First appearance in the Chukyo area!Focusing on club fitting [Golf 5 Prestige]



Part of the floor pre-opened on January 1st (Friday), and the grand opening on February 21th (Friday) [Golf 2 Prestige].Following Tokyo and Kobe, we will introduce the features of the shop that proposes a new golf style to customers, which is the first in the Chukyo area and the fifth store in Japan.

The trial hitting room is a completely private space.Capture movement three-dimensionally with a camera or radar and guide improvement measures

Dai Nagoya Building2Born on the floor [Golf5Prestige].Traditional"GOLFWhat is different from "XNUMX (Golf Five)" is that it is a store that focuses on club fitting, with a selection of skilled fitters certified by each manufacturer from all over the country, and a test-beating room equipped with soundproofing equipment.Woods and irons are on the top, back and front3Take pictures with two cameras and measure the swing trajectory, lie angle and hitting point at impact, head speed, etc.

A state of club fitting.For shots, "GC2, "Pat Lab" for putts and equipped with high quality equipment.In addition to the trajectory map projected on the screen in front, the exclusive fitter proposes the best club based on various measurement results.

Measurement results such as impact position, face angle, and attack angle.You can find improvements in your swing by looking at it visually.Professionals also use it to check their swing.

Left and right test drive room for left-handed people.There is also a space where you can make a putter diagnosis in the same space.

A state of putter diagnosis.Measure the movement of the ball and club with radar, excluding practice5We propose the best putter for the customer from the average value of the sphere.

Domestic brands handle almost all.maximum2,500A masterpiece lineup of genuine shafts

2Month4Released on Sunday (Friday) <TaylorMade(TaylorMade)> "STEALTH (stealth)We have a large lineup of domestic and foreign brands, including the series.There are only a few in the world in the community-based product lineup.100There are also rare clubs that cost more than XNUMX yen.Other than putters, most of the orders are custom-made rather than ready-made products, and the finest golf clubs that are only available at limited dealers <PXG(PXG)> etc. are also lined up.

MUQU(Muku)> and <PXG(PXG)> and other manufacturers that require high expertise are also available.

TaylorMade>But22Developed over the years, "STEALTHA corner where the series is lined up.

Shafts lined up from the floor to the ceiling.Delivery time for orders is about3week.

Fitting using the trial hitting room is a complete reservation system.Apply from the web

Diagnosis by item such as wood, iron, wedge, putter1Time4,000Yen ~, if you want to make a comprehensive diagnosis2Time8,000There is a charge for both yen and diagnosis.But after the diagnosis3Within a month [Golf5If you purchase the club at Prestige, the diagnostic fee will be refunded.If you want to enjoy playing at a club that suits you better, or if you want to improve your golf skills, please feel free to contact us.

Machine for ballistic analysis and orbit measurement "GC2Trial driving room with ""VIP ROOM"Is in all3room.

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