I'm not satisfied with how it looks even though the frequency is correct ... I've solved that problem!The refraction measuring device "i Profiler plus" introduced for the first time in the Chubu region is amazing!



As a flagship store of <Kaneko Glasses>, we propose high-quality glasses that suit each individual with reliable technology [FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK].Following the "i.Terminal" introduced last time, we have introduced the latest equipment that can measure the precise value of the eyeball and prescribe it according to it!We are paying attention to the new technology that relieves the stress of those who are not satisfied with the appearance, which causes a difference in the appearance of day and night.

By measuring from the center to the periphery of the pupil, the difference in appearance between daytime and nighttime is quantified.

this time【FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK] Has newly introduced the latest equipment, not only eyeglass lenses, but also camera lenses, cinema lenses, medical equipment and semiconductor-related equipment, which was originally developed by Carl Zeiss, a leader in precision optics.i Profiler plus(Eye Profiler Plus) ".In the past, glasses were made by measuring low-order aberrations (misalignment that can be corrected by lenses such as myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia), but this device measures high-order aberrations (misalignment of appearance caused by unevenness of the corneal surface). Is possible.By quantifying the different pupil sizes day and night, it is possible to find out the cause of the difficulty in seeing.

"i Profiler plusThe state of measurement.You can make measurements just by looking into the lens and looking at the image projected in the back like a conventional measuring instrument.

After the measurement, the analysis software profiles the eye condition.Since the data is explained along with figures and photographs, it is also an advantage that it is easy to understand the condition of the eyes.

The left circle is the data for the right eye, and the right circle is the data for the left eye.Wavefront aberration is expressed in color by giving numerical values ​​for spherical surface, astigmatism, axis, and pupil.The stronger the color, the higher the power, and in this case you can see that the surface of the right eye is distorted.Accurate visual acuity correction is possible by making a lens so that it is close to a circle like the left eye so that the power does not become uneven in the entire eyeball.

When it gets dark, the pupils open, and when you compare it with a camera, it becomes difficult to see things like out-of-focus, the depth of field is lost, and it becomes difficult to grasp the sense of distance.A device that considers the difference in the lens design and supports the improvement of eyesight in an environment with little light is "i Profiler plusIt is.

conventionally0.25The frequency that could only be measured in units0.01Can be measured in units!Optimal power lens "i.Scription(Ice Cryption) Prescription "will come true

In addition to high-order aberration measurement that cannot be done by other devices,0.01It is also a point that the frequency can be measured in units.This is a technology realized by Carl Zeiss, which makes spectacle lenses, by developing its own measuring instrument and collaborating with the lens design department.For those who have felt uncomfortable with the appearance despite the prescribed frequency, this0.250.01There may be a problem with the difference.You can make glasses that are more suitable for your power.

"i Profiler plusAfter "", normal vision measurement and "i.Terminal"measurement. "i.TerminalIn ", you can make personalized glasses by wearing the frame of the <Kaneko glasses> that you actually selected and measuring the shape of the face and the difference between the left and right.Total measurement time15About a minute.

The last is counseling for choosing a lens. Plus in the form of an option for <Carl Zeiss> compatible lenses17,600Circle.About to finish1You can order in a week.

Recommended for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of current glasses

Not only those who are dissatisfied with the appearance of conventional glasses, but also those with "i.Scription" prescription glasses can see the original color brighter, clearer and darker by improving the contrast, and the car at night It reduces noise such as glare phenomenon and halo phenomenon of light sources such as headlights.

The frame is lined with authentic and luxurious glasses of <Kaneko Glasses>, which represents Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Even if you don't know which glasses look good, you can get accurate advice by consulting with the staff.

A recommended example of <Kaneko Glasses>.Foreground / Tortoiseshell-like pattern, beautiful luster and luster, celluloid series pursuing a touch. "KC-35-RDDE'41,800Circle, back / black plastic and metal2A popular combination frame layered. "KM-27L-BKBG'41,800All over yen <Kaneko glasses>.

"Carl Zeiss lens" technology that is closer to custom-made, which allows you to make glasses that match each person's eye shape and lifestyle.Knowing your own eye condition and making appropriate corrections will also have the effect of reducing the stress load in your daily life, so please consult with us once.

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  • I'm not satisfied with how it looks even though the frequency is correct ... I've solved that problem!The refraction measuring device "i Profiler plus" introduced for the first time in the Chubu region is amazing!