Recommended gifts for Mother's Day selected at Dai Nagoya Building [Items]



The Dai-Nagoya Building is a collection of shops full of commitment.We will introduce items that are perfect for Mother's Day gifts, such as fashion, miscellaneous goods, and cosmetics.

<CASIO> BABY-G of [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison]

It features a voluminous form that goes well with the basic style.BGA-2800series.The pink beige color is easy to incorporate into a variety of outfits, creating a stylish look for active women's arms. (radio solarfinal match.Barometric pressure waterproof/Resin/Case43.4㎜)

CASIO>BABY G 23,100Yen

[Golf 5 Prestige] <PELLE MORBIDA> cart bag

A colorful bag that can be used for both golf and private use is perfect for the season from spring to summer.There is a pocket on the inside that can hold a mobile phone, etc.Using high-quality Italian cowhide<PELLE MORBIDA(Pelle Morbida)> is a masterpiece made in Japan.

PELLE MORBIDA〉Cart bag(W34×H22×D13cm)each35,200Yen

<β> Metallic T-shirt from [β LADIES&MEN]

Metallic T-shirt with 3 types of fabric.The front body is made of silver fabric, the front yoke and sleeves are made of mesh, and the back body is made of Amundsen jersey.Wearing a tank top is recommended.

<β> Metallic T-shirt 29,700Yen

[IL Bisonte] <IL BISONTE> long wallet

Large-capacity bellows type long wallet.In addition to the zippered coin purse in the center when opened, there are many partitions and card holders, making it easy to organize.The soft Italian cowhide leather becomes more tasteful the more you use it, and you can enjoy the change over time.

IL BISONTE> Long wallet (W18.5×H10×D3cm50,600Yen

[FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK] <Kaneko Glasses> Eyewear

Pale green with a feeling of omission skillfully sums up elegance and casualness1Book.You can enjoy the gap between the presence of the front and the clean appearance from the side, and the inner rim gives a sense of volume, making it a design that goes well with a variety of outfits.

<Kaneko Glasses> Eyewear (KM-27L ASGR46,200Yen

[nest Robe / CONFECT] <nest Robe> Naturally dyed cape collar blouse & maxi skirt

A blouse and skirt with a gentle color that is unique to natural dyeing.Pale pink is dyed with rose and orange is dyed with marguerite.Not only can you wear them individually, but we also recommend pairing them with a blouse and skirt.

nest Dress〉Natural Dyed Cape Collar Blouse (20,900circle), natural dyed maxi skirt (23,100Circle)

[Envelope] <LISETTE> petti pants “Amelie” & inner dress “Ornella”

& Inner Camisole “Meris”

belgian linen100Petit pants that can be worn cool at %.Wear it under a skirt or dress to reveal the frills at the hem for a gorgeous look.Wear it to prevent the bottoms from being see-through, or enjoy layering with short bottoms.

LISETTE〉 Petit pants “Amelie” 22,000Yen

A series of innerwear made from Belgian linen.Delicate lace made in France is sewn on the chest.It has a smooth texture and good breathability, and the sweat dries quickly, so you can stay comfortable even on hot days.There is rubber in the back and it fits well on the body.

LISETTE〉Inner dress “Ornella” (22,000Yen), Inner Camisole “Melis” (18,150Circle)

[GINZA Global Style COMFORT] order shirt

Custom-made shirts that come in a variety of colors, a variety of designs such as stripes and checks, are comfortable to wear, and create beautiful silhouettes.1Per dress5,600yen.In the upcoming season when shirts will be the main item, we recommend high-quality custom-made shirts.

Custom shirt 3Wearing set16,500Yen ~

[Arts & Antiques Miaruka] necklaces and pendants

I used beautiful aquamarine luxuriously,120A necklace made in England years ago.The design is attractive with gold parts of different lengths that are set with diamonds.A necklace that allows you to enjoy the beautiful blue glow of aquamarine. (chain42cmwith)

Diamond & Aquamarine Gold Necklace 968,000Yen

A pendant made of high-quality sapphire and natural half-pearl,19Made in England late XNUMXth century.It will make the wearer look elegant and intelligent. (chain51cm

Sapphire and Pearl Gold Pendant 1,045,000Yen

[Beauty Tune Shiseido] Treatment “WONDER SHIELD”

A leave-in treatment that envelops the hair in an invisible shield to keep it smooth for a long time.Hair color fading, loss of luster due to UV rays, adhesion of dirt such as pollen and dust, spread of dryness, etc.7<Shiseido> exclusive product for salons that protects hair from external stress.

<Shiseido> Treatment "WONDER SHIELD"(125 ml4,180Yen

[Pressure Beauty Terrace] Supplement “HD SUPER EX” & <GROWCEL> Shampoo Treatment

Substances similar to vitamins discovered through research on yeast and enzymesMNMMore”, an aging care supplement that is attracting attention around the world. It is a type that you can drink by dissolving the powder in water.

supplement"HD SUPER EX' 13g×20袋 13,824Yen

Parabens, ethanol, silicon, synthetic coloring agents, etc.10 FREEThorough pursuit of "". Carefully selected and highly useful hair and scalp care ingredients such as XNUMX types of plant stem cell culture extracts and XNUMX types of botanical essential oils are blended to the beauty serum level to protect the hair from external factors such as ultraviolet rays. firmly protect.

GROWCEL>shampoo(500 ml4,400Yen, treatment (500 ml4,730Yen

[Esthetic TBC] "TBC hair removal experience course"

A great hair removal experience course that aims for "smooth skin".Careful counseling and skin care are also included as a set, so if you have any concerns, please consult the experienced staff. 【AestheticTBC] for the first time and one person1Location /1You can use it only once.

TBC hair removal experience course 1,000Yen *Please contact us in advance for reservations.

[Tabio] <Tabio> Sheer Floral Short Socks

See-through socks with a delicate floral pattern.Pair with sandals for cool feet.With a gorgeous design, it is also recommended as a gift.The toes and heels that are prone to stuffiness and friction are made of cotton material, so you can wear them, grey, black, charcoal moku, cream, lavender6Color development.

tabio〉Sheer Floral Short Socks Each1,100Yen

[Metzgerei Inoue] original cap

The motto is "exciting" [Metzgerei Inoue].The design is simple, but the fashionable "m" embroidered cap is perfect for the upcoming holiday season!Let's enjoy the "exciting" outing wearing the "Metsugerai Cap" made by the butcher!

Original cap 2,900Yen

[Heart Up Vision Square] Clip-on Sunglasses

"Clip-on sunglasses" that turn your everyday eyewear into sunglasses with a single touch by attaching a light-shielding lens that can be attached and detached with a magnet to normal eyewear.There is no doubt that it will be a big success in the coming season!All items from regular price50%OFFPlease take this opportunity to become. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~6Month23Limited to Sunday (Thursday)

Clip-on sunglasses each4,400Yen ~

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