Shopping in preparation for going out for Golden Week!Active items found at Nagoya Station



This year's Golden Week is a maximum of 10 consecutive holidays!We have collected items that are perfect not only for excursions but also for going out to nearby places or places where you can change your mood.Also pay attention to the coordination recommended by the staff.

"Β with the theme of" sporty with mesh " LADIES & MEN], Coordinating a light impression

We are developing playful items for each theme that changes every month [β LADIES & MEN(Beta Ladies & Men)].4The moon has a large lineup of shirts with a transparent mesh and a sportier look.There are items such as striped shirts with white base and khaki, and shoulder bags that can be used in different colors in a reversible fashion, to make your spring outfit look light.

A shirt with a spring-like atmosphere of white and khaki is the leading role.The inside of the shoulder bag is bright green, and you can change the atmosphere.shirt(37,400Yen), pants (27,500Yen), bag (14,300Yen), sneakers (25,300Yen) All of the above <β>.

The polyester shirt is light and breathable.Stretchy pants are sure to play an active part in the outdoor scene.shirt(37,400Yen), pants (25,300Yen), bag (20,900Yen), sneakers (20,900Yen) All of the above <β>.

A selection of items that look great on colorful outfits [nest Robe / CONFECT

This season, we are releasing more colorful shirts and dresses than usual.nest robe(Nest robe)>.There are many soft and oversized items, and the clothing that does not interfere with your body movements is perfect for active movements.In addition, we have a selection of items from brands that are particular about making and materials.

Items in bright colors such as bright pink, yellow, green and orange are lined up in the store.

A brand specializing in leather sandals born in Bari, southern Italy in 1983.EDER SHOES>.We carefully select only high-quality materials and are particular about performing all processes by hand.It is recommended to match it with socks as well as bare feet. <EDER SHOES> "Gurkha Sandals" (13,200Circle).

A straw hat with loosely woven stitches for excellent breathability.The brim is big and the edges are piped black, giving the impression that it is not too casual. <Santelli>hat(7,590Circle).

I put play in a simple outfit [DENHAM] Adult casual style recommended by the staff

1I'm good at dressing like a piece [DENHAM(Denham)].Especially popular are print items that collaborate with house guest artists.Dutch illustrator this seasonRick BerkelmansWorks on <Hedof(Hedov)> and collaboration.Graphic with scissor as a motif, which is the icon of the brandTPay attention to the shirt.

Tops are collaborations that change the impression before and afterTshirt.The sharp black color has a great effect of tightening the styling.Soft cotton100%material.Newsboy cap (14,300circle),Tshirt(13,200Yen), denim (50,600Yen) All above <DENHAM> ※ Others are personal belongings of the staff.

The refreshing knit cardigan made of Japanese paper is fashionable whether you put it on or hang it on your shoulder.Denim is a new item in the Made in Italy series.The tricolor button hidden in the button fly is a casual point.Tshirt(19,800Yen), cardigan (36,300Yen), denim (44,000Yen) All above <DENHAM> ※ Others are personal belongings of the staff.

DENHAM> Logo is also embroidered in tricolor color.

Can be worn from spring to summer [Envelope] Flower print dress and bag named "Travel"

Select comfortable clothing made of natural materials such as linen and items that make your life more enjoyable.Envelope(envelope)】.The floral dress "Rob Flower XNUMX" is <LISETTE(Rizetta)>15To commemorate the anniversary, a thin linen dress made by reprinting a flower print that was popular in the past.You can wear a cardigan in the spring and wear it in the summer.

A dress printed with watercolors that look like an open botanical picture book such as daffodils, clematis, and kokuriko.The small shawl color has a classical atmosphere and makes the neckline look elegant. <LISETTE> One Piece "Rob Flower3"(59,400Circle).

“Travel”Voyage(Voyage) ”in the name,3A shoulder bag that looks like one pouch.Large capacity while looking compact.It is equipped with functions that can be conveniently used for everyday outings and commuting. <LISETTE> Bag "Voyage Bandolier2"(40,700Circle).

Thorough care with waterproof sunscreen during the sweaty season. [AINZ & TULPE(Ains & Torpe)]UVCare item

A waterproof sunscreen that is resistant to sweat and sebum while being light and comfortable to wear with a smooth powder formulation that prepares smooth and smooth skin.The refreshing and refreshing scent of aromatic herbs also has a healing effect.It blocks external stimuli such as UV rays and dryness, and keeps you comfortable as if you forget to wear it.

AYURA> Sunscreen for face and body "Water Feel"UVGelα"(75g/3,080Circle)SPF50 +-PA ++++.

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