Watches, eyeglasses, accessories, socks, etc. available at Nagoya Station ... Final preparation for summer fashion accessories



On the wrist that makes you look at you.Enjoy fashion with a wristwatch as an "accessory"

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

The impression of appearance changes greatly depending on whether or not there is a wristwatch on the wrist.Especially in the summer when the wrists are free, the wristwatches are very useful. Recommended for [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison] to realize an eye-catching wrist.3I had them choose a book.First,<CITIZEN> Popular series "EXCEED".It features a long-loved round case form and a band design with a flower motif.Arabic numerals are used for the dial numbers to give a more elegant impression.It is a radio-controlled watch that keeps accurate time, and has a full range of functions as a watch, such as the glass coating "Clarity Coating" that makes the dial easy to,<CREDOR> Standard model "SIGN".An orthodox design that seems to be a watch without excessive decoration1Although it is a book, when you pass it through your arm, its overwhelming elegance and quality will overflow.The beautiful blue needles are also refreshing.

Finally, the prestigious Swiss watch brand <TISSOT> "Lovely Square" has a delicate and sexy size and a square case that makes you feel like an adult woman.In the "Lovely Summer Set" introduced this time, in addition to the mint green strap in the photo, pink, purple and blue3Comes with a book strap.The fun of changing the straps like changing clothes.


<CREDOR> SIGNO (GSBA057220,000Yen

TISSOT> Lovely Summer Set (T058.,500Yen

On the neck and wrists, the brilliance unique to antique jewelry and the leeway of adults

3F | Arts & Antiques Miarka

Introducing jewelry that gives off a traditional presence peculiar to antiques from [Arts & Antiques Miarca], which mainly deals with European antiques. "Diamond & Pearl Gold Bracelet (France19At the end of the century), diamonds and natural pearls shine casually in delicate gold work, making your hands look beautiful.Also, "Peridot & Half Pearl Gold Necklace (UK)1900Around the year) ”, the fresh and transparent green peridot creates a summery feel.Matching "Peridot & Half Pearl Gold Earrings (UK)1900If you wear it together with "Around the age", it will be even more attractive.It is one of the mysterious charms of antique jewelry that it firmly asserts its existence while snuggling up as an accent of coordination.

Diamond & Pearl Gold Bracelet (France19End of the century)324,500Yen

Peridot & Half Pearl Gold Necklace (UK1900Around the year)272,800Yen, Peridot & Half Pearl Gold Earrings (UK1900Around the year)116,600Yen

Sunglasses, a must-have item for summer, or glasses that add intellectual nuances.Eyewear that increases fashion sensitivity

2F |FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK B1F | Heart Up Vision Square

Eyewear is one of the important accessories in the summer when sunglasses are used more frequently.Not only sunglasses, which can be said to be a must-have item for summer, but also glasses that are intelligent and can produce adult nuances are the items you want to choose.First,【FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK] <Kaneko Glasses> Sunglasses with gold and brown lenses that are familiar to the face (KVS-23 BWG).Sunglasses, which tend to be assertive, give a clean look to your face.Also, glasses (KV-72L BRGR) Is a metal combination frame that has been sublimated from a trend to a classic.The orthodox Wellington type and the caulked studs on the front give a classic impression and give a neat impression.

Next, the sunglasses of [Heart Up Vision Square] can easily turn glasses into sunglasses with a magnetic flip-on.2WAYspecification.The combination of a large Wellington type and a dark black lens is cool and looks cool like sunglasses.On the other hand, the glasses are round with a marble gold frame and have a classical mood.Not only does the face look soft, but it also makes women feel cute.

<Kaneko Glasses> Eyewear (KVS-23 BWG41,800Yen

<Kaneko Glasses> Eyewear (KV-72L BRGR44,000Yen

[Heart Up Vision Square] Sunglasses 8,800Yen

[Heart-up Vision Square] Glasses 7,700Yen

Wearing sandals socks.If you want to upgrade your fashion, it's summer, so it's a quick decision with "shear socks"

B1F |tabio

Wearing sandals socks is not an advanced technique, but a standard way of wearing that anyone can easily upgrade their fashion.When it comes to summer, it's a woman, so choose "shear socks" to make it even more fashionable. [tabio] Selected this time2As you can see, the legs are also "shear socks".A refreshing color combination of white and gray with purple lines, brown gingham check and green piping.Both are sheer socks with accent colors and full of individuality.Not only does it look cooler than regular socks, but it also has a “transparent skin” and is feminine.It should make your usual sandals look even more fashionable.

tabio>socks 1,100Yen

tabio>socks 1,650Yen

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