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An environment that some people are not accustomed to and a new life full of new encounters have finally started!In spring, which is full of fun and anxiety, I am more concerned about the test-taking and fortune than usual.So this time, I will introduce the fortunes and lucky items by constellation from April to May that I asked a fortune teller who is active in Nagoya.
Fortune-telling / Professor Sedona (Fortune-telling House Clairvoyant)

Recommended for you in Aries! [Porter Classic] Commitment Casquette

Fabric representing the brand "PC KENDOA newsboy cap made of.This fabric is made from rare sea island cotton, dyed with indigo, and carefully woven over time.By washing it many times, it expresses a soft and unique texture.

PORTER CLASSIC> "PC KENDO Casquette "(33,000Circle)

Aries(3/21~4/19Born person)Fortune

Overall luck: ★★★★★

Love luck: ★★★

Fortune: ★★★★

Good luck.This month, I will start a new life and take on the courage to take on the challenge of taking a step forward even if I have no experience.It is also recommended to change to a spring-like hair color.Self-appeal is the point, so be passionate and enthusiastic!Love luck is a time when it tends to be a little unstable, although there are new encounters.Rather than rushing to seek results, be conscious of deepening your relationship.For work luck, improving your skills is the key to good luck.

Lucky items: hats, hair accessories

Lucky color: red

Recommended for you in Taurus! [tabio] "Sheer floral short socks"

Short socks made of see-through material that make your feet look gorgeous even in hot weather.The toes that are easily stuffy and the heels that are worrisome about friction are made of cotton, so you can wear them comfortably.In addition to lavender (center), off-white, gray, black (right), cream (left)5It is a color development.

tabio> "Sheer Floral Short Socks" (each1,100Circle)

Taurus(4/20~5/20Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★★

Love luck: ★

Fortune: ★★★

As a new life begins, I sometimes feel a little tired from interacting with various people.It seems that you can reset your tiredness by making effective use of your vacation and having a day to enjoy your time alone.Water is the point, so why not spend some time at the hot springs or the sea.Love luck is unstable, and work and friendship tend to be prioritized over love.If you have someone you care about6There is a chance of progress after the month.Work luck is a time of intense ups and downs, but calm down and try one thing.

Lucky items: socks, seafood salad

Lucky color: Marine blue

Recommended for you in Gemini! "Fruit Daifuku Lemon" from [Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten]

Fruit Daifuku is a juicy and sweet lemon wrapped in a gentle sweetness of white bean paste and fertilizer.It features a fresh and refreshing taste.In addition, there are citrus fruit Daifuku such as "Blood Orange" with a bright cross section and "Hyuganatsu" which is popular for its refreshing acidity and bittersweet taste.

"Fruit Daifuku Lemon" (680Circle)

Gemini(5/21~6/21Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★

Love luck: ★★★

Fortune: ★★★

Luck is a little sluggish.She sometimes feels cramped by the tightness of the environment surrounding her.If you feel stressed and not as ideal, it is recommended to try astronomical observation with a planetarium.Love luck4The first half of the month was in great shape, but after that it was in a turbulent state, and even if the relationship seemed to be going well, it would be difficult to get the timing right and it would be easy for people to pass each other.Try to act on your own initiative rather than what the other person thinks.On the health side, be careful of circulatory disorders.

Lucky items: silver accessories, citrus fruits

Lucky color: turquoise blue

Recommended for you in Cancer! [Pressurized beauty terrace] "Beauty while sleeping" "McCELLRIE PIQUE(Maxery Pique) " 

A beauty essence that uses domestically produced, high-purity "human stem cell culture supernatant" and various beauty ingredients to prepare the skin foundation, while peeling with the pleasant stimulation of the natural firmness material "spicule" purified from sponge.It has a mild tingling sensation and does not peel off, so it can be incorporated into daily skin care.

McCELLRIE PIQUE> Essence (30g 13,000Circle)

Cancer (6/22~7/22Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★★★

Love luck: ★★★

Fortune: ★★★

5I am fortunate to ride the updraft until the end of the Golden Week holidays.With the cooperation of the people around me, I think I can perform better than usual.Goals that have not been reached so far can be suddenly challenged, and unexpected results can be achieved.Love is a premonition that there is likely to be a fateful encounter.It is also recommended to enjoy international cuisine on a lunch date as if you were traveling the world.Work luck is evaluated by working with a sense of satisfaction.

Lucky items: beautiful skin items, Japanese accessories

Lucky color: antique gold

Recommended for you in Leo! [CHARLIE'S] Imported sweets that make you feel better

Select "good things" from all over the world [CHARLIE'S(Charlies)].We have a wide variety of delicious and stylish imported sweets such as cute animal die-cut butter biscuits, smooth melt-in-the-mouth chocolate that does not use vegetable oils, and potato chips with a luxurious taste.

Clockwise from the right, from Spain <TORRES(Torres)> "Iberian ham flavored potato chips" (50g 368Yen), from New Zealand <Whittaker's(Witter Cars)> "Chocolate" (180g 758Yen), from Germany <Bahlsen(Barsen)> "Zoo Biscuits" (100g 358Circle).

Leo (7/23~8/22Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★★★

Love luck: ★★★★

Fortune: ★★★

Good luck and motivation to learn new things in the new year.It's a time when you can easily become aware of overseas, so you can try learning the language of the country you want to visit.It's also difficult to travel abroad, so it's perfect for a change of pace just by going to the airport and enjoying the feeling of traveling, or just watching the plane fly.Love luck will increase your intimacy if you enjoy a slightly luxurious lunch or dinner instead of the usual date.

Lucky items: imported goods, travel goods, ethnic food

Lucky color: purple

Recommended for you in Virgo! [AINZ & TULPE] Original brand <DAZZSHOP> Lip


18Color development <DAZZSHOP(Daz Shop)> "Rouge the Fusionist".1The most popular is the gentle reddish nudie red that bites your lips.MADLY 14".Even though it is a thin film that does not feel like it is being applied, it has a high moisturizing effect and gives firmness, keeping lips soft and glossy.

DAZZSHOP> "Rouge the Fusionist (MADLY 14)” (2,200Circle)

Virgo(8/23~9/22Born person)Fortune

Overall luck: ★★

Love luck: ★★

Fortune: ★★★

A time when a new life starts and you feel stressed by the new environment and relationships.I am not confident in myself and tend to be depressed compared to those around me.Instead of turning your attention to others, try to act on what you want to be and what you want to do.By doing so, the flow will naturally be at your own pace.For a change of pace, it is recommended to relax with herbal tea.To improve your health, renew your bedroom bedspreads and refresh your mood.

Lucky items: lipstick, herbal tea

Lucky color: crimson

Recommended for you in Libra! [Apple pie with custard cream] from [Appurupai Kotaro]

A sweet and soft boiled apple and custard cream packed in a pie crust [Appurupai Kotaro] A classic and popular apple pie.No alcohol, raisins, cinnamon or other spices are used, so it has a gentle taste that adults and children can enjoy.

"Custard cream apple pie" (1piece 588Circle,1hole 4,704Circle)

Libra(9/23~10/23Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★★

Love luck: ★★★★

Fortune: ★★

It's a time when friendships with various people are active in a new environment, but even trivial things can hurt you.It's okay if you get along little by little without trying to develop the relationship rapidly.It's important to make new friends, but it's also important to take time with friends you know and talk about your true intentions.Love luck is in great shape!Singles may also develop into a relationship.Couples who are dating also have talks about marriage and marriage, and there is a feeling of progress.Money luck seems to have a sudden expense.

Lucky item: elegant dress, apple pie

Lucky color: pastel color

Recommended for you in Scorpio! [MOLNODA] Gourmand bowl "No.001'

A gourmet bowl topped with romaine lettuce and spinach base, cashew nuts, blueberries, mixed beans, lemons, cherry tomatoes, and shredded carrots, and avocado, a superfood, and vegetables such as quinoa, eggs, and beetroot marinade.It is a nutritious and well-balanced natural diet.


Scorpio(10/24~11/22Born person)Fortune

Overall luck: ★★

Love luck: ★★

Fortune: ★★

A new life has started, awareness of work is high, and awareness of wanting to perfectly meet the demands of those around us is strengthened.Be careful of careless mistakes, as it's easy to lose focus because you're too conscious of perfection.During this period, the support ability is higher than when you move on your own, and it is easier to balance by keeping in mind the support of those around you.In terms of health, it's a good time to diet, so try using supplements or cleanse juice from the inside of your body.

Lucky items: notebook, diary, natural food

Lucky color: navy

Recommended for you in Sagittarius! [Arts & Antiques Miarca] Gold Accessories

1900A gold bracelet made in France around the age.The three-dimensional work that looks like weaving a string gives the hand a gorgeous look.18The rich comfort of gold is also attractive.

Gold bracelet (627,000Circle)

Sagittarius11/23~12/21Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★★★

Love luck: ★★★★

Fortune: ★★★

Good luck and you'll want to be interested in the outdoors and sports that you can immerse yourself in on your holidays.Camping is also recommended for the coming season.Camping with fire is a lucky action for Sagittarius, who can easily enjoy it with his family or alone and is also an element of fire.When gambling or investing in stocks, think carefully about your fortune.Love luck is good, and I have a feeling that the popular period has arrived.There seems to be an approach from the opposite sex.

Lucky items: luxury gold accessories, meat dishes, wine

Lucky color: orange

Recommended for you in Capricorn! [Envelope] Outstanding comfort <SALUÉ> relaxing wear

A fashion brand that proposes urban femininity with high-quality clothesSALUÉ(Sarue) ”underwear line“white label".A cotton loan with a fine and silky texture in white gray, ivory beige, and black.3It is a color development.

Mermaid line "camisole" that fits beautifully on the body (11,000"Long pettipants" (circle), loose silhouette, no tightening, and easy bending and stretching of legs (long pettipants)16,500Circle).

Capricorn (12/22~1/19Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★

Love luck: ★★★

Fortune: ★★

Luck seems to be rough.Especially4The moon is emotionally unstable, and the ups and downs are likely to be intense.As your new life begins, look at yourself and face it.At times like this, it's easy to focus on your surroundings, but don't rush around and focus on yourself and focus on your goals.Let's have a well-balanced life rhythm that allows you to rest well when you rest.Room wear should be soft so that you can get a good night's sleep.

Lucky items: room wear, Japanese food

Lucky color: white, silver

Recommended for you in Aquarius! [DORM] Cafe lunch with bread buffet

approx 10A bread buffet with various types of bread, and about5There is a kind of drink bar [DORM(Yurt)] Lunch."Bolognese pasta cheese sauce with Awaji beef", which is eaten with a rich cheese sauce made by adding fresh cream to melted cheese and sprinkled palmezan cheese on top, is popular among women.1It is a product.

"Bolognese pasta with Awaji beef cheese sauce" (1,490Circle).

DORM] Articles about bread buffetplease use this form.

Aquarius (1/20~2/18Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★★★

Love luck: ★★★★

Fortune: ★★★

A time when you can enjoy communication with a lot of curiosity.If it's a new environment, try to talk positively with various people.It seems that you can grow by being aware of enjoying communication with anyone, rather than dividing your strengths and weaknesses by your own sense.Lucky action is a domestic trip, so I recommend a place that I wanted to go but couldn't.Even if you take advantage of your strengths and start a side business ◎.

Lucky items: watches, cafe lunch

Lucky color: yellow

Recommended for you in Pisces! Lucky color tie found in [Maker's Shirt Kamakura]

Maker's Shirt Kamakura offers ties made from fabrics produced in Yamanashi Prefecture, one of Japan's leading textile producing areas, and hand-sewn ties made in Japan that look good on high-quality shirts.There are a wide variety of materials and colors available, so why not choose a tie that incorporates lucky colors.

<Maker's Shirt Kamakura> "Tie" (each5,500Circle)

Pisces(2/19~3/20Fortune of the person born)

Overall luck: ★★★★

Love luck: ★★★★★

Fortune: ★★★★

With stable luck, you will realize that your daily life without stimulation is happy.Since you are staying in a place where you can feel love and affluence, it is a good idea to use your income to improve yourself or save money.It is especially good to buy lessons and items that lead to beauty.Love luck is at its peak, and if you have someone you care about, it's time for a couple to move forward toward marriage.In terms of health, eating habits are easily disturbed, so be careful about weight gain from overdrinking and eating.

Lucky items: flashy stalls, ties and berry sweets

Lucky color: pink

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