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Words such as "sustainability" and "sustainability" that we often see and hear. These efforts, which mean "sustainable development of humans, society, and the global environment," are also being carried out at Dai Nagoya Building.In this article, we will introduce "sustainable" fashion items and services that unique shops work on.

Watches that use biomass plastic, an eco-friendly material that takes the natural environment into consideration

Authentic outdoor gear for nature lovers "PRO TREKFrom "(Pro Trek)", "Climber Line" "Climber Line" with eco-friendly materials on the exteriorPRW-61Is new this spring.Castor oil is used for the case and back cover, and biomass plastic made from corn is used for the band, while maintaining good wearability and high visibility.

Bioplastics are polymer materials that contain substances derived from renewable organic resources as raw materials and are obtained by chemically or biologically synthesizing them.A material that is expected to reduce the environmental burden toward the realization of a sound material-cycle society.PRO TREKOf course, <CASIO(Casio)> is the first attempt to use it in watches.

While using materials that are friendly to the natural environment, the quality such as wearability that is familiar to the arm is the same as before.As an outdoor tool, we reviewed how to face nature from the material "PRO TREK PRW-61".Compact size that does not interfere with movement, triple sensor that detects changes in nature, multi-band that keeps accurate time with light as power6Radio solar, super illuminator that ensures visibility in the dark, and outstanding functionality and practicality1It's a book.By using it for a long time, it will lead to further conservation of the global environment.

CACIO> Men's Watch "Pro Trek Climber Line" (57,200Circle)

Radio solarfinal match.Barometric pressure waterproof/Resin (biomass plastic)SS /Case47.4

Extracting naturally derived ingredients from vegetables and fruits to achieve hair, social and environmental friendliness and effects

Shampoo, treatment, out bath treatment each3Expand by type <HAIR KITCHEN>.

Naturally derived ingredients/Materials, clean prescriptions, eco-containers, social relationships,4A hair care brand created to enjoy "clean beauty" that is friendly to the environment and society through two approaches.HAIR KITCHEN(Hair kitchen)>.We are developing products that combine the power of technology with vegetables and fruits to realize coping care and preventive care that fully utilize the power of nature's blessings.

The materials used are the pericarp and seeds that are normally discarded, and non-standard vegetables and fruits that are discarded without being put on the market due to irregular colors and shapes.In addition, we value the blessings of nature, use many natural fragrances, and from the perspective of transparency and ethics, while valuing the usability of each product, we use a formulation that has less impact on the hair, scalp, and global environment. I am aiming.In addition to free from prescriptions such as synthetic colorant-free and silicone-free [*], shampoos are produced with original designs such as biodegradable ingredients and amino acid-based cleaning prescriptions.

Biomass plastic derived from sugar cane is used for the container, and efforts are being made to reduce the environmental burden throughout the product life cycle, such as arranging refillable and refillable products.Refill products1By using the product, about400g OfCO2Data that leads to emission reduction.Approximately annually due to the placement of biomass plastic containers and refill products100Tons ofCO2 We aim to reduce emissions.

[*] The idea of ​​not needing extra ingredients, not adding them, and keeping them simple. <HAIR KITCHEN>, Sulfate-free, synthetic colorant-free, silicon-free,GMOFree, paraben-free, and animal-derived ingredients-free.

From the left, "shampoo" (230ml 2,200Yen), "Treatment" (230g 2,860Yen), "Out Bath Treatment Finishing Mist (Yen)95ml 2,640Yen) All above <HAIR KITCHEN>.

Repair clothes, bags, shoes and cherish one thing for a long time

We remodel and repair all kinds of clothes such as length / width / waist adjustment of pants, jackets, shirts, coats, skirts, and repair of perforated knits.

"Form Eye", a leading company in the clothing repair industry, and "Rish", which has excellent technology and high quality materials for shoe repair, have collaborated [Form Eye]. & Rich].By repairing clothes that are damaged or out of size, repairing items that have been handed over, and repairing shoes that you are familiar with, you can stop disposable items such as mass production and mass disposal, and use good things for a long time. Is enlightening.

"Rish" thinks that shoes are unfinished when they are new, and are molded by continuing to wear them, and are completed as a tool that fits the person's foot for the first time.However, by the time I got used to my feet, the heels and soles of my shoes were worn out.9The reality is that some people dispose of it (wear it down).And, if you keep wearing shoes that don't fit your feet, it may cause knee pain and back pain, and you may be worried about your health. [Form eye & At Riche], by repairing important clothes, you can convey the joy of wearing your favorite clothes for a long time, and repair shoes, which are very important "tools for walking" in your life, with advanced technology. However, we believe that it is our mission to help as many customers as possible to lead a healthy and comfortable life.

We also handle soles made from recycled waste materials.

Recycled cashmere x cotton socks that are soft and comfortable to wear

tabio> Socks "Cotton cashmere2×2Short socks "(each1,540Circle)

From basic to trendy designs that tickle playfulness, we develop high-quality legwear “Made in Japan ”brand<tabio(Tabio)>.This season, we are selling eco-friendly and human-friendly socks that are a mixture of recycled cashmere and cotton, which are made by reusing the "fallen cotton" produced in the cashmere spinning process.

These socks made of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are soft and comfortable socks that you will want to touch forever.It can be said to be a "hybrid material" that combines the heat retention and moisture retention of cashmere, which does not let the warmth escape, with the water absorption and durability of cotton.The gentle color that matches the atmosphere of the material creates a light footstep.

"Cotton cashmere2 × 2"Short socks" is a simple design that goes well with a variety of shoes, from traditional shoes to sneakers. "Cotton cashmere garter short socks" are garter knit and have a retro knit-like atmosphere.It is recommended to wear socks when you spend a relaxing time in your room, and when you go out as it is, it is recommended to match it with sneakers or flat type sandals.

Because it is an item that you need every day, why not start a sustainable life by incorporating something that is good for the global environment as much as possible.

tabio> Socks "Cotton cashmere garter edition short socks" (each1,540Circle)

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