Cherry-colored pink items that brightly color the outfit of spring, and items and services recommended for spring



"SAKURA 2022th ANNIVERSARY" is being held at Dai Nagoya Building, which celebrated its 3th anniversary on Wednesday, March 9, 6.In this article, we will introduce items with cherry blossoms and pink motifs, as well as items recommended for spring.

LadiesCITIZEN> "Cross Sea"86,900Yen

2F| JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

Popular among women "XC(Cross Sea) ".From the basic collection, a new tonneau-shaped work that uses a chic design of Roman alphabet font on a white dial that makes you feel soft light has appeared. <CITIZEN(Citizen)> The cherry blossom color of "Duratect Sakura Pink", which is a unique technology, emphasizes the elegant beauty.

CITIZEN> "Cross Sea" (86,900Yen) Photovoltaic eco-drive/5Barometric pressure waterproof/Super titanium/Case24.4

LadiesCASIO>"babyG "19,800Yen

2F| JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

A radio wave solar model that uses the popular square design.world6Multi-band that receives the radio waves of the station and automatically corrects the time6And tough solar that converts light such as fluorescent lamps into power as well as sunlight,20It is equipped with reliable functions such as barometric pressure waterproofing.Spring-like cherry blossoms are a fashion accent.

CASIO>"babyG"(19,800Yen) Solar radio wavesfinal match.Barometric pressure waterproof/Resin/Case44.7×40

LadiesBREITLING> "Chronomat 32"499,400Yen

1F| JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

The stylish yet elegant "Chronomat" is a sporty and chic gentleman's watch that has a modern and retro atmosphere and is suitable for any occasion.Indexes with embedded diamonds and colorful dials are eye-catching1It is a book.

BREITLING> "Chronomat 32" (499,400Yen) Quartz/ 100mwaterproof/ SS /Case32

Ladiesnest robe> "Upcycling Reno Rebond Shirt"23,100Yen

3F|nest Robe / CONFECT

A completely circulating, sustainable new material that does not generate dust“Upcycle Lino(Upcycling Reno) ”series is a China blouse with a lovely ribbon front design. The gentle pink color like cherry blossoms is eye-catching. It is also recommended to wear it as a haori with a relaxed size.

<Nest Robe> "Upcycling Reno Rebond Shirt" (23,100Circle)

MensCONFECT extension> "Linen Border Marine Smock"19,800Yen

3F|nest Robe / CONFECT

The classic cut-and-sew Basque border shirt is made from linen material.It features a random pitch border pattern like vintage sheets, and you can wear a simple gilet.Large front pockets for a relaxed and calm casual feel.

<CONFECT> "Linen Border Marine Smock" (19,800Circle)

MensDENHAM>"Denim Jacket"63,800Yen


An original denim jacket with a second type front and a third type fit and pockets.Moderate thickness13.7ozA spring-like finish made by washing Zimbabwe cotton from the inside.2A luxurious outfit with two pockets and selvedge.

<DENHAM> "Denim jacket" (63,800Circle)

3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month26Tax included until Sunday (Tuesday)33,000An original tote bag will be given to those who purchase over JPY (finished as soon as it runs out).

Mens<Β> "Blue White Denim Jacket"45,100Yen


The mercerized material is anti-pigmented with white, which is conscious of the ice of the iceberg.It features a balance between the short front length and the long back length and sleeve length.It looks compact when viewed from the front and looks like a big silhouette when viewed from the back.

<Β> "Blue White Denim Jacket" (45,100Circle)

LADIES & MEN] Stamp Fair

Tax included during the period5,500For those who purchase yen or more, the purchase points of the Five Fox Members Card will be given as usual.2Double or3Double it as a gift!Take this opportunity to shop at a great price!Check out the products you want.

[WStamp fair] 3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~3Month13Sun (Sun),4Month6Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month12Sun (Tue)

[Triple Stamp Fair] 4Month2Sunday (Sat) -4Month5Sun (Tue)

LIBECO> "Kitchen cloth lucky bag" small6,000Yen, large9,000Yen


Envelope] Popular <LIBECO(Ribeco)> kitchen cloth is specially prepared as a lucky bag.Whether you are already using it or not, it is recommended as a companion or gift for your new life.Small tea towel3~4One large tea towel5Contains a sheet.

"Kitchen cloth lucky bag" (small)6,000Yen, large9,000Yen) * Ends as soon as it runs out * The contents vary depending on the bag.

 "Order suit combination fair benefits+1,000Yen increase gift "2Arrived 52,800Yen ~


Custom suit2In addition to the luxurious benefits of the combination fair that you purchase,1,000You will receive a paid option benefit for yen.Please take this opportunity to enjoy a higher-grade suit that pays attention to details such as new spring items, lining and buttons.

"Order suit combination fair benefits+1,000Yen increase gift "(2Arrived 52,800Yen ~) *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

"Order shirt"3As a set1Per sheet6,160Yen ~


We offer a wide variety of spring-like custom shirt fabrics such as gorgeous pink colors.Please try the comfort and beautiful silhouette unique to the order, such as the comfortable three-dimensional collar that does not tighten to the neck, and the exquisite fit around the arms, waist, and armholes.

"Order shirt"3As a set1Per sheet6,160Yen ~ *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

IL BISONTE> "Wallet"42,900Yen

2F| Il Bisonte

A bi-fold wallet made from high-quality bucket leather made by the traditional tanning method that is handed down in Tuscany, Italy.With a wide range of colors, it has many card slots and has excellent storage capacity.The bison logo engraved on the front is a casual accent.

IL BISONTE> Wallet (W11 × H9.5 × D2.5cm42,900Yen

<Kaneko Glasses> "Eyewear (KGJ-02)396,000Yen


The front and temples18Decorated with gold, and more3There is a sense of luxury with the addition of mm diamonds to the front.1Book.The atmosphere is full of solid and profound feeling while maintaining the comfortable and comfortable feeling unique to celluloid.The thick rims and temples that do not lose the impact of the decoration are impressive.

<Kaneko Glasses> "Eyewear (KGJ-02)” (396,000Circle)

Ladiestabio> "Luxury thin lame socks" left 1,320Circle, right1,100Yen

B1F(Dinard) |tabio

Elegant lame socks with a slight sheer feel, roll type with no rubber in the mouth, and short length2Introducing new types.We pursued comfort by using soft ultra-fine lame yarn that does not have a tingling sensation.Because it is thin, it can be matched with pumps, ballet shoes, and beautiful sandals.

tabio> "Luxury thin lame socks" (left) 1,320Circle, right1,100Circle)

Menstabio> "Sneaker socks" each660Yen

B1F(Dinard) |tabio

Spring colors are now available for long-selling men's socks.The rubber part is2It's layered on top of each other, and it's also a point to look through the sneakers.Using cotton and ultra-fine micro acrylic, it is soft to the touch and wraps around the heel.Perfect for the season when you have more opportunities to wear sneakers.

tabio> "Sneaker socks" (each660Circle)

A set of glasses3,300Yen ~, all contact lenses20%OFF

B1F| Heart Up Vision Square

A set of glasses with a thin aspherical lens3,300Yen ~ Provided (Limited number, frame damage guarantee is different from normal frame).+3,300We also recommend the blue light cut coat that can be attached in a circle and the bifocal eyeglass lenses.In addition, all disposable contact lenses will be available during the period.20%OFFWe also carry out a campaign to become.

3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

Ladies"otome classic'7,700Yen

B1F| Heart Up Vision Square

"Classic×ColorsEyewear with the concept of ". A trendy classic taste with a cuteness that tickles the girl's heart. A must-have item for fashion-conscious women with a wide variety of colors and trend-setting designs.

Eyewear"otome classic"(7,700circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays


3F| Arts & Antiques Miarca

A box with a lid of old baccarat with flowers drawn on the cover glass by acid etching.France with a beautiful Art Nouveau design1890It is a work around the age.It can also be used to store small items such as jewelry.The balance between the transparent part and the red-dyed flower part is just right.


"Opal & Diamond Brooch"1,452,000Yen

3F| Arts & Antiques Miarca

A pansy brooch made of beautiful opal that shines differently depending on the viewing angle.England19It is a work of the end of the century, and it is a gorgeous item with a ribbon with diamonds on the top.

"Opal & Diamond Brooch" (1,452,000Circle)

3Month11Sunday (Friday) ~16"Miracca Antique Jewelery Collection" will be held until Sunday (Wednesday).

supplement"TO CLEANSE'36g 7,020Yen

3F| Pressurized beauty terrace

A powder-type supplement that rejuvenates blood vessels and cells.When dissolved in water, it transforms into a pink, slightly sour drink!Pomegranate extract, mangosteen, cherry blossom extract and red orange extract bring out youth from the inside of the body.

supplement"TO CLEANSE"(36g 7,020Circle)

Also, now it's recommended for spring30Minute+Your favorite course (pressurization, silk suspension, stretch, beauty treatment)30Minute total60Minutes5,500You can try it in a circle. *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays


3F| Beauty Tune Shiseido

Home care series suitable for habitual hair and hair that is hard to get together.It leads to supple and easy-to-use hair that sways softly and is smooth and cohesive.A salon-exclusive item with a sweet and fresh scent that mixes flowers and fruits such as magnolia and a spring-like pink package.

SHISEIDO> "SUBLIMICAiry Flow ".Out bath treatment from the left (2,970Yen), shampoo (2,860Yen), treatment (3,740Circle), mask (4,730Circle). * ~4Month17Limited to Sunday

Ladies "Petal magic "21,780Yen

3F| Wig Yuki

Index finger size, diameter5cm"Petal Magic" is a popular point wig.It's compact and light enough to be held with your index finger, and it doesn't get hot while you're wearing it.It is an epoch-making wig that can naturally cover hairline, division, lack of volume, etc. and solve hair problems smartly.

"Petal magic" (21,780circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

Alpine points for in-store product purchases10%reduction

2F| Golf5Prestige

With the purchase of in-store products, the Alpine point return rate will be increased.10%Campaign to become.Limited to Alpine Group members, you can join on the day of shoppingOK..This is your chance to buy a new model club, which is a hot topic, at a great price!

* ~3Month31Limited to Sunday (Thursday) * Some products are not eligible

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