5 gifts to choose from at Dai Nagoya Building, with gratitude to those who have taken care of us



The season when farewell parties increase due to transfers and transfers.We have collected recommended items as gifts for those who have taken care of us, such as sweets and tea that can be given to both men and women, and essential items for business people.

Your favorite pattern2[Maker's Shirt Kamakura] shirt fabric handkerchief presented as a set

If you want to give it to working people, how about a handkerchief made of high-quality shirt fabric that is packed with the commitment of [Maker's Shirt Kamakura]?Cotton with various patterns such as plain, check, and striped patterns100With a% handkerchief,2As a set660The reasonably priced yen is also a point.Colors and patterns are left to us at the online shop, but you can choose your favorite pattern at the store.

handkerchief(W46×H46cm2Sheet set660Circle.Free gift wrapping for photos.

Named "Thank you" [annon tea house】 "Mlesna Tea" to express gratitude

100More than one type of Mlesna tea "tea bag"BOXAre lined up in stores [annon tea house(Annon Tea House)].Even though there are various flavors in the lineup, if you want to express your gratitude straightforwardly, try selecting a tea with the name "Thank you".

Clockwise from the right, "Gentle feelings of" Arigatou "Jun, white peach" (peach scent), "Prayer of the tea goddess of" Thank you "with all your heart"(Vanilla scent), "Always thank you tea with gratitude, flower peach" (white peach, strawberry, melon scent), "Thank you! Delicious black tea with gratitude blueberry & caramel" (blueberry and caramel scent)777Circle.Gift wrapping is2~3If it's a box, a bag and ribbon,4With a box6If it's a box, it's a special box (the photo is4(Boxed) is available.

Mlesna tea bags can be made into a PET bottle filled with water, in addition to pouring hot water and drinking hot tea.1~2You can also enjoy it as cold brew tea by wrapping it and leaving it in the refrigerator overnight.It is also recommended to add biscuits that go well with black tea.

Biscuits made by kneading and baking Mlesna tea, "Delicious biscuits in Paris in the afternoon" (8Pieces included918Circle).

If you have a close relationship, give a gift of daily necessities.I was particular about comfort [tabio] Socks

It's something you use every day, so it's a little fashionable and functional.For such daily necessities, we recommend socks that you can easily give in both price and size.Comfortable materials that are comfortable to wear and product development that enhances fashionability are attractive [tabio(Tabio)] Then you should find a special pair.

From the front, beige, ivory, lavender, light blue4Women's socks "highest grade cotton spin gold plain short socks" (each)1,540Circle).Gift wrapping22Circle.

Ladies' recommendation is socks with soft colors that are spring-like while being basic regardless of the outfit.You can wear it elegantly in either pants style or skirt.

Men's recommendations are socks developed for business people that do not tire your walking legs.5The three-dimensional manufacturing method of this finger fits from the finger to the sole of the foot, so it is a functional sock that keeps you comfortable even if you wear shoes for a long time.

The arch support function that supports the arch of the foot provides a comfortable fit even if you wear it for a long time. "Tabio SportsforBusiness5Two-finger socks "(each1,980Circle).

"THANK YOUA lot of happy motifs including the characters "Thank you mix candy" from [Pubble]

The popular [Pubble] is a candy that incorporates a cute and eye-catching motif.If it's a gift that conveys gratitude, it's a kiwi-flavored “THANK YOUHow about a mixed candy that incorporates motifs that symbolize happiness, such as mango-flavored four-leaf clover, strawberry-flavored ladybugs, and lemon-flavored stars?

From the left, "Flower Lollipop" (660Yen), "Thank you mix candy" (bottle1,980Yen, pouch530Circle).

Also, instead of a bouquet, it is recommended to add "Flower Lollipop", which is a candy made from a single flower, for humor.The gift bagMSize110Circle,LSize150Yen is available, and you can give a combination of different candies.

The left isMSize, rightLA size gift bag.

A gift set of [Saijoen Matcha Cafe] that combines the tea of ​​the long-established tea shop "Aiya" and Baumkuchen.

A gift that combines popular sweets made with matcha from the long-established store "Aiya" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, and sencha tea leaves that go well with it.If you enjoy Baumkuchen, which has an adult taste that you can feel the bitterness, flavor, and sweetness, and the special tea, you should be able to convey the feeling of "Thank you for your hard work, please relax".

"Assortment of high-class sencha and Baumkuchen" (3,780Circle).

This is a popular gift for farewells for men and women of all ages, but the Saijoen Matcha Cafe also has a lineup of tea-only sets such as sencha and matcha, as well as tea bags that you can easily enjoy.Choose according to the taste and budget of the recipient.

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