tabio> "Valentine's Day Limited Chocolate Drip Short Socks" (Each1,100Circle).

1The point is "Valentine's Day Limited Chocolate Drip Short Socks" made of organic cotton, which is a little thick and gentle to wear.The soft coloring expresses the melted chocolate, literally completing a "sweet" coordination.

tabio> "Point Heart Stripe Regular Socks" (each1,100Circle).

2The point is the business socks "Point Heart Stripe Regular Socks" where the casual heart is the point.The heart part is hidden in the hem of the pants, so even those who are not familiar with cute motifs should be able to wear it without any resistance.Both are items unique to Valentine's Day.

Can be used from the city to the outdoors [DESCENTE BLANC] Simple backpack and messenger bag

Proposing a comfortable daily life with running wear and basic lifestyle wear [DESCENTE BLANC(Desant Blanc)].The simple design bag that matches a wide range of clothing is fully functional, easy to use both on and off, and is an item that is pleasing to active men.

left/<DESCENT>rucksack"BACKPACK"(W28×H54×D15cm20,900Yen, right / <DESCENT>bag"MESSENGER BAG"(W24×H25×D15cm13,200Circle.

Made of smoky nylon "BACKPACKThe capacity is30In liters2Layered.It has a built-in bottle space, a function to supply water through a tube, and a strap on the bottom so that you can hold a jacket or luggage.In addition, the chest strap uses a magnetic buckle that is easy to put on and take off, so you can use it with confidence even when commuting by bicycle.

The fastener is a waterproof type that prevents rainwater from entering.Also active in active scenes.

On the other hand, "" using chic nylon twillMESSENGER BAG"" Has zipper pockets on both sides that can be accessed even when the flaps are closed.When the flap is opened, the inside is a type that is stopped with a buckle, and both have a structure that makes it easy to take out luggage.

It has a moderate capacity to fit a 10-inch tablet, and has a pocket on the front that can be fastened with a snap button.

Both are simple and easy to use <DESCENT> Bag.There is no gorgeous decoration, but it is an item that blends into your daily life, and you will definitely want to give it to someone close to you and be pleased with it.

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LADIES & MEN] Highly designed socks full of playfulness unique to

Proposing a sporty and sophisticated new style for adults [β LADIES & MEN(Beta Ladies & Men)]. <Β MEN(Beta Men)> A sporty pair that combines stripes like numbering paint, expressing the theme of this season, "motocross racing car," is gorgeous and unique.It is a perfect item for gifts.

MEN> Socks "Racing Stripe Crew Socks" (each2,530Circle).

From the left, the colors are green, navy, gray, and black.4Expand colors.At first glance, the coloring is flashy, but the key points are hidden in the hem of the pants and the shoes, so even when wearing chic clothes.It's perfect for him who likes casual fashion.

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