Recommended items to live a wonderful new life that you want to make a new look or give in the spring



Convenient and functional living items and gifts that you want to give to your loved ones that you want to match with your new life starting in spring.Because it's something you use every day, it's a little fun to stick to.We have collected items to make you feel comfortable in spring.

From [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison]5Introducing two brand watches

1Floor2Approximately on the floor1200Approximately in the sales floor of ㎡90Japan's largest luxury watch zone with brands [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison].Introducing the discerning wristwatches that you want to get as a reward for yourself.

1F | Baume & Mercier

"Bohm" with a cute round face is a women's watch that can be worn casually.12It has a crown in the hour position and uses a system of straps that are interchangeable with movable lugs.The natural linen strap is overstitched with a red color, and the cork lining (strap lining) provides a comfortable fit regardless of the season.

BALM&MERCIER(Baume & Mercier)> Women's Watch "Baume" (Quartz)/3Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Linen strap/Case35㎜)60,500Circle.

2F | Tissot

A timepiece with a retro and cool atmosphere and heat. "Tissot PRX Automatic"1978A collection that reinterprets the original model of the year, refines it, and updates it with higher precision.The slim design and the embossed checkered dial pattern give the dial a class-up design that creates a high-quality retro feel.

TISSOT(Tissot)> Men's watch "Tissot PRX Automatic(Self-windingfinal match.Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Case40㎜)85,800Circle.

2F | Mido

"Belluna Royal" expresses its original and elegant look with its harmonious curved cushion-shaped case and dial engraved with the guilloché sunray motif.maximum80Caliber, a self-winding movement with a time power reserve80I'm beating to the rhythm of.White leather and black leather that can be replaced according to the scene2Comes with a type of strap.

MIDO> Women's watch "Belluna Royal Lady" (self-winding)/5Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Mother of pearls, diamonds/Satin strap/Case33/Replacement strap2With a book)135,300Circle.

1F | Longines

1992"La Grand Classic de Longines" announced in the year is <LONGINES(Longines)> is an indispensable collection for building a solid global fame.The refreshing white color raises expectations for a new life and enlivens a light feeling.

LONGINES(Longines)> Women's Watch "La Grand Classic de Longines" (Quartz)/3Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Mother of pearls, diamonds/Alligator strap/Case29㎜)201,300Circle.

1F | Grand Seiko

The beautiful mirror surface without distortion and the case with fine grain finish quietly insist on its presence.The exquisitely calculated case size fits neatly on the cuffs, and the blue dial creates a sporty look.It is a gentleman's wristwatch with a finish that is suitable as a partner who gives a deep sense of security and trust.

GRAND SEIKO(Grand Seiko)> Men's Watch "Heritage Collection" (Quartz)final match.Barometric pressure waterproof/ SS /Case37㎜)253,000Circle.

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Envelope] Selects <loved> Oval plate and <LIBECO> Linen cloth

We have natural linen items that blend into your life and kitchen tools that combine design and functionality.Envelope(envelope)】.The recommendation unique to a select shop that delivers the enjoyment of living is the shop "Mikiko Iyama, a ceramic artist and her vessels and living things.KOHORO(Kohoro) "series of vessels"loved(Aima) ”plate and the comfortable texture from the beginning of use <LIBECO(Libeco)> linen cloth.

The plate is clockwise from the right "Oval plateM"(W27×H30×D19.7cm4,400Yen, "peanuts" (W13×H2×D5.5cm1,760Yen, "Oval plateS"(W20×H2.4×D14.5cm2,970All over yen <loved>.Fork is on the left1,870Circle, right1,650All over yen <KOHORO>, The place mat is <LIBECO> "Belgian Hand Towel Ghent" (W35×H50cm3,850Circle.

The plate was hand-finished1Each piece has a different expression and a smooth texture, and the gentle white enhances the color of the dish.Also,<LIBECO> Towels are Belgian linen100%, It can be used as a place mat or a towel, and it has a large tag, so it can be hung.

"Belgian Hand Towel Ghent" (W35×H50cm)each3,850All over yen <LIBECO>.

"Belgian Towel Guest Towel" (W55×H65cm)each4,180All over yen <LIBECO>.

Linen cloth with abundant color variations and cute fringe specifications will come in handy no matter how many you have.It's light and not bulky, so it's a great gift to give away.

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Easy care shirts and ties from [Maker's Shirt Kamakura] that are particular about Maind in Japan

Even if you are not a new employee, you want to start with a fresh feeling in spring, which is the season for budding.If you are a businessman, first try a new shirt and tie, and start a new period with a new feeling.From [Maker's Shirt Kamakura], which should be checked by such business people, we chose made-in-Japan shirts and ties.

Left / Wrinkle-free dress shirt "Slim Fit Easy Care Shirt" made from a special thread developed by us (7,590Yen), right /2022New Spring / Summer "tie" (5,500Circle).

The easy care shirt made with the technology of the world's first yarn "Palper Premium", which was created by repeating trial production together with the spinning factory "Unitika Tokiwa Factory" in Okayama, which boasts the highest level of spinning technology in Japan, is comfortable and functional. A one-of-a-kind shirt that is compatible.The matching tie is a new work born from the textile technology of Yamanashi prefecture, which originated from "Kai silk" that has fascinated people since the Edo period.The elegant and delicate shades of cherry blossoms and the expressive texture make the dress shirt look stylish.

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For mental and physical care that has been shaken in a new life [AINZ & TULPE] Check out relaxing items

Spring, when the climate and living environment change a lot, is a season when you can easily feel tired and stressed.If you feel any discomfort, it is recommended that you take a longer bath time and take a slow, deep breath while warming your body.

For those who are worried about their physical condition, mental illness, UV rays, dryness, and aging, creating firm skin will strengthen their feelings and encourage them to take a step forward.AYURA(Ayura)> is a skin care brand that is perfect for such seasons and feelings. <AYURA> From the body care lineup2Introducing two bath items.

From the left, the body cleanser "Aromatic Wash α" (300ml 1,980Yen), Bath cosmetics "Meditation bath"t"(300ml 2200Yen), "Meditation batht"(50ml 616Yen) All above <AYURA>.

"Aromatic Wash α" is a scented body wash that is a blend of aromatic herbs and citrus fruits such as lime and bergamot, and is wrapped in a feeling of comfort and exhilaration. "Meditation bust"300 mlAbout12Not handled at department stores50 mlThe size is about2It is a bathing fee for a single dose, and features a gentle scent of aromatic herbs blended with rosemary, chamomile, etc. and milky white hot water.Both seem to release the stiff mind and body.

Front / bath powder [FRUITY ROS-ROMANCE BOUQUETE.SOAP](each30g 242Yen), back / body jam scrub [SOAP] (350g 2,530Yen) All above <LIPS and HIPS(Lip's and Hips)>.

LIPS and HIPS> Is a skin care brand that combines a design that raises the mood, a pleasant scent, and skin-friendly ingredients selected by pharmacists.Moisturizing ingredients derived from rice lead to moist and smooth skin. After slowly soaking in hot water containing bath powder, use a body scrub to remove dead skin cells and dirt to make your skin smooth.Bath powderSOAP-ROMANCE BOUQUET-FRUITY ROSE Of3Kind, body scrub itLILY BERGAMOTEAdded4We are developing various scents.All of them have cute packages, so they are also recommended as gifts.

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Feelings and luggage are light in spring. [Porter Classic] "Newton City Rucksack"

We have released a bag that is said to be a masterpiece [Porter Classic] Has a lineup of bags that are perfect not only for design but also for functionality.Bicycle commuters, which have been increasing in recent years,PCA must-see rucksack for businessmen who carry aroundNewton CITY RUCK SACK(Newton City Rucksack) ".

Porter Classic> "Newton CITY RUCK SACK"(W29×H42×D12.5cm41,250Circle.Cordura nylon, a material that is resistant to friction and has excellent water resistance1000Use denier.

"Newton(Newton) series "for development3A mattress that disperses the weight pressure of "Showa Nishikawa", a long-established bedding manufacturer, over the years.muatsu(Muatsu) ”is used for the shoulder strap, which is a next-generation bag that makes your luggage feel light.13InchesPCA compact backpack that fits comfortably and has an urban atmosphere.

The shoulder strap is made of urethane with unique irregularities.By distributing the load radially in a well-balanced manner, it does not interfere with blood circulation and has the effect of making the luggage feel light when carried on the back.The fastener is a coil fastener that is slippery and easy to hit.

Developed to make coolness and travel time comfortable, <Porter ClassicIf you have a bag that makes you feel the spirit of >, you can spend your commuting time, which tends to be depressed, in the same mood as the calm spring weather.

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