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Words such as "sustainability" and "sustainability" that we often see and hear. These efforts, which mean "sustainable development of humans, society, and the global environment," are also being carried out at Dai Nagoya Building.In this article, we will introduce the "sustainable" fashion that unique shops work on.

Organic textiles Denim made from world-class certified organic cotton

DENHAM>denim"RAZOR MII6YPS"(55,000Circle)

Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2008 <DENHAM(Denham)> is a brand founded by the internationally renowned British denim craftsman Jason Denham.denim"RAZOR MII6YPS"Is a new work this spring that uses organic cotton denim fabric certified by the world standard for organic textiles" GOTS ".

The silhouette is not too thin because the thighs have a moderate amount of space, and the classic "tapered slim fit" looks neat as a whole due to the taper.Sewing and washing are all done in Italy.1It is a book.

The "world standard for organic textiles" for which fabrics have been certified means that the raw materials are organic, that the manufacturing method is environmentally and socially responsible, that there is traceability [*], and that they are labeled correctly. Internationally defined rules. [DENHAM] In addition to this, you can use an innovative dye that can discolor denim with less water than the general manufacturing method.5With% organic cotton40We regularly release items that use% recycled denim, and we are committed to manufacturing that is both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

[*] To be able to trace from the procurement of raw materials to production, consumption or disposal in order to clarify "when, where, and by whom the product was made".

The tricolor button hidden in the button fly is a casual point. <DENHAMThe> logo is also embroidered in an Italian color.

Aware of environmental conservation by reducing waste "Make only what you need" order suit

"Order suit"2Wearing set52,800Yen ~ (1Per dress26,400Yen ~)

Start a business90A full-scale order suit specialty store directly managed by a long-established fabric wholesaler over the years [GINZA Global Style COMFORT(Ginza Global Style Comfort)]. It is a brand born from the desire to "enjoy custom suits more easily for business people" and "to propose new ways of custom suits".

Unlike ready-made clothes, custom suits "make only what you need", so there is no waste such as unsold items.We aim to be a brand that is friendly to both customers and the environment by producing only the products that each customer wants and using them for a long time.

We also actively handle brands that recommend sustainability in the fabric (clothing) that is the main material for suits.For example, Italy's prestigious clothing manufacturer <ROADSTEAD(Leda)> The company uses solar panels for the electricity used in factories, etc., and the water after dyeing is sufficiently purified before being returned to the natural world.20For more than a year, we have been making environmentally conscious efforts in all processes.

As another sustainable initiative, we are also incorporating environment-conscious packaging, which is indispensable when handing over suits.Shop bags have been paper bags without using plastic ones since the company was founded.The tailor bag is also flexible and harmless without using a plasticizer (bag) that is said to have an adverse effect on the environment.EVA(Ethylene vinyl acetate) is used.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approved material “EVA(Right) tailor bag using "(ethylene vinyl acetate)".

Japanese-made "local production for local consumption" items printed with craftsman's plate tightening squeezing

<Β> Ladies' shirt "Plate-tightening printTshirt"(25,300Circle)

"with Sports Mind ”Proposing a sporty and sophisticated new style for adults with the theme of [β LADIES & MEN(Beta Ladies & Men)].Newly released this spring, "Plate-tightening print"T"Shirt" is a nylon material with a silky textured front body and linen.100% The mix of different materials on the back of the Tenjiku is fun1Sheet.The front body is a simple yet eye-catching design with an original tie-dye print that has been manually squeezed by craftsmen.

In recent years, the apparel industry has been attracting attention for natural fibers because of its low environmental impact and its warmth and comfort.Among them, linen (flax) has excellent water absorption and breathability, and you can feel the coolness without sticking even if you sweat, so it is an indispensable material in the summer when you want to spend cool time without using energy such as air conditioners. It can be said.

Linen is an ecological plant that grows in the presence of rain and light without the need for water.There is no place to throw away everything from fibers to seeds and roots, and it is said that it can be effectively used for products, materials, fertilizers, etc.Linen, which can be used without waste and is environmentally friendly, is the ultimate sustainable material.

While it is popular all year round, by changing the main theme every month, we do not mass-produce and minimize inventory risk.

Denim series made from sustainable material "UpcycleLino" born from cutting scraps

Jacket (each26,400Yen), turtleneck (each)9,900Yen) All over <Upcycle Lino> ※ Items without prices are reference products.

nest Robe / CONFECT(Nest robe/Confect)]2021"Started in the spring of the year"Upcycle Lino(Upcycling Reno)"Is a project that addresses the clothing disposal problem of the apparel industry.The "cutting scraps" that cannot be avoided when making clothes are about the amount of fabric required to make clothes.30It is said to occupy%.In search of the possibility of reusing these cutting scraps, we developed a new material of complete circulation type in several years together with our partner factories.

"UpcycleLino ”Crushes the cutting waste into small pieces, returns it to the state of cotton, and spins it with organic cotton to make threads again.The threads are not uniform in thickness and are difficult to weave, and they need to be woven slowly, so it takes a long time to get the fabric needed for clothes.However,<nest Robe(Nest robe)> is a high-quality material originally, so it feels good on the skin even when recycled, and is finished as a soft and gentle fabric.

SuchUpcycleLino ”The denim series released this season from the series is an ethical item in which twisted gray-based recycled yarn is woven into warp and weft, and warp is woven with indigo-dyed yarn in a medium white shape.The blend of cotton and linen makes it lighter and softer than regular denim.

"Using threads and fabrics made as part of" recycling-type manufacturing "that does not generate dust"UpcycleLino ”.. Why don't you participate in earth-friendly initiatives while enjoying "ethical fashion"?

The left is cut waste, the center is finely crushed cotton, and the right is recycled yarn spun with organic cotton. “UpcycleLino ”When you purchase the series, you will also receive an original hanger made from cutting scraps.

"Sustainable Dai Nagoya" GOURMET / ITEM & SERVICE

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