I will teach you secretly. In the summer of 2022, "Kore" is selling insanely!5 selections in the list



"What is selling at Dai Nagoya Building?"This time, we are investigating simple questions that everyone is interested in. In the summer of 2022, I found 5 items sold at Dai Nagoya Building.Introducing 5 genre-less items that will make a big difference in the summer, including cosmetics, fashion miscellaneous goods, wine and juice.You can still buy it from now on!It's not late!Don't forget to check it out when shopping in the summer.

<TIRTIR> Mask Fit Red Cushion (2,970 yen each)


A select shop for cosmetics and drugs that quickly handles popular items in Japan and overseas [AINZ & TULPE(Ains & Torpe)] sells cushion foundations that meet the needs of the times.As the product name says "Mask Fit", it is characterized by less stains (makeup transfer to the mask) when wearing the mask.Since the liquid contains fine powder that adsorbs sebum, it adheres perfectly to the skin and keeps the beautifully finished skin for a long time.red3"Red Cushion", which contains two beauty ingredients, is limited to Japan.If you are concerned about the long lasting effect of foundation, this is a must-try item.

TIRTIR> Mask Fit Red Cushion (SPF40-PA ++ /all3Color) each2,970Yen

<Tabio> Tong socks (880 yen each)

B1F |tabio

Now that "wearing sandals socks" has gained citizenship, various socks that are conscious of wearing sandals have been released.However, in the summer, I'm particularly worried about stuffy feet and rubbing shoes. <tabio> As the name suggests, the tong socks are designed exclusively for tong sandals, so the fabric covers only the "instep".It covers only the hanao, which tends to rub and hurt, so it is gaining popularity as "more comfortable than wearing sandals with bare feet!"In addition, it can be used as a casual accent for coordination, creating a "fashionable advanced" look.Due to the small area of ​​the fabric, even the "lame" socks in the photo can be taken in without any discomfort.

tabio> Tong socks880Yen

Belini Cipriani (1,980 yen)

B1F | Wine Shop Enoteca

From Japan's largest wine specialty store [Wine Shop Enoteca], a wine cocktail "Berryni Cipriani" that makes you feel summer in both taste and bottle design has appeared."Bellini" is a wine cocktail made from white peach puree and sparkling wine.Faithfully reproduce the taste of Bellini, the originator of the legendary Italian restaurant bar "Harry's Bar", which is said to have originated from it.1It's a book.It is characterized by its freshness as if it were squeezed raw fruit as it is, and its gentle sweetness.Alcohol degree5.5Because it is modest, you can enjoy it in various scenes.If you bring it as a souvenir for a summer home party, it will surely attract attention.

Belini Cipriani (750 ml1,980Yen [sweet]

<Maker's Shirt Kamakura> Slim Fit Lenocross (6,490 yen)

B1F | Maker's Shirt Kamakura

Business person's worries, summer shirt problems. Many people are looking for a shirt that is as comfortable as possible.Even at the shirt specialty store [Maker's Shirt Kamakura], "Renocross" shirts are very popular in the summer.cotton100% The refreshing material "Lenocross (Karami-ori)" is a fabric for summer that is woven in a mesh shape so that it can be easily ventilated and the surface is uneven so that it can be easily removed from the skin.It is no exaggeration to say that this shirt is representative of "Cool Biz" nowadays, and the size is already missing, so if you are interested, check it out early.

<Maker's Shirt Kamakura> Slim Fit Reno Cloth 6,490Yen

Seijo Ishii Kochi Prefecture Citrus unshiu straight juice (1,000 ml 647 yen)

B1F | Seijo Ishii

At this time when the refreshingly chilled fruit juice is perfect, at [Seijo Ishii]5The new juice that just appeared on the moon is attracting attention. As the name suggests, "Seijo Ishii Kochi Prefecture Satsuma Mandarin Straight Juice" uses Kochi Prefecture's Satsuma Mandarin and is squeezed with "in-line juice" that does not easily mix with the bitterness of the skin.100% Fruit juice.An overwhelming "tangerine feeling" that you can feel immediately after drinking.Wenshu mandarin from Kochi prefecture, which is said to have an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.It is packed with the sweetness and sourness of mandarin oranges, which makes you feel like you are eating mandarin oranges as they are.The spout is a cap type so it is convenient for storage.

Seijo Ishii Kochi Prefecture Satsuma Mandarin Straight Juice (1,000 ml647Yen

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