Health starts from the usual casual one. Dai Nagoya Building to enjoy with "health" in mind



Living comfortably and consciously of your health.Dai Nagoya Building has a lot of contents with the keyword "health".The important thing is not to make a big change in your lifestyle, but to worry about what you eat, or to review how you spend your time for about an hour or two ... just change one that you don't usually care about.We propose Dai Nagoya Building that you can enjoy while being conscious of your health.

Choose and combine by yourself. Control your eating habits with a "custom bowl"


"I want to support people who live faithfully to their own particulars," he said, creating a custom bowl that can express his personality even with food.100Types are available [MOLNODA].From among the many menus, this time, with an awareness of "health", the vegetarian bowl "No.2"," The Hoodies Bowl "No.45Customized based on.It also contains nutritious avocado and broccoli.No.2", Chicken breast (50g) Is added to make it healthy and protein-supplementable.Hidden popular tomato marinade with rice (120g), Beef thigh (100g), Beef skirt steak (100g) And a fairly voluminous "No.45], We added a boiled egg in consideration of building a body for the summer and preventing heat fatigue.Infinite possibilities, depending on the combination with additional toppings.And above all, thinking about "what to eat?" Leads to a healthy diet.

"No.2"(1,200Circle).The picture is chicken breast (50g / + 200"Yen) added topping"No.2"(1,400Circle).This is a custom example that I would like to recommend to people who are healthy-minded or who are losing weight.

"No.45"(2,400Circle).The photo is a boiled egg (+120"Yen) added topping"No.45"(2,520Circle).This is a custom example for those who continue training or who want to build their body for the summer.

To choose health-conscious foods, first read the "message" on the product label.

B1F | Seijo Ishii

When choosing food with health in mind, it is important to look carefully at the product label when choosing a product.The information on the products of the supermarket [Seijo Ishii] is clearly stated.For example, "Let's take dietary fiber" for "Seijo Ishii homemade apple cider vinegar and carottes made with sugar", and "Seijo Ishii homemade pho gar" for "Chicken pho".500kcalThe label says "below" in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to that, there are also salads with the number of items specified and products with sugar written on them, so [Seijo Ishii] is a strong ally for people who are serious about food. It is a supermarket that will become.

Seijo Ishii Homemade apple cider vinegar and carottes made with cane sugar 323Yen

Seijo Ishii Homemade Pho Gar (Chicken Pho) 583Yen

Feel free and easy to continue every day.Healthcare products are also available [AINZ & TULPE]


A select shop of cosmetics and drugs specializing in health and beauty [AINZ & TULPE(Ains & Torpe)] is a store that is indispensable for a healthy lifestyle.We have a wide range of supplement products to "supplement" according to your purpose, such as "Helio White" and "Astalift Supplement White Shield", which are indispensable for the coming season when you are worried about the sun.Also, a cup1With a cup1Daily vitaminsC"Micho", which is a hot topic when the recommended amount of intake is taken, is still a popular product.The vinegar is made from fermented fruit vinegar, so why not start a "vinegar life" that is delicious, easy, and easy to continue?

From the left of the photo, "Helio White Large Capacity (60grain)"(5,832Yen), "Astalift Supplement White Shield (24grain)"(2,106Circle),"DHCMerirot (20(Days) "(777Yen), "Helio White (24grain)"(2,592Circle)

Beautiful vinegar plus (500ml /Pomegranate / Mango)646Yen

Wearing clothing that lifts your feelings so that you can enjoy training and fitness


"with Sports Mind Proposing a sports mix style with the theme of "In the heart of sports ..." [β LADIES & MEN] Is equipped with clothing that will raise tension even for those who are starting training or exercising.Items that are particular about ease of movement and texture, and have a high degree of design with cutting and silhouette, are characterized by their high fashionability that can be used in active scenes.For example, "Merrill High Tension Jodhpurs Pants" are made of Merrill nylon thread, so they are lightweight, soft to the touch, and have excellent stretchability, so they are very useful in training.And above all, preparing clothing that you want to wear should be a motivation for continuing training and fitness.

<Β> Asymmetric layered pullover (β28,600Yen), <β> Merrill nylon sideline pants (23,100Yen), <β MEN> Neoprene backpack (31,900Yen), <β MEN> Polyester suede baseball cap (14,300Yen), shoes are model personal belongings

<Β> Skateboard print T-shirt (25,300Yen), <β> Merrill High Tension Jodhpurs Pants (B)20,900Yen), shoes are model personal belongings

1 minutes once a week, time to face the body."Kaatsu training" that can be continued without difficulty

3F | Pressurized Beauty Terrace

Complete reservation system & women only, all personal trainers are qualified.A Kaatsu training salon [Kaatsu Beauty Terrace] that not only trains but also responds sincerely to each physical problem.Using the most advanced and highest performance Kaatsu training equipment, "KAATSU JAPAN] A certified trainer will propose the most suitable program one-on-one.Training, such as dieting, aging care, strengthening muscles, and improving resilience, has its own purpose.We will prepare a program that you can continue to attend without overdoing it according to your purpose, so a week1Times30Regular training that can be started from the minute will come true.In addition, a wide variety of beauty treatment salon menus are available, and it is a major feature of [Pressurized Beauty Terrace] that you can combine training and beauty treatment.

"Pressurized beauty (30Minutes) "(Visitors9,900Yen, member7,700Circle).Now, limited price only for the first time3,500Circle.From health care to beauty and diet, we will propose a program that suits your purpose.

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