A gift for my favorite father.14 "Father's Day Gifts" to give with gratitude



Dai Nagoya Building has everything from fashion items to gourmet items that are perfect for Father's Day gifts.We have collected special gifts that will make your father want to brag about it.

<BETTINARDI> putter cover of [Golf 5 Prestige]

Luxury putter brand in Chicago, USA <BETTINARDI(Betinardi)>, a putter cover that is produced only in a limited quantity in the world.It features a pop design and American coloring.Check early for limited quantity sales!Wrapping is also possible for gifts.

BETTINARDI> Putter cover (W17×H15×D10cm)each15,400Yen

[JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison] <CASIO>G-SHOCK"G-SQUAD'

Equipped with functions useful for training such as running, such as distance measurement function and smartphone linkage function.It is also equipped with an auto trap function that measures the running pace and automatically measures the time, and can be used widely from daily health management to strengthening the endurance of running.

CASIO>G-SHOCK"G-SQUAD'22,000Circle(Bluetooth🄬 Equipped quartz / 20 ATM water resistant/Resin/Case49.4×45.9㎜)

[Maker's Shirt Kamakura] Shear Soccer Tie

silk70%,cotton30% The elegant glossy navy is easy to match with any shirt fabric, and the refreshing sheer soccer fabric is perfect for early summer.Made in Japan ties made from Como, Italy, one of the world's leading producers of tie fabrics.

<Maker's Shirt Kamakura> Shear Soccer Tie 5,500Yen

[GINZA Global Style COMFORT] Cool Biz order suit

A cool biz tailor-made suit that is ideal for the spring and summer business scene1Per dress26,400Yen ~.With overwhelming lightness and breathability, it provides a comfortable fit even in hot and humid seasons.We have a wide variety of fabrics such as plain weave fabrics and fabrics that have been specially processed to reduce heat.

Cool Biz order suit 2Wearing set52,800Yen ~

[Β LADIES & MEN] <β> London print T-shirt

An original print that has been processed to create a beautiful silky luster and texture, and has been bio-processed to give the fabric a moist and smooth touch.Tshirt.Attention is paid to the casual and highly-designed prints that make the scenery of the cityscape of London "painted".

<Β> London printTshirt 20,900Yen


Football that updated the comfort by making the item that was popular last year into pile fabricTshirt.7The sleeves are cool and can be worn, so it's perfect for early summer.1It is a piece."" In the chest partDENHAMThe point is the embroidery of "" and the renewed tag on the right hem.

DENHAM> Cut and sew "PILE FOOTBALL TEE LS"each19,800Yen

[FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK] <Kaneko Glasses> Eyewear

Silver in the crown punt type that is becoming a new standard of classic925A model with the decoration of.Enjoy the beautiful luster and profound feeling of celluloid in pursuit of comfort1It is a book.

<Kaneko Glasses> Eyewear (KCP-19 GRS66,000Yen

[IL BISONTE> wallet of [Il Bisonte]

A wallet with a simple design that has the minimum necessary storage capacity while having a compact size that fits in your pants pocket.One point is the embossing of the brand logo on the front.The coin pocket with snap button opening and closing and gusset makes it easy to see the contents and it is easy to put in and take out.

IL BISONTE> Wallet (W10×H9×D2.5cm25,300Yen

[Tabio] <Tabio> cotton linen border short socks

A refreshing jacquard socks made from cotton linen.Although it is a simple thick border pattern, it has a strong presence because it is knitted to give it an uneven feel.It is an orthodox design that can be worn by people of all ages.

tabio> Cotton linen border short socks880Yen

[Beauty Tune Shiseido] <ADENOVITAL> Hair Growth Essence "Scalp Power Shot"

The essence of medicated active ingredients that approach the deep layers of the scalp to support hair growth and nurture thick, long and beautiful hair.Just apply it to your scalp after towel-drying and let it blend in.OK..For those who want firmness, elasticity and volume in their hair, and those who are worried about thinning hair or hair loss.1It is an item that you should try again.

ADENOVITAL> Hair Growth Essence "Scalp Power Shot" (120 ml7,920Yen

[Heart Up Vision Square] Clip-on Sunglasses

"Clip-on sunglasses" that turn your everyday eyewear into sunglasses with a single touch by attaching a light-shielding lens that can be attached and detached with a magnet to normal eyewear.There is no doubt that it will be a big success in the coming season!All items from regular price50%OFFPlease take this opportunity to become. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~6Month23Limited to Sunday (Thursday)

Clip-on sunglasses each4,400Yen ~

[Metzgerei Inoue] original cap

The motto is "exciting" [Metzgerei Inoue].The design is simple, but the fashionable "m" embroidered cap is perfect for the upcoming holiday season!Let's enjoy the "exciting" outing wearing the "Metsugerai Cap" made by the butcher!

Original cap 2,900Yen

[Pubble] "Mellow chocolate mint" & "Refreshing chocolate mint"

The chocolate mint series has a different level of popularity every year."Mellow chocolate mint" with a mellow milk chocolate and a hint of mint is a level that children can enjoy.1.. "Exhilarating chocolate mint" is a level where you can feel the exhilaration the moment you chew.3+..It is an adult taste that is not too sweet that chocolate bitter chases afterwards. ※both4Month28Sunday (Thursday) ~6Month23Limited to Sunday (Thursday)

Mellow chocolate mint 640Yen

Exhilarating chocolate mint 640Yen

[Kazoku's croutons] Sake snacks Assortment Recommended 3 pieces

A cube with a recommended flavor that goes well with sake3Assorted types of "herbs & garlic", "honey mustard" and "hot chili".Since it is made by the non-fried method, the calories that are worrisome in snacks are also modest.The base bread is also different for each.

Sake snacks assortment recommended3Individual 1,880Yen

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